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Olaf Build Guide by Olaugh

Top Olaf Top Lane 10.13

By Olaugh | Updated on July 6, 2020
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Runes: Regular

1 2 3 4 5 6
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-90 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2 3 4
First TP option.
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Champion Build Guide

Olaf Top Lane 10.13

By Olaugh
Hi guys
I have some experience with Olaf so I would like to share it with you.
I really recommend you trying out this champion because, when you get into him, he becomes really funny to play. And you will never get bored.
I personally like him because he fits my play style and he is almost unbeatable in 1 v 1, also amazing in 1 v 2 sometimes even 3. You are just keep throwing those axes and chasing enemies down , even under their turret, without any problem. The best part is your ultimate where you can`t be disabled for 6 seconds Ragnarok
Pros / Cons Back to Top
Pros : 1) Incredibly early/mid game.
2) Decent poke and trades.
3) When ganked, high 1v2 potential.
4) Solid roaming potential too
5) Strong front line.
6) Overall very powerful tank that cannot be cc`d. Ragnarok

Cons : 1) Falls hard lately on.
2) Very hard to come back in game.
3) Vulnerable to gap closer enemies, since Olaf isn't mobile.
Team Composition Back to Top
Synergies well with : 1) Lulu -Her R makes u stronger when going into whole enemy team for ad carry. It provides you health,size and gives you slow on basic attacks. It makes you even stronger to peel of, while u are getting focused in attempt to kill enemy ad carry.
2) Leona, Amumu and Braum , they are all decent picks to have on your team, when they pop their ultimate, they give you time to go all in and to focus the target(ad carry-99%).
3) Kled is actually pretty nice to have on your team as, his r drastically increases your movement speed which makes a job even harder for enemy team to get you off off their ad carry, which is already almost impossible to do.
So any champion that provides you time to go for enemy ad carry is good for you, especially those up there. Whichever champion can do like almost the same job as you can do is good.I mean on champions who can prepare you a situation. That can be Malzahar or Lissandra. Those champions can Flash and activate their ultimate, and your job is already done, u just have to do quick combo while the target is impaired by any kind of cc. But don't rely on your team that much, focus on what you are doing currently and on what you are made for, and that is killing enemy ad carry. So don't rely a lot and don't take your job as peace of cake.

FOR THE ADC'S Champions that you should avoid are : 1) The champions that cannot do enough damage while you are peeling for enemy ad carry, what I mean here is: while you are killing enemy ad carry, you are basically giving your team time to take enemy front line and whoever is near or out of position.Enemy team will try to do to their best to take you down, while you are attempting to kill their ad carry, which provides enough time for your team to do a decent job(damage in fight). Until you kill enemy ad carry fight should basically be over until next 5-15 seconds. Enemy team has no serious damage, so they are easy to kill and dive as well. But as I mentioned if your team can't do this then you are in trouble, so here are some champions that you should avoid:
As the 1) we have Kog'Maw, he is scaling really well so of course, he is late game champion,and you are early/mid game champion, so when you combine them, it just doesn't make any sense, so considering the fact that you are early/mid game champ, you are going to close the game between 15-28 minutes. So you need ad carry who has early on some serious damage just like Draven, his early aggression extremely fits your play style as well as having team fights early on. His early damage is enormous just like Miss Fortune, but only if she does her E R combo which makes the fights end in like 5 seconds.So we can say that MF is nice pick with Olaf . But now let's return where we started, so it will be ideal when you could avoid all late game scaling adc's which are : Kai'Sa, Vayne and Kog'Maw, which I already mentioned.

-So ideal would be Draven, { Jhin, Caitlyn, Jinx } with some early advantage will be acceptable too.

-But champions like Kai'Sa, Kog'Maw, Vayne , even Ezreal and Sivir would be ideal to avoid.

FOR THE SUPPORTS The champions that you should avoid :
1) There are no useless supports, most of them has some type of shield,crowd control and as most important heal,think about your W.
But the supports that you wouldn't really be happy to have on your team are: Anivia, Nautilus, even Zyra, Tahm Kench and Lux.
Those aren't the shiniest picks for you, but they are still useful, just not that much as : Leona , Zilean , Lulu, Taric and Rakan.Nami is solid pick too, her r has decent effect in fights, Morgana and the champions that has pulls like Blitzcrank, Pykeand Threshare always useful to pick up early kills, to do invade which will all finally result as early advantage, and you are early champion so...The point is to snowball the game early.

