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League of Legends Build Guide Author Furcsa Figura

Nunu The Yeti Rider

Furcsa Figura Last updated on January 16, 2010
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FEEL FREE TO RATE AND COMMENT! ( my first build not 100% good but stands well on alone)

This build shows the ganking potential of Nunu.

Rune setup: Use cooldown reduction runes and mana regen runes with some AP runes

Visionary> his unique ability lets him cast an ability for free after hitting 8 time an enemy

Nunu is a great champion. With freat sakillset that covering up all other champions skill sets

Q> Consume: Great healing ability that helps in evty situation. this ability helps survive of ranged opponent is in present the lane. The first few ranks not so good due to the horribly long recharge time.

W> Blood Boil: With this buff you can outrun evry opponent even with a speed increase 2 boots and the atk speed bonus speeds up the killing. Use often on your allys

E> Ice Blast: This ability is a Win for you even blasting the opponent kills them fast so use it always as ready (play with the enemy running in ice blast the enemy and back) This is the most valuable skill for ganking.

R> Absolute Zero: The ultimaze ultimate as the AP*2 counting on it this ability does mass damage evryone in the radious

The build is easy to use i prefer to ice blast the enemy as its ready farm the mobs heal yourself if needed at lvl 6 you can start the fun using flash + ice blast + absolute zero kills the enemy champion easily then push and rise and repeat keep your self buffed up every time!