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Olaf, The Jungle Carry

Last updated on November 14, 2011
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That's how i play Olaf Jungle and for now it's going really great.

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I choosed these rune for get more durability early game in my jungle.

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Since im going for AD Carry, those are my mastery. I don't get Utility Mastery cause i prefer geting Sorcery at level 2

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I put in order the item im getting during my Jungle and for late game item.

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Skill Sequence

I choosed these skill sequence cause of my starting Jungle, look at the end for my Jungle route.

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Summoner Spells

Since Olaf don't run really fast on based moving speed Ghost will be a good Spell to have but you will have to hit the target with Undertow for a good and effective Gank.

And of course Smite for any Jungle in LoL.

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Jungle Route

1- Golems, Save Smite. Can ask for a leash but i don't.
2-Wraiths, Smite the big one, kill other.
3-Wolf, aim the big one, kill other.
4-Blue, ask a leash if someone near, otehrwise start it alone if you can get him down and use msite on Blue Golem as soon is up. Back.
5-Red, and Gank if possible the closest line you are(Top or Bot) or Mid. If no Gank... go to 6-
6-Sneak Their Jungle for Wolf or Wraiths.
7-Dragon if you can solo it.

Note: With Undertow, make sure to hit as much unit you can when you throw it next to you. Why nest to me ? Becasue you can pick it up right after and reset hes cooldown.