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League of Legends Build Guide Author iStandAloney

Olaf- Amazing DPS/Tank Build

iStandAloney Last updated on December 19, 2010
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Well, this is my first build so dont be harsh with me.


First you get a Dagger so you get some nice attack speed, after that you go forBerserker Greaves because you do need the attack speed and movement speed a lot to farm/chase those champs.

Then you would go for the Phantom Dancer, its a really good item for farming and smashing those squishy champs. Also when you're low health and you got your Phantom Dancer you just go pop your vicious strike and kill a couple golems, if you have your vicious strikes on lvl4+ it will give you incredible amounts of health, you can do that all you want thanks to your mana regen runes. It's always a good idea to get a Frozen Mallet with olaf, especially since it slows your enemies so Phantom Dancer (Movement Speed)+Frozen Mallet(Slows) is a good couple to make it really hard for them to run, even if they have ghost or any other movement speed buff.

You got the attack speed now lets go for some damage. You can either get a Bloodthirster or get another Phantom Dancer if you dont want to save some gold for the BF sword, but i usually go for the BloodThirster since it gives you lifesteal and attack damage, it's also a really good combination with your vicious strike.

Now just so you're even harder to kill and you get some extra damage with your vicious strike you go for Warmog's Armor or you can get another Phantom Dancer if you feel like doing more damage. I've probably only gotten an Inifinity Edge a couple times but if you ever get one you're gonna destroy EVERYONE. You pop your ult(armor penetration+no stuns no exhausts)you pop your vicious strike and you're either gonna kill them or they're gonna run from you with no hope thanks to your Phantom Dancer+Frozen Mallet. If they have cleanse or any other buff like that you get ghost and well, it's gonna be fun looking at them trying to run from you.

Laning Phase:

Olaf is one of the best 1v1 champions there is so you can either go mid/solo or stick with your partner. In the beginning you should harass them all you can with your reckless swing. When you get your vicious strike and Undertow what you do is: You throw your axe at him, reckless him, get your axe and repeat, if you got him low with that you get your exhaust/ghost and pop your vicious strike and finish him off. Remember that if you're low you get a lot of attack speed and you get lifesteal with your vicious strike so dont be afraid of engaging while having low health. Since you have mana regen runes you can always go into the jungle and get a couple monsters with your vicious strike so you can heal up.

Don't be afraid of engaging in a 2v3 or 1v2(in case one of them is low)if you think you can get one of them. You can always pop your ult and ghost and they'll never get you.


Spells you can use:

Exhaust: It's a really good spell specially if you're fighting melee champs. Helps if you're chasing someone.
Ghost: Good for chasing/running from a battle.
Flash: This is a really good spell but i heard that it's going to be taken out of LoL so i dont want to depend on it.
Ignite: Good Spell if you want to add a bit more dps.
Cleanse: I thought this would be useless because you got your ult but your ult doesnt take off the exhaust 100% miss chance so if u hate getting exhausted get this.

Spells you shouldnt use:

Revive: Just NO.
Clarity: Do you need an explanation for this?
Clairvoyance: Wanna know if someone is on that bush? Throw an axe and you'll find out.

This is an endgame build so if you fail at first dont get mad, just be patient, if you ever get a bloodthirster you can get about 200 health with the lifesteal from it and vicious strike so that's why olaf is probably the best 1v1 champ there is.

I would love comments so i can improve my build! =D