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Noxian DOT's

Last updated on November 4, 2012
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Table of Contents
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Quick Guide & Summary

This build is for a AP off tank with early sustain and alot of health/damage output. Here is a quick look into the guide if you know what your doing;

Items - Gives the health, AP and unique item buffs which coat swain in a sugary goodness
Runes - Once again looking for the health, AP and magic pen required for a lovely game ahead
Masteries - Focusing mainly on damage output as the items will provide a nice tanky feel
Skills - Maxing out that lovely DOT which makes every other ability hit much harder
Spells - Standard escape/chase and ANOTHER lovely DOT with true damage. Need I say more?

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Nothing much to say about these runes.
- AP early game and progressed AP as you level up
- Health as you level up for that continued tanky feel
- Standard magic pen to cover that base magic resist

Any comments?

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Standard starting items, gives movement speed for chasing/bailing and also extra mana with regen pots

Definite first buy as it gives sustain, health and mana for early conflict

The earlier you buy this, the more effective. You get all round strength as the early game progresses

This is situational, if there is no need for magic pen then get these bad boys for the standard tenacity and magic resist. If you notice a few of the enemy players with magic resist, I suggest getting sorcerer's shoes for the magic pen

This new item is pretty damn op for swain. It gives the health for a tanky boost, a lovely bit of AP, but this DOT?! give swain more dots and you will dominate!

Standard swain item. A nice chunk of health and AP but also gives a lovely slow which is ideal for swain to apply as many dots as possible to secure kills with ease

A lovely new item. A good substitute for rabadons as its far cheaper and gives some movement speed which is underrated with swain as it is good for chasing

And to top this lovely tanky AP build we have the hourglass of OP'ness. Armour for those nasty AD champs, HUGE chunk of AP, but the most important stasis which works well as a last resort with your ulti. Go get those penta's!