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Build Guide by Teh Grímm

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Teh Grímm

Oh Noes! (*poof dead*) It's LeBlargh!

Teh Grímm Last updated on November 5, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello! My first build, so if you comment negatively please give me feedback instead of "U R SUX" please.

Sigil of silence; standard ranged attack, if followed up by another one of LeBlargh's skills it deals a little bit extra damage and silences for a period of time. You want to max this first.

Distortion; Warps LeBlargh to a target location, dealing AoE-damage on impact. After that for 3 seconds you can click the skill again to warp back to the place you were standing at the time u used the skill. 1 Point at lvl2, max it last.

Ethereal chain; Skill-shot, deals initial damage and after a 3 seconds deals extra damage and roots the target in place. You need to stay in range for the second effect to trigger, but the range is quite forgiving. max this second.

Mimic; AWESOMENESS. Does the same spell you used last, but then it hits harder. Makes for some great versatility if used correctly.

Talents; pretty basic, magic pen in offense, imp.movement, flash and cooldown reduction etc. in utility.

Runes; personally I use m.pen;dodge;AP;AP from my katarina, dont have the IP for mana regen per lvl atm.

The build
You start out with Doran's ring and an hp-pot because it is great to have early-game, and the massive amounts of kills you will get compensates for the gold-loss midgame when buying doran's items. In your lane (pref mid) you will be squishy at first, so be careful obv. With LeBlargh's autoattack it's easy to get last hits, so try to do that while staying out of range. As soon as lvl2 hits, u can carefully start harassing with Sigil/Distortion combo's. Start with sigil, follow up with distortion to trigger Sigil and immediately warp back using the second part of the skill.

At lv6 the true ownage starts. Start out with distortion to get in range, followed by a sigil-mimic-chains combo. If he's almost dead, autoattack him to death, hopefully keeping him in range with your chains. As soon as your chain-root ends your sigil should be up again for the final blow. If the target is already dead after your combo; use your distortions second effect to warp back to safety.

Go back to base, after a few last hits and killing the mid champ you should have enough money for boots of speed and mejajs.

Two things can be done from here; you can dominate midlane while occasionally helping out bot and top, or you can go straight to top for ganks. Distortion in, sigil-mimic combo, chains to get your teammates in range if he's not already dead. Make sure to decide correctly if you want to warp back to safety or continue for the kill.

In my build i chose for Rylai's for better survivability followed by Abyssal scepter for m.res along with AP and m.res reduction on enemies. In some fights where it was going really well i went for Leviathan cuz the stacking is absolutely insane, and it makes me just a little bit less squishy. I stopped after abyssal cuz from here on it's situational; go void staff with tank heavy teams who stack m.res; go Zhonya's for awesome AP and the 2sec invulnerability.

Running Away
LeBlargh still is a squishy dps champ, so running away is always involved. Luckily that is one of the things LeBlargh is very capable of doing. Everyone knows Flash so no explanation there. However, Distortion can be used in the same way, warping over walls and such. Be careful though; the range of Distortion is smaller so watch out with big walls 8].

And here comes! Mimic can of course be used as a second distortion as well! So for running away we have flash-distortion-mimic, which virtually puts you from their base to yours.


Mimic has a 30s cd <edit: nerfed to 40s>. It's <edit: still> an awesome cooldown and you should be able to go gank, after gank, after gank, after gank if played well.

So to summarize; Mimic can be used in three ways (duhh)

as Sigil; for insane damage. 'nuff said.
as Distortion; for running away or getting somewhere really really fast.
as Chains; for an extra root if needed to get people in range. It is a skillshot however, so make sure you hit it.

I'm not sure if everything a build needs is included here, if it isn't please let me know and I will try to answer any questions and include it in this build.

Good luck! And I hope I was able to explain to you all how I think LeBlargh is played to kill.

I will say again that constructive criticism is always welcome, especially as this is my first build 8].