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Mordekaiser Build Guide by DragoonPL

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DragoonPL

Off-tankkaiser carries the team

DragoonPL Last updated on June 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This Mordekaiser guide will focus mainly on his role in the team, teamfights and overall gameplay as Mordekaiser. He's my strongest champion for ranked plays, and can easly take you out of elo hell becouse of his ability to turn the tables throught the whole game.

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META game

Best possible setup for Mordekaiser would be 1v2 in top. Why you may ask, and the answer is very simple - you can easly hold the lane, farm all the creeps for yourself, fight even 3v1 if enemy mid jojns the fun, and when you hit level 6 you can get 2 kills and a turret.

BUT there are ceratin conditions.
First: you must learn to play a melee ad carry like Master Yi or Tryndamere
Second: you must learn to play a ranged ad carry like Twisted Fate, Vayne or Miss Fortune
Third: you have to learn to give commands to your ghost-pet and control Mordekaiser in the same time

These 3 conditions are mandatory if you want to succeed. Learning to play carries will give you a great advantage when having a ghost pet, and will help you choose your targets correctly in teamfights.

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Items, masteries and early game

Becouse all your skills are powered by your health if you take anything else than Regrowth Pendant, you simply cant spam your skills enough to farm and harass. Its not a nice thing being in a solo lane vs 2 and low on health. Armor seals give you nice survivability early game, and you have a potion in case of enemies being very aggresive. Your task is simple - stay in the lane, farm as crazy, harrass a bit, punish enemies when they want to farm, and most importantly dont die and dont get yourself forced to go back to base. If you have to: go back to base and buy another Regrowth Pendant. Mordekaiser is more exp dependant than item dependant.

Around level 6-7 let your jungler hold the lane, go shop a bit, and get a nice Hextech Revolver and some boots. Now you can spam your skills like crazy, couse their cost have been just reduced to virtually nothing. This is probably a good moment to push, harrass the enemy in your lane, and force them to make a choice: to face you 2v1 with preferably for you them having half hp or let you slowly but steadly kill their turret. Most will decide to fight. Ask your jungler to at least secure the river for you or jojn the fun.

This tactic works the best against melee carries, but as long as you can do dmg to enemy it will be ok. When they attack, put Creeping Death on yourself (good skill to have assigned to selfcast), and get that carry as low as you can. Since you have exp advantage you can take their hp quite low. Just put ignite and Children of the Grave to finish the enemy (in that order), and you have a nice ghost to rip the other enemies apart and their turret.

Now its best to help other lanes push other two turrets. Mordekaiser is an amazing pusher and will make a huge difference when in other lanes. When enemies are pushed dragon is yours and you can easly steal their blue (for reduced cooldown).

Now teemfights will decide who wins.

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Mid game, late game and teamfights

You need 4 items to be usefoul: cc reduction, nice mag res, nice armor and Rylai's Crystal Scepter. For boots my choice is Mercury Threads, for armor i most likely will be building Force of Nature and Thornamail, but since there is no such a thing as perfect build be sure to adjust to what other team has. My idea here is to get reduced cc, since morde does not take cc very well, around 100 addition to armor for ad carries and turrets and around 100 more mag res - this gives you enough protection and hardens your shield quite a lot while not costing a fortune. I choose Thornmail most of the time, so no melee dps can take you 1v1 thanks to your shield dealing him dmg. Frozen Heart will work pretty good as well, but will not save you in 1v1 situation. Randuin's Omen is a good item to get if you find yourself being focused. Rylai's Crystal Scepter is much needed cc becouse Mordekaiser has none, but his spells have quite big aoe and even a small slow can be a difference between killing that nasty enemy carry or losing the game. Spell vamp from hextech revolver is a nice staying power and additional AP will make your ulti take crazy amouts of health along with iginite. You can switch Rabadons Deathcap with Zhongya Hourglass if you need more armor and survivability.

In a teamfight let someone in your team put much needed cc on enemy carry and focus that one little guy, preferably a ranged ad carry. Get him low enough and put ignite and ulti on him/her in that order since your ulti has much bigger range. Ideally that will give you a nice ghost to rip enemy team apart, but even if you misscalculate you will make that one champion run in terror of becoming your ally and its 5v4 from now on, with their main dmg source gone. Always get a carry ghost, other ghosts are pretty much usless and can make only for turret cannon fodder.

