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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Audio Knight

Oh ****, it's Teemo...

Audio Knight Last updated on August 30, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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First of all, this build has been up for contemplation for the longest time; patches, different builds (Hybrid AP/AD, AD, AP, CD/AP, etc) this has been one of my favorite builds for Teemo.

How I play Teemo:
Toxic Shot + Blind Shot = <3:
When it comes down to battle, play as passively as possible. Often, you'll be attack moving all over the place in order to either last hit or harass. The way Teemo should be played is for one of the best supports if not one of the best "Kill Stealers" in the game. Really underrated, but it really is dependent on the team you're with as well as the team you're heading up against.

Evading, not evasion items:
As mentioned previously, Teemo should evade most, if not all chances where he could be hit, but this becomes common nature later on after a bit of playtime on him. Why? He's a squishy.

Shrooms. Once you hit 6, NEVER stop planting them.
- Plant them at every possible gank area (bushes, the river, around the jungle, near corners, etc)
- The slow is often a life savior, if not a life taker in many cases.
- The poison is really underrated, with a good Teemo, the shrooms act as a mini-ward in multiple instances. This makes it easier to be more agressive knowing you have an idea if a gank is coming up.

Item Choice:
Early Game:
Often, this is one of the most critical areas in the game. Rather than going with a doran's item, I prefer staying with a pair of boots and 3 health potions. This allows you to navigate around at a faster pace, and should you manage to get hit or stunned, you can just as easily flash out, activate a health potion, then continue pressing on distance harassment.

Middle Game:
By this time, we'll have enemy champs running about around the map. This should be the time where you're near 6 and have shrooms in place. Keep in mind, you can also add in a chalice early game in order to help with consistent skill usage, but often times, you'll be B'ing to buy items every time you run out of mana. On another note, at this rate, you should of been able to afford a boot of swiftness as well as emblem of valour by now, then followed towards putting together the pieces of Bloodrazors.

Why not finish starks early? It's completely plausible, I just think it's better off getting bloodrazor's and infinity edge instead. The minor health regen and 17% lifesteal alone helps.

Boots of swiftness? This is completely up for contemplation. Should the other team have a majority of disables, it's probably the best idea to go for mercury treads.
Why not Boots of Mobility? Chances are that they will like to focus on you more often. Get hit once, back to movement speed 2. Should explain itself.

Why Bloodrazor's on Teemo? Attack Damage, % Damage, and Attack speed. I don't really think there's a reason to explain after that.

Bloodrazor's does absolutely amazing in multiple scenarios, regardless of who is on the other side. What I think most people tend to neglect is that the % damage stacks ON TOP OF standard attack damage. Add in Teemo's Toxic shot, and Ignite, and Teemo's a force to be reckoned with.

Mid-End Game:
From here on forth, everything should start coming in piece by piece. At this point, you should have Emblem, Swiftness, and Bloodrazors. From here, you should be able to start working towards infinity edge.

Rather than getting bloodthirster and/ black cleaver, you already technically have life steal from emblems, and after finishing infinity edge, you'll be working towards Starks which offers a plethora of useful attributes. (20% lifesteal, 40% attack speed bonus [40 for you, 20 for everyone around you], 6 health per second, and -20 armor aura)

Keep in mind, you can also buy a Phage right before Infinity Edge, this would most definitely helpful considering teams that like to "Hit-and-Run" often.

End Game:
At this point, you'll be perfectly set, if not having the other team surrender. Now, the last item is completely up for choice. My top choices for Teemo would be:
Trinity Force
Hextech Gunblade
Guardian Angel

Rune Choice:
Armor Pen red's, Attack speed blue's and yellow's, armor pen quint's.

There are different ways to rune up Teemo, but I found having the ability to consistently harass with constant auto attack is possibly Teemo's best trait. Hence why he might be one of the easiest champions in game to play.

Not sure what to say here, offensive is probably the best way I prefer playing Teemo, hence why I spec into 21-0-9.

Note: This is still a build that's up for change at any time, but after about two dozen games, I still love this build and would probably barely change it. See you in game!

-Audio Knight