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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Osashes

Olaf: The Axe-Throwing Pro Laner

Osashes Last updated on February 1, 2011
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Now, I know exactly what most Olaf players will say about this guide. Undertow build = fail!!

This is, however, not true at all! Maximizing the damage, use and reliability of Undertow turns Olaf into an incredibly potent laner. With the use of Manamune, a good Olaf can pretty much spam axes. At rank 3+, Undertow starts doing an insane amount of damage, especially to squishies, which means you can set yourself up for early game kills.

Anyhow, give this build a try before you knock it! You may be surprised!

(Note: If you're not good with skillshots, or don't enjoy them. This build is definitely not for you.)

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The rune setup for this build is pretty simple.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation


For that extra punch from your axes and your auto attacks. (Undertow was changed from magic damage to physical damage in a previous patch)
NOTE: You can use flat health quintessences if you want more survivability, rather than the armor pen.


Cooldown reduction is usually so underrated on Olaf. More cooldown reduction = more axes, more true damage, and more Godmode ults. (If you run with full cooldown reduction masteries, glyphs and a golem buff, you can literally GCD spam axes on a target. This means you have to be next to your axe location to pick it up immediately. This tactic is extremely potent for getting an early/mid-game lizard or dragon.)


Running an axe build on Olaf means you are going to be going through a huge amount of mana. These seals + Manamune fuel your axe-hucking domination.

Greater Mark of Desolation


More armor penetration for even more gnarly axes. Seriously, armor penetration is your friend, and yes it stacks amazingly well with your Ult.

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The item order for this build should be conducted on a by-game basis, depending on what you are encountering both early and mid-game. However, in a perfect situation, my build order goes like this:

I start with a Meki Pendant and 2 Health Potions

This will set you up with plenty of mana to endlessly harass your laning opponents with Undertow as well as 2 health pots for early game survivability.

Next I grab my early Boots of Speed and finish off a Tear of the Goddess

You can now steadily spam axes without much consequence. Early boots also give you some much needed mobility.

Next, I pick up a Phage

I do this for the health (which you won't have an overage of early in this build) as well as the slow chance, which stacks nicely with the slow from Undertow for chasing.

Next, I finish off my Manamune as well as my Frozen Mallet

Stacking up your Manamune is very important to prevent a mana-intensive item from gimping your damage. Once it's fully stacked, it's a viable end-game item, giving you late-game mana for your abilities. Frozen Mallet is just awesome on Olaf. There is a reason you see it in nearly every Olaf build, and it's not because it looks awesome. (Note: The slow from Frozen Mallet doesn't proc on Undertow hits, but Undertow allows you to close on a target and apply the Mallet slow, as well as spam the Undertow slow.)

Next, I purchase a Zeke's Harbinger

This item just screams AWESOME! Especially for AD-heavy teams. Be sure, however, that none of your teammates are building this item, as the auras don't stack. If another teammate is already building a Stark's, you can choose to build a Wit's End or even a Phantom Dancer instead.

To finish off, I purchase a Warmog's Armor and an Atma's Impaler.

These items give you some nice late-game survivability, as well some health-scaling damage. (Note: This was nerfed in a previous patch, but is still quite nice/viable.)

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust is just AWESOME in so many situations. While some complained about it's change last patch (From a blind to a damage reduction), I'm loving the revamped Exhaust. Not only can it be used to slow casters, but now it cuts down their damage output during a chase.. Cough... Ryze... Cough....

Ghost works so well with Olaf. Whether using it to escape with Ragnarok, or using it to chase/tower-dive, Ghost is a must-have on Olaf.

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Pros / Cons

- Great harasser
- Versatile champion
- Potent jungler
- Tough champ
- Great at escaping (Ragnarok)
- True damage for tanks/armor stackers
- Great counter for CC (Ragnarok)

- Skillshot dependant to be great
- No CC besides slow
- Mana dependant
- Loses a little steam late-game (Still AWESOME though)

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I have played Olaf pretty faithfully since he was released. All-in-all, I believe that Undertow Olaf is, by far, the most fun way to play him. Many physical dps champions struggle while laning against ranged heavy harassers. Axe Olaf doesn't have this problem.

Give axe-spam a try, you won't regret it! Because, twice the axes equals twice the AWESOME!!