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Olaf : My buckle is bigger than yours

Last updated on March 4, 2011
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Olaf Build

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Okay, I've played Olaf for a very long time, and I think he is really really fun, thank to his


- sexy skill and melee animations
- versatility
- late game Godliness

Playing Olaf is all about patiently building a beast. By the end of your 4th item, if your team has held itself and not fed, you can single handedly turn things around.
With this build I've finished off so many 4v5's.


- you have to be patient in building him
- horrible laning phase
- initially weak to ranged

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Skill Sequence

Your reckless swing is an early game BEAST move. Max it out asap. This move destroys squishies.
Keep in mind you want 1 or 2 levels in Undertow for the slow. Undertow is also very very useful in early game harassment, and getting the last hit on those last two minions behind.

I also put in 1 level in vicious strikes early, though its not necessary with the lantern, it helps you get to high health fast and is usually the difference when I face a Jax or Xin Zhao who come to gank me.

Rest explained in the game phases.

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Go with mine or whatever you like.

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Summoner Spells

Flash and Ghost have always worked best for me.

Ghost and Ignite are very useful in having a successful early game, specially during laning or ganking. But my build focuses on the late game.

Mobility is everything. Getting that dude running away, jumping to the squishies in team fights, getting out of bad situations or right into the action. Turret dives, badass escapes, flash and ghost make all possible.

I avoid smite. I find jungling much faster and safer with and after a lantern. Tried and tested.

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Olaf's biggest disadvantage is lack or range. My build tries to maximise mobility. With PD, swiftness boots, you have 450 base MS, more with ghost. During a teamfight, this way, you're not resitricted to one enemy or next to that fed Kat's ult. You're possibly at four places at the same time. With Olaf, thats a win.

This makes you gank proof, with your ult and ghost.

A Mallet is non-negotiable because in almost every other case your kills will get away rendering your ganks useless.

Grab sceptre, hit lane. Do NOT try anything funny and stay next to your turret. Go for fb only if you're with a Sion or Jax maybe.
You want to last hit, and get the f*** out of lane as soon as you hit 1150 gold.
I dont mind a little ranged harass and getting to about 60% health because with the passive it helps me farm faster.

Dont die, unless you can take one with you and that brings you over 1150g. Also, check their summoner spells, and if they have heal or not. If not, dont miss out on an opportunity to flash in, swing that low health teemo/ashe, ghost, axe, kill. Its an element of surprise, and lethal damage. If you have been defensive and timid early game they wont suspect and the plain havoc you will create can easily get you the first 2 kills.

Its a delicate balance, you can also play it safe.

Keep in mind that your motive atm is entirely selfish. You dont care about your turret, or your teammate, not yet. Last hits or a kill.

Recall and buy that lantern.

Start with blue. With lanterns its an easy kill even if you're at say 40% health before starting. You can be anything between 4-7. Now, the most help you can extend to your teammates is using that free ward to gank free your lanes.

Personally I always ward the opponent's golem, I'm such a hog I alternate between the blues. It can also provide easy kills and blues.

Try to avoid ganking unless you have red and a lot of health. Map awareness is key, if a lane is getting pushed too hard then time your entry to when your opponent dives. Block out escapes and predict teamfights.

Keep in mind:
1) Always, always come from behind enemy when ganking.
2) If you're doing blue, and that ashe is blowing up your mid turret, ask yourself this
"can I eat her up if I attack her from behind?" If yes, go save that turret. If no, just IGNORE and proceed with your jungling.

I repeat, you NEED TO BE HEARTLESS and often ignore some teammate deaths, pings and turrets lost. You're NOT GOOD AT defending. At the same time, do not miss out on easy and good opportunities.

You've got your phantom dancer, atleast a phage, and a lantern, and boots. Now you can troll.
You want to farm like crazy. 300+ minion kills. Its not very hard. The most awesome thing about lantern is the one hit kills on minions. Theres a 5v4 going on bot lane, you want to be that guy (like a Yi) pushing top.

You're melee, and if you go in, you're gonna be focus fired and raped. In team fights you do one of two things:
a) Axe, axe axe. Wait till your tank initiates. Wait for the OPPORTUNE moment. Then, ****ing commit. And once you do that, theres no turning back. And go in like a true viking. Double kills should be easy. It is very difficult to get a good understanding of this, Olaf as at his destructive best at low health.

Keep in mind:
- that your best chances are fighting to death
- usually olaf's have no escape, UNLESS you have flash and ult, you can come out
- if you go in too early, you wont come out alive
- if you go in too late, you're not very effective and it will cost your team dearly

You want to try and commit knowing you'll get the job done with about 30-40% health.

b) OPTION TWO. Go behind the enemy. You have red, possibly mallet. Activate ghost. Go in for their squishy/dps. You will get hard cced, TIME (I REPEAT, TIME) your ult.
Take a shot at killing her/him between 5 of em, a good flash, and you're out. Job done.
If you cant, then dont hang in there forever. Get out. Its still a very good way for them to waste their cc spells, and your team can initiate on the other end.

Good coordination is key.

Mostly though, mid game comprises of me picking them out one by one in their respective lanes. Usually, once you get the first melee hit on them, your 450 AS, mallet slow, flash , ghost, ult, ensures the kill cannot get away.

Your build is complete. You are one of the most destructive beasts in the game, you eat about about anything. PLAY SMART.

YES, you can run into a 3v1 and come out with a triple kill.
BUT, you can also be pentaraped.

A lot of your mistakes will be forgiven and if you got to this point, theres very little the opponent team can do to stop you.

Basic tips: Dont target tanks, dont run into mother fountain, dont do silly ****.

You should be able to solo push turrets and get the f*ck out before they get there to defend.
I havent tried solo baroning.
A little timing is still required. But by this stage its probably GG.

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Tips and situational items

- You can pick up kills on flee-ers by throwing your axe through walls.

If your team has adequate tanking, you can trade in warmogs and atma's FOR
Starks fervor
Infinity edge
Guardian Angel

Ultimately, this guy is what you build him to be.

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There is probably no character more rewarding and satisfying to build and carry a game with as, as much as Olaf.

Because in most cases, you are the force that turns impossible around.
In other games where your team may be dominating, it will probably be over before you reach full strength.