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Nasus Build Guide by Roflstompu13

Off-Tank/Carry Turret Destroyer

Off-Tank/Carry Turret Destroyer

Updated on March 12, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Roflstompu13 Build Guide By Roflstompu13 3,718 Views 0 Comments
3,718 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Roflstompu13 Nasus Build Guide By Roflstompu13 Updated on March 12, 2012
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I made this build because all I seemed to find at the top of the % list were Tank builds and Nasus at best is an Off-Tank, so with that in mind I came up with a build that didn't focus so much on trying to make him a Super Tank.

With this build, as with almost any Nasus build, you will really want to be solo top to maximize its potential. If u have to lane do so with a tank or support so they can let u farm your Q. Now unless your playing with a friend, or are in a ranked game this maybe kinda difficult as most randoms will want to hog all ur farm.

Now this isn't going to be a huge, in-depth, how to play guide. Just the basics for a relatively experience Nasus player who already knows his skills and the game in general. Although his is listed as a "Recommended", I find that playing him well is counter-intuitive to most n00b logic.

When soloing 1v1 you pretty much want to ignore the enemy player for a good while and just farm your Q. I find that with some people they wont start to engage u until u start to hit them. In which case they are screwed 'cause not only are u building gold like they are from last hitting but you are getting much stronger. If it's 2v1 or they are being extremely aggressive, let them push to your turret and farm the creeps from there until they get too ballsy and you can gank them under your turret or your jungler comes to help you. With the mana pots and the masteries you should be able to last in lane for quite a while.
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More armor always helps, so that one is self explanatory.

The cool down reduction is essential. Once u have the CDR boots, your Q will come up about every 2.5 seconds which will help A LOT for farming your Q.

Armor pen is kinda self explanatory because it makes your Q hit that much harder.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Roflstompu13
Roflstompu13 Nasus Guide
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Off-Tank/Carry Turret Destroyer

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