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League of Legends Build Guide Author SoProBro

Oh ****...time to buy Thornmail

SoProBro Last updated on April 12, 2011
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Tryndamere Build

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You'll hear everyone in games, especially if you're doing well, call you a simple "right click champion." That's not far off, I will admit, but at the same time he takes skill to play to annoy the **** outta people.

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Skill Explanation

Bloodlust(Q): This is Tryndamere's main ability besides his ultimate. What this does it every time you slay or critically strike you gain Bloodlust stacks which give you attack damage and critical strike damage, which can also be activated to heal yourself.

Mocking Shout(W): Basically lowers the enemies' attack damage and slows them; pretty basic .Believe it or not, but using this properly can make or break Tryndamere. If you see opponents trying to fight you and they have no intention of running, use it right away to lower their attack damage, helping you to survive easier.

Spinning Slash(E):Tryndamere spins through his enemies dealing AD+AP. Cooldown is reduced by critically striking an enemy. Again, this will also make or break Tryndamere. You can use it to initiate a fight, or to simply spin through a wall to escape from a gank or a failed 1v1 fight(shouldn't happen often.)

Undying Rage(R): Oh sweet,sweet Undying Rage, how I love you. This is Tryndamere's ultimate and EVERYBODY hates it. Tryndamere refuses to go below 1 HP , giving you x amount of Bloodlust stacks based on the level of your ultimate and all you skills have no cost. Basically, once you're as low as you can go, acitivate your ultimate and keep slicing and dicing if you're 75% sure you can get the kill, or simply spin away to safety from a gank and use your Bloodlust(Q) at the last second to heal yourself.

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Early Game

Early game (1-6) -

Early game,you're going to want to start off with Elixir of Agility and 5-6 Hp pots if you're going for an early gank(gives more crit and AS than brawlers.) Do your best to last shot to get gold, and to get Bloodlust stacks so you can lane longer. Once you reach level 6 and get your ultimate, depending on who you're laning against, you can start going for kills a lot more.

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Mid game (6-11):

Around this time, depending on how well you've done, and how good your opponents are , you should be finishing your Phantom Dancer, have your Berserker Greaves , and maybe on your Infinity Edge. Ah... the Infinity Edge, once you get this item, you get to watch the red bars on your enemies' health bar take over. Mid game, you should be ganking and pushing a lot more.
Effective techniques to gank, are the use your spin(E) to slash into your enemy, use your W to slow then keep hammering them until they die and start to QQ & RQ. Your main ability to raise mid game(disregard my Skill Sequence for raising E before W) is your W. As Tryndamere, your slow will be your best friend since everyone runs from you.

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Late Game

Late Game (11-18):

Late game is when Tryndamere really starts to shine. By this time, still depending on how well you've done, you should have your boots, Phantom Dancer, Infinity Edge, Black Cleaver and maybe your Blood Thirster. Now, late game, you should be able to take down anyone 1v1 if you initiate properly(ex. Spin through a wall directly into the champion so they can't snare, etc.) In team fights, wait for your tank to initiate, then walk in carefully, and spin through to the other team's carry. There really isn't much to say about late game, I mean, just go slice and dice

Well,this was my first build, hope you liked it, comment and vote and have fun with Tryndamere