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League of Legends Build Guide Author MrXbox360

Nunu - The Jungling Yeti Rider

MrXbox360 Last updated on April 19, 2011
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Ok so im sorry i havnt been playing Nunu lately but after running some more tests i figured out that running flat armor seals are much better for your start and making you more tanky and the CD (cool down) per lvl runes are better than AP runes. But for the glyphs AP or CD its your choice. I would like to thank DubCore for these suggestions and u should check out his Renekton build! (here - ) also i just fixed a few minor errors in the build like when u lvl up at Blue instead of wolfs and added a new item to the build list. Anyways nothing major but can help you game out more!

Update: 4/19/11
Changed Ignite to Exhaust. Helps much more after testing both ever since exhaust got buffed and helps you get kills with your ult more ( exhaust=slow plsu your ults slow so its hard for them to get out)

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Nunu the Jungling Yeti Rider!!!!! xD

Hello Everyone and welcome to my Nunu Jungling Guide!! I saw alot of misleading jungling guides for nunu like going a meele nunu for madrads. No. Nunu is not a meele champ lol. I thought i would make this Guide to show the way i Jungle with Nunu. First lets get to know Nunu's abilities.

- Consume is the reason Nunu is a great Jungler. It's another Smite in your Abilities that heals you also. Great for farming creeps in Lane and in Jungle or keeping you alive with that last bit of hp needed to make it back to tower alive.

- Blood Boil is a great support/jungle Ability. It increases your attack speed and movement speed. Helps jungling by increasing attack speed and helps ganks by increasing movement speed so you can that enemy for the last hit. Can also be casted on a allied unit to buff them as well.

- This is the ability that makes Nunu so amazing. Deals damage to help you in the jungle and slows to help you in the Player vs Player fights.

- Finally Nunu's ultimate!!! Amazing AoE spell that can Obliterate the opposing team in team fights. Slows while units are in it and deals large amounts of damage when people are in it when it goes off. (if a unit is going to get out of it before it goes off move and it will still deal damage just not as much)

Why Chose Nunu over other Junglers??:
Well first off Nunu just has a amazing ultimate that will help so much more in team fights than say for example Warwicks single target stun. Second many junglers need HP to start jungling. That is not so for Nunu he can build right into his build . This is so because his serves as another and gives u plenty of HP back.

Jungling:: To start Jungling Pick up a as a first item and as your first ability and head off to Blue Buff.

Blue Golem Camp:
This is your make it or break it point. Ok go up to the Golem and . Auto Attack until Golem is dead. Now start auto attacking a dragon lizard.Once is back up use it on the other dragon lizard (the one you were not auto attacking). The Tricky part about this is getting your consume off in time so you dont die. Do not worry though you will have about 70hp left and consume will be up. Lvl up put your next skill into .

Brown Wolf Camp:
Ok this camp is very easy. the Red Wolf and auto attack it once and it should be dead. Spam on the other Wolf. Then the other Wolf.

Purple Wraith Camp:
Ok come and the Purple Wraith because he deals the most damage one consume should kill him. Now focus the other Wraiths one by one using and when you can.

Red Lizard Camp:
Ok so about now you will have 2/4 hp or 1/3 hp. Not to worry you can still get Red Lizard. Ok make sure is up and , , , and repeat till Red Lizard Lord falls. one Lizard and finish off the other one with .

Double Golem Camp:
Ok , , and Auto Attack until death on first and repeat on the second. This is a fairly simple camp.

Stealing Enemy Buffs:
If the enemy team doesn't have a jungler lucky you. After the double golem camp you will notice that your Blue Buff is running out of time =O. We don't want that to happen!! Depending on which side your on (Purple/Blue) and if the solo laner is there support them for a little bit. Just make your presence be known. a creep here and there get your hp full and head back up into the jungle. Go through the River and up to the enemies Blue Buff spawn. , , , and Repeat. Also steal their Brown Wolf camp also.

Tips for Jungling:
When your fighting a Blue or Red Buff use as much as possible.
Use on the opposite lil creep your Auto Attacking.
Do not be selfish!! If someone in your solo lane needs to go back go and cover for them you will still get XP and Gold.

Item Choices:
- Rod of Ages is very good because it helps you be alot more tankier with more hp and helps you stay out in the field with more HP/Mana. Plus gives you a fair amount of AP. +810 HP +925 Mana +100Ability Power

- Magic Penetration helps you do more damage with your spells and cut through that tanks Magic Resistance. +20 Magic Penetration.

- Ok this item is very nice indeed. Gives you Hp, Mana, Magic Resistance, and blocks a negative spell every 30 seconds. This is incredibly helpful during the team fights where you ult. It can block the Silence/Taunt/Stun that would normally end your ult early. +450 HP +400 Mana +57 Magic Resistance.

- Awww This item is just amazing... Gives Ability Power, Mana Regen, Flat Mana, and whenever you use an ability gives you permanently 4 mana (caps at 1000). The last part and best part about this item is it takes the 3% total of your mana and converts that into Ability Power!!! This item will give you 150+ in Ability Power!
+175-200 Ability Power (average) Ability Power +400 Mana +25 Mana Regen +1000 mana

- Another Amazing item for the Nunu. Gives you more HP more AP but the awesomeness of this item is gives a 35% slow to any of your spells that deal damage. That's an extra 35% to your and 15% to multiple target spells so gets a 15% slow after the ultimate goes off.
+80 Ability Power +500 HP +35% slow on damage spells 15% slow on Mutiple Target spells.

- This item will just help you out more while jungling and make you more tankier against DPS team. A great item for nunu. Most of the time your running next to enemies because you have blood boil for speed and ice blast for slow so this helps damage them and helps farm.
+45 Armor +450 HP +40 Magic Damage Per second to nearby enemies.

- Ok if your team already has a tank just swap this item for sunfire cape because it will give u alot i mean alot more ap!!!!

- Armor helps alot at blue so you have easier start/end game.
- Magic Penetration so your spells do more damage.
- more cool down allows you to gank more often.
- More HP easier start/end game.

Ganking with Nunu:
Skill order to gank in -
By now they should be dead if not keep chasing and spam
In team fights let everybody settle in their place and about 3-5 secs into the battle yourself and one target and get right in front of them and go ahead

Well this concludes my Jungling with Nunu build. I hope you find it as helpful as i do and please comment if i forgot something or have a question. Please dont -1 if you don't try the build out. Comment and Rate Thank you!!! =)))