Late game for you begins a bit faster than for others. You should be level 18 as first, and have best farm. When this happends you can shrug off any harassment, wipe out a creep wave in 5 seconds and just stand there and laugh at the enemy no matter what thay throw at you. With your ulti ready you can take them in 1v2 situations and the enemy team has already started raging about nerfing mordekaiser and op champions. You really dont need champion kills or more gold than creeps give you anyway, so just focus on taking down those nasty turrets. With 100 additional armor and enemy creeps near, you can take quite a lot of tower hits so dont be afraid to tank a bit for your team. At this moment you heal pretty fast so if you have to heal just go jungle a bit or just stay in the back for a minute and you'll be up and ready to fight again in no time.

My idea here is: destroing enemy nexus wins the game, to get to nexus you need to take turrets and killing champions only makes taking turrets easier so focus your attention on taking down those turrets and protecting yours, and you should win. Taking turrets gives you easy dragon, stealing enemy buffs, them having to constantly defend and your team being stronger and stronger than the enemy.

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What items not to buy

A big NO to items like:
- WARMOGS ARMOR - why do you need health when you should be maximising what your shield offers by stacking armor, mag res and ap
- Attack dmg, speed and crit items - Mordekaiser just makes a poor dps
- only ap items - your dmg will be awsome if you can deal it again, and again and again without taking much health losses yourself. You are not a nuker and have no ability except summomer spell flash to quickly cut the distance between you and the enemy so be constant pushing force that takes enemies bit by bit instead of one swift attack. There are better champions to play as pure ap
- FROZEN MALLET - this item is awsome for an ad offtank, but you are an ap offtank and should rely on your spells more than physical hits
- Sorcerer's Shoes - You have enough mag pen from runes to take out carries, and that is your main target, you are not an anti-tank, and if cc gets to you, you cant recharge your shield and that means a quick death, so mercury treds are much better option in my opionion
- Banshee's Veil - while this item is perfect for carries as it disrupts nuke chains, and those tricky abilites thrown at you when you expect them the least, you can take a lot of magic dmg and your main anemy is cc so Quicksilver Sash is a much better item, besides a blue bubble will make you a less attractive target and make your carries more likely to be focused and you really dont want that
- Guardian Angel - this item is sooooo good. Only except from the fact that it makes you such a bad target to focus, thus endangering your carries, and you cant win 1v5 even as Mordekaiser

Just to be clear: if situation requires from you any of those items, take them. For example, its minute 70 on the timer, teams are pretty much balanced and you have 6000 gold and nothing to spend it on ... buy two warmogs, get some stacks on them, leave Force of Nature to have health percent based heal and just tank it and take their nexus. You could even take third warmogs if needed and have incredible health, crazy health regen and just rip their base apart. This is situational tho, and with 'normal' build you should be able to win games around minute 30-40.

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Items that are optional

Quicksilver Sash - nice mag res, but most importantly has in-built clense
Abyssal Scepter - when facing a lot of ap dmg
Ionian Boots of Lucidity - when enemies have no or very little cc, this will help you spam abilites even more
Mejai's Soulstealer - as you have nice survivability you can gamble with this item to get extra cheap dmg from your abilites, but since you farm like crazy you can afford more stable and more expensive items. Sad news - snowball effect on Mordekaiser is more exp than item dependant.
Deathfire Grasp - now this can give you a very nice nuking option. You take enemy carries hp down with this items passive to around 2/3, land your q and e skills, ignite and finish him off with your r skill. It sounds so perfect, only that a perfect situation to land this kind of nuke with Mordekaiser occurs very rearly and its just one shot try. If someting goes wrong, you just lost half of your dmg potentinal untill DFG and your ulti recharge.

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Pros / Cons

+ extremly hard to kill if not facing a lot of cc
+ can easly do 1v2 lane
+ hard to gank
+ ultimate that wins games
+ great farm
+ awsome passive shield
+ good, sustained dmg output
+ great with blue buff
+ no need for mana
+ extremly hard pusher
+ can take you out of elo hell

- easly killed when he cant charge his shield, so crowd control is your biggest enemy
- hard to couter ad ranged carry in 1v2 lane
- very exp dependant
- best performance mid and mid-late game
- using hp insted of mana, so can kill himself with his abilites
- Quicksilver Sash cancels your ulti, so if some carry gets one, be sure to get them low enough to kill them right away with ultimate

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I'm not high elo or consider myself pro, but i tend to win games with Mordekaiser, played over 100 games with him on ranked and am willing to share my expirience. I hope this short guide will help you win more games and have a lot of fun playing LOL.