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Yorick Build Guide by XxKORNDOGxX

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author XxKORNDOGxX

Off-tank Yorick

XxKORNDOGxX Last updated on July 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

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I should start by saying, Yorick's early game is... difficult. He's one of the most mana-starved champions I've ever had to work with. But I was tired of people dogging on Yorick instead of seeing how to make him work. This will be my first build posted on this site and I hope it gets decent reviews.

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I like Doran's blade better as a first item than Doran's shield because it single-handedly add's to both the attack and health of your minions right off the bat, and also increases the devastation you can create early game with your Q spell.

Tear of the Goddess is one of the most important parts of the build. Remember all those mana issues you were having? Gone. They are virtually no more. This allows you to spam your minions as you should. Remember that Yorick's innate says that he deals 5% more damage for each minion that's out. If you do your regular three spells, which you should definitely combo together, you can have an extra 15% damage with your hits. If you decide to ult as well that's an extra 20% damage not to mention the massive damage being dealt by your ult minion and your smaller minions.

Kindlegem is pretty much amazing for Yorick. The health regen rules but the 10% cooldown reduction makes it so that you can spam your E spell like a beast. The 10% cooldown puts the cooldown of your E at about 5.45 sec. The minion, at the longest, will last 5 sec. That means almost as soon as that minion's dead you can put out another. The biggest reason kindlegem is ridiculous for Yorick is that it turns into Spirit Visage. This item will single-handedly bring your health from nothing to full in under 30 sec. in some situations. You spam your E and Spirit Visage massively increases the health you're regaining from it. Keeps you in lane forever.

Mecury's Treads for obvious reasons. You can get away using your Q and W spells but not if you're stunned or silenced. Tenacity is the solution.

Manamune makes use of the that fantastic Tear of the Goddess from earlier and fashions it into a magnificent AD item. Really there's no downside here. Always get Manamune.

Sheen is ridic for Yorick due to the fact that he's already kind of spamming abilities already but Sheen also combos with your Q spell awesomely. The damage from your Q is massively increased by Sheen... amazingness.

Frozen Heart, because you're an off-tank who's done nothing to add to his armor. But I specifically chose Frozen Heart because it adds to your mana so much. Adding to your mana adds to Manamune's AD... which is good. Also the CDR contributes to your ability to spam minions continuing your last hits into your late game.

Trinity Force for the same reason you get Sheen and every other amazing thing about it obviously. If you feel like it's necessary to get Trinity Force earlier, do it. It is pretty freakin awesome.

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Skill Sequence

I normally just kind of feel out the game and decide how much health I'm gonna need to regen or how much i'd be screwing myself on mana by getting another level of my E spell. The E spell costs more mana with every level. Your Q does not. I don't like to level up my E too much without my Tear of the Goddess but after that I find it one of the most useful spells in my arsenal.

Don't forget to ult. Do it either on your AD carry or yourself just don't forget to ult. At level 3 your ult minion is doing 100% of the attack damage that it's copy was doing but it doesn't have any of the effects. If your team mate is stacking crit strike and their AD is lower than yours just ult on yourself. You'll do more damage and your minion will have more health. But if you think your team mate is gonna die and you think, if given a second chance, they would finish of the enemy team, obviously ult on your team mate.

Your Q and your W are fantastic escape mechanisms. W is a fantastic slow that deals decent damage and creates a minion that keeps slowing and dealing damage, while Q is a massive strike that, after hitting speeds you up by between 15-35%. Combo these together and you either have a perfect pursue tactic or an amazing getaway.

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This build deals damage but not ridiculous damage. Like I said it's off-tank, you're not a carry. You should give it a try though. I'm sure players better than me would score better than I do using this, or a similar build. This build makes you a fantastic pusher. Spamming all three minions on a group of minions actually regens your health and allows you to push the turret at the same time. Your minions do a great job of holding back enemy minions while your minions help you with the tower as well.