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Nunu Jungle Juicing

Last updated on August 6, 2012
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This is my first build, but it is, by far, my favorite to play. It's meant to help your team as much as possible, so don't expect to get tons of kills with it. I have, however, had games where I've topped 40 assists. Just consider yourself Rondo with this build. I'll try to keep it short and sweet.

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The rune choices are simple. The armor helps protect you from the jungle minions early on, the magic resist scales over the game so that you can survive against the other teams' APs, and the damage helps you kill the creeps faster. Moving on.

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Nunu is one of the best support classes in the game, especially when jungled properly. However, it won't do you any good to be getting these buffs and helping to gank, if you can't survive. Instead, you'll likely get reported for feeding buffs to the other team. The masteries are aimed at reducing the damage you recieve immediately from the minions, while keeping you alive later in the game.

The points in Utility are meant to sustain your buffs longer, as well as helping you to move across the map faster.

The one point I would like to point out is the one in "Seige Commander". There comes a point in some games where neither team is seemingly winning, but something sparks in one team. Maybe it's the carry being out of position, or maybe its a team baroning, but eventually, one team will dominate the other and you have 50-60 seconds to strike the other base unopposed. I've ROFLTanked the enemies turrets and lead my team to victory. It wasn't me doing a ton of damage to the turrets, but I SUPPORTED my teammates to bring the turret down. It also helps when you gank a lane to bring a turret down quickly, which will open up the map for your team.

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The items are pretty simple as well. Boots first to get to minions quickly and gank. 3 Health potions to keep you alive in a pinch. Shurelya's for mana regen after your blue buff wears off and to close the gap in ganks or to help escape. Frozen heart for armor and cooldown reduction. So on and so forth. You know the items, you don't need my explanation.

The biggest tip I can give is to adapt to your situation. If the other team's brings 4 AP heroes, then maybe throw more magic resist in there. This build is actually more geared towards stopping an AD carry, hence the high amount of armor and the thornmail. I can't begin to tell you how many AD carries I've shut down with this build. And you will too. Because, which class is guaranteed to be in EVERY good team? An AD carry. If there's no AD carry, then enjoy your win and wipe the floor with them.

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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence is really up to you other than the first point into consume. That's essential for your first jungle mobs. Base it on how the game's going though. If you've got an AD carry who is ganking before you're even through your jungle, then dump some into Blood Lust. If you see the other team getting to their turrets before your team can gank, then put more into your 'E'.

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Jungle Sequence.

Follow this closely.

1. Blue Buff (Smite to Finish)
2. Wolves.
3. Wraiths.
4. Red Buff.(Smite to Finish)
5. Golems.

If the chance to gank is there, take it. If not, don't force it. Go back to the wraiths/wolves and clear your jungle a few more times. You not being in the lane gives your solo lane and your mid more experience and gold(if they know how to last hit properly). The chance to gank will come, and when it does, you'll be ready. Don't be afraid to look to their jungle too if they don't have a jungler or if their jungler is just awful. Wards are your best friend in that scenario.

P.S. You should be able to solo dragon at 10, but you may need to bring a single potion with you.

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How to Gank Efficiently

You can gank ridiculously easy with Nunu right out of the jungle. He's best utilized when either ganking mid or helping your non solo lane get a gank. In both cases, your team has a man-advantage. Here's how you should enter the fight.

1. Get to the bushes to initiate a surprise attack.
2. Wait until they're past the "point of no return"
3. Keep Blood Lust popped on yourself
4. Ping the map to tell your allies you're ready to gank
5. Icebolt
6. Bloodlust your Allies
7. Repeat 5 and 6 while auto-attacking

P.S. Never go into team fights alone. Early game, you'll be ok to gank solo. I've even been able to gank 2 at a time. But late game you lack the stopping power to solo anything besides creeps.

P.P.S. If you've played Nunu for any amount of time, you should know that the best time to use your ult is when you are "running scared" into the bushes. Force your enemies to face-check you, and if they do, they'll also be missing half their face from your uber-ult. This is great to use when you're outnumbered and running away after a team fight or a failed gank attempt. Don't be dumb and think it'll take their entire health away though. If they're wounded, go for it. If they aren't just pop bloodlust and keep on running.