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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HelderSS

Ohhh No Its Irelia

HelderSS Last updated on November 27, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Very well i bough Irelia the first day she came out, which was a really new experience for me because she required a totaly different style of play. So tried some builds. Hybrid as/ad but always had the feelin that was verry irregular and squishy and being easily destroyed late game. So decided to try to "off tank" and omg.

Some of my games

Masteries& Summoner Spells

Well even tho the build focus alot in in survivability i focus on attack tree for the simple reason at the start u on really buyng items to boost ur attack so points in attack tree helps to not fall behind.

As summoner abilities Flash is a must have, since irelia lacks "get away methods" flash is extremely valuable, some people argue ghost is best well it isn't, sure it is best in a olaf and akali, however both have extremely handy skills to get away, olaf ult+ghost= ByeBye, and akalis shroud plus ghost is the same, but irelia lacks such such things so Flash is far better, you could go for both which isnt a bad choice but then u have to change the masteries tree. Ignite for obvious reasons.

So either + or +


This part i go for a mixture of survivability and attack.
For Reds i would advice Greater Mark of Desolation, since you wont be grabbing any ArP this comes in really handy
For Yellow i would go for , altho as i cant afford them right now i use Greater Seal of Vitality.
For Blue i go for
What comes to Quintessences , doran's shield plus this extreme early game survivability.

Item Choices

Core Build

This will be the Core Build and Items that u should be able to get before the end of every game.

After That Focus on damage items
some good choices would be , really Depends in the situation, Usually would go for Infinity Edge tho.

Also Even tho u have the core Build defined the order u get them isnt really. Let's See:

Alot of AP? Then u are goin to start with as ur first item, Catalyst the Protector,and then ... This i my favourite situation as ur mana issues are eliminated pretty early, once u have that Done u build ur

AS/AD champions, then you are goin first, however u will still get ur Catalyst the Protector as ur first item so u dont suffer from mana issues,and carry on normaly with ur build Berserker Greaves ... But if their Ap champ is owning maybe its a gd idea to get Mr Boots

Playing As Irelia

Playing as Irelia is indeed hard, But nothing beat at the start of a game some1 goin to u " OMG irelia sucks she is like a sucky ww" and you end up carrying ur team with a score 21/7/25 it is such a great feeling, with this build irelia is not so team dependent but ur team becomes dependent of Irelia, You can easily own their squishy DPS and without having an extreme risk of being raped. But yes it does require skill.

Early Game
This is the my worst part of the game,i have been like 0/3/0 because my lane partner is extremely agressive and i end up payin the bill for it, but then still manage to end up the game as 10/3/12, just an example. This is due the long CDs and and the very reduce mana pull, so always stay on your toes, always carefull keep ur distance if they are good at harrassin and control ur mana. Been smart when u harrass be sure ur lane mate does it to.

Mid Game
U have no more mana issues, Spam ur Q, and farm like a mad man, dont need to be so shy at harrassin now, but still be carefull. When ur Banshee/randuins & Berserker Greaves are finished start goin nuts gankin.

Late Game
Be at every team fight u tank jumps in? jump in aswell, sit on their squishy DPS and carry, if ur Health is gettin low go the back of ur team, and be opurtunistic and smart, if u are attacking and they are under turret, a kill for a kill is usually not worth it, unless u get some1 that is carrying they team hard.

Well this is my first guide, and know that it isnt much, but hope it helps some people.

Coment and Rate pls :D