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League of Legends Build Guide Author KageRyuuUji

Nunu Blitz

KageRyuuUji Last updated on May 27, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This build is all about speed, from movement, to spell casting, to attacking, to power lvling, because with Nunu it truly is all about speed. Let me begin by saying that this build will absolutely abuse Nunu's Visionary passive and to a point rely upon it more than any piece of equipment you buy.

We all know how Visionary works, after every 8 attacks you get 1 spell free of charge. To take full advantage of this you'd need to specialize in physical attack speed through runes, items, and masteries. That would be nice and all, however it would really detract from your survivability and utility. To strike a fair compromise between the three it is suggested that you devote your marks and at least one or two items toward increasing your attack speed, perhaps even providing a little life steal in the process. I personally prefer Starks Fervor because of the aura, but Malady is cheaper and just as effective, meaning you can buy it sooner.

But Visionary is only so useful, you still need mana most of the time and your spells, regardless of Visionary, have cool downs. So to support your spell slinging habits you will need to invest in a little mana regen and ability cool down. The most efficient way to do this is to use your seals for mana regen, and your glyphs for cool downs. By doing this you will be able to cast your spells faster and for much longer. Now I know many out there will say but I want more mana not mana regen. Well lets be honest with ourselves, it's mana regen, not max mana that makes or breaks a spell caster mid to late game. So with Visionary providing free spells every 8th attack, your seals keeping your mana charged, and your glyphs speeding up your cool downs, you're well on your way to success with Nunu.

So far I've talked only about offense, which makes the game, but doesn't keep you in it, and as a speed build there's nothing worse then the waiting after you die. Many here would suggest either your reduce your time spent out of play with masteries or spells, or health/defense, I however say it is much better not to die or suffer terrible injury in the first place, and the best way I know how to survive is getting the hell out of dodge. This means being fast, much more than even Master Yi, who will in time become your worst nemesis. Now many will look and see the tag beside Nunu's name and wonder, "Isn't haste and slow an oxymoron?" In a way yes, in a way no. Without using Blood Boil and having other items, Nunu is indeed slow, to remedy this fatal flaw I suggest you invest in Utility masteries and Quintessence. By doing this you can easily increase your base speed by 7.5%, after this the only other way available is items. I suggest either the Boots of Swiftness, which gives you a fairly high and stable boost of speed, or Mercury's Tread, as they reduce the amount of time spent under the effects of disables at the expense of a little speed, which are your greatest weakness.

Now that we've spoken about the offense and defense regarding speed, lets talk about power lvling. There is now only one option left open to you regarding power lvling, that being the Utility mastery Awareness. With this mastery maxed out you will level 1.05 times faster then your enemy (most of the time), which can make or break the game, trust me I've seen games go horribly wrong just because one low level guy kept feeding (not that it was his fault, guy was trying to farm, but the enemy farmed him instead).

So let's recap:
*Attack Speed = Free spells with Visionary.

*Mana Regen Seals and Cool down Glyphs = Faster sustained spells even without Visionary.

*Movement Speed = Survivability as well as Ganking.

*Power Leveling = Early victory.

Now I know for certain I've forgotten to list the reasons for a number of other things with this build, so I shall go over them one at a time:

Exhaust, especially when upgraded is very effective, not only in the offense but in the defense as well. Because of this, it is one of my choice summoner spells.

Teleport is to make those trips back and forth from the front lines to base even shorter. Upgrading it quickens the round trip by a 1/2 second, and also speeds up the use of the spell.

Besides the first three levels (which I highly recommend following the SRO) the Skill Rank Order can be changed up a bit depending on your play style, but the order of importance doesn't change, which is: Ice Blast and Absolute Zero (these are your damage dealers), Consume (keeps you healthy), Blood Boil (Can be used both defensively and offensively depending on the situation).

Offense Mastery Tree speaks for itself, increasing ability power, reducing cool downs, increasing spell penetration, and upgrading Exhaust, which I've already explained.

Utility Mastery Tree is namely about increasing survivability through health regen and speed, increasing offense by reducing cool downs and increasing mana regen. It also has key elements about power lvling, jungling, banking, and most importantly, reducing cool downs on your summoner spells.

As for the items, you can try/calculate any build out for yourself but in my personal opinion the one suggested above is the most efficient build. The reason why? Interdependence:

Banshee's Veil supports your ultimate, thus increasing your damage potential.

Mercury Treads support your speed upgrades, which improves your survivability and ganking ability.

Sunfire Cape supports Warmog's Armor thus further increasing your survivability and damage potential.

Stark's Fervor and Nashor's Tooth support Visionary and your spell casting thus increasing your damage potential even further, while also improving survivability via life steal.

This is my Nunu Blitz build, no other build will give you the health regeneration necessary to control your lane, the attack speed to utilize Visionary, and the damage potential to carry your team to victory. I hope you have only positive things to say about it, but if not, then at least offer constructive criticism.