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Nunu the CD Killer

Last updated on August 2, 2010
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This is my first build and my english is not very good, so please be kind. Its also slightly different to former Builds that focus mainly on AP. On european Servers i dont see Nunu very often but it is my main Champion and I played with him from Lvl 1 to 30 testing out a few guides and own builds. Most Nunu Players focus AP cause Nunu has a very Strong multiplier on his Abilitys with AP. Especially his Ulti can do a lot of damage. I will try to explain, why i prefer CD reduction, which is reduced by 40% with this build.

Words about Nunu

If u are just going to start ur first Nunu game or looking for a guide cause u "dont´t do the fragging" let me give you a note: It is not easy to get many frags with Nunu and crazy statistics (execept you try to steal with "last-hit-iceball" which is not very "team friendly"). If you looking for that u maybe should choose another Champion. My best Nunu Game was 17/0/8 but it was only one time i had those stats! Normaly i have balanced Kill/Death Ratio and many Supports. Thats in my opinion what Nunu is good for. Also you are strong dependent on your team. Nunu is a bad pusher and mostly you will lose full HP 1on1s. You will do better in 1on1s if you play him as a tank but as you can see I dont do this!

Why CD?

I mostly played Nunu with strong AP Items at the beginning. Thats surely not a bad choice, and you can do this well! But in my opinion you will have problems finishing ur Ulti against strong opponents and if you CAN normaly you want get 4 Kills with it. Your Iceball CAN also be very strong in the late game if you go mainly on AP but the slowdown effect doesnt change and the damage output is only strong if you play against weaker opponents. I cant explain this in detail but it is my experience! I found out that Nunu is very strong if you can throw your slow down ice-balls fast as hell and harazz your opponents. Thats the strongest Abilty from Nunu. With CD Build you can do this all 2-3 secs. Also you cann speedup yourself and your team every 8 seconds, which means that they are nearly ALWAYS speeded if you spam it right!

Last words

Some of you may think now, that this is not a very conclusively explanation but as i said before it lacks on my bad english. I am sorry for that and i can only recommend to try this build and make your own experience. As I also said before I don´t play Nunu as a strong Tank. His own HP stack by levels is enough for me. If you got ganked you dont have a chance anyway. If the opponents focus you with stun and stuff like that there is not much you can do about it and you can forget your ulti in this situations. I recommmend to play Nunu as a

"Harazzing Supporter in Frontline (HSF)"

  • throw your Ice-Balls as often as you can
  • try to focus an enemy
  • help your mate while running away as you slow the enemy hunting him
  • help your mate while hunting as you slow the enemy running away
  • remember to speed up your mate as often as its usefull
  • wait in teamfights till the oponents are distracted to flash in enemy groups and start your ulti

Thx for reading this guide, try it out and make suggestions to improve it. Thank you!

by BLT