For Mid, Top and Jungle decent picks are : 1) Kled - run with 1000 movement speed .
2) Amumu - gives with his r a bunch of time to do a decent job in fights
3) Lissandra - her r just makes your job even easier to do, because the target is already impaired, so you haven't a lot of job to do.
4) Malzahar - amazing pick as mid laner, so as support, his r is insanely useful in any situations.
5) Camille, Jarvan IV- they are all good for picking up early kills with their ultimates.

So after all just make sure that your team can deal some serious damage to enemies while you are killing enemy ad carry or whoever is the prioritized target.
Runes Back to Top
So on Olaf, plenty of runes have been tested , and the Conqueror has shown as the best one to work with Olaf
Conqueror contains : First line is made of
1) Overheal
2) Triumph
3) Presence of Mind
This runes are all good on Olaf, but the most effective one is second Triumph
It returns you nice amount of HP when you kill enemy,so the pros are : A) You can survive the clutch fight even with being ignited. B) You can fight 1 v 2 because when you kill first, Triumph will return you some HP which will enable you to finish the second enemy just by picking up axes- Undertow, healing up with your W- Vicious Strikes and finishing him/them with your E- Reckless Swing.
Other 2 runes from first line are: Overheal and Presence of Mind which give's you some mana restoration on champion take down and a bit of extra shield which will be made from healing your self on full hp, it will probably be done with Vicious Strikes, the problem of the rune is that the shield is so small , it can't even block like the incoming poke from enemy, it cannot absorb the half of incoming enemy ability in lane(Poke). They just aren't that useful for now.

For the second line in conqueror we have Legend: Alacrity, Legend: Bloodline and Legend: Tenacity. Here,the best rune to take is the first one, because it provides you attack speed which is best for you as Olaf. Legend: Bloodline is solid now too, but Legend: Tenacity just isn't enough good to be compared with Legend: Alacrity or Legend: Bloodline.

For the third and last line we have Coup de Grace, Last Stand, AND Cut Down, all of these runes received some buffs recently, but still the best one that works and makes sense is Last Stand , the same word tells you everything, just thing about your HP, the lowest you are, the strongest you are , and that's exactly how this rune is working.Think about Berserker Rage - your's passive and then we are up to our Vicious Strikes as well as Ragnarok. When you combine those together you will become incredibly strong.
In general that's all about primary rune page.
Now about secondary runes we have Domination, Sorcery, Inspiration and Resolve.So all of these runes will be used as your secondary rune page. Every situation is different so it pretty much depends on your natch-up.
Runes will be listed by the numbers in order by their power in the game

1) Inspiration the point of this rune is to have better sustain and poke ability in laning phase,so you should take potion for sustain- Biscuit Delivery + Cosmic Insight which gives you extra cool down reduction, which allows you to poke and trade more often as well as consuming your items effects, and summoner spells a bit faster then usually. In this rune page you have other more situational options like Magical Footwear, Perfect Timing and Approach Velocity-which got buff last patch and it give's you nice movement speed towards enemy which is good for diving ,but I don't highly recommend this to you, because Biscuit Delivery and Cosmic Insight seems like the best option and has best functionality on Olaf.

2) Resolve - This rune make's you more tanky and even provides some healing too, just like Inspiration , so if you aren't feeling well with Inspiration, take this as your secondary rune page.

Resolve INCLUDES this mini runes : Demolish and Bone Plating,this two are made for pushing towers and taking reduced damage while trading, it will mostly help you vs Renekton and Darius , those champions who has nice combo on level 3 , your rune Bone Plating will decrease their combo-damage,which allows you to win trades,which will result in zoning them as well as being pushed under tower, and you will have advantage in your lane because you are controlling the wave and poking them so they wouldn't be in able to do ****, but all of this can be done in order to use your poke properly and to play decently in lane, otherwise it's not op as it sounds.

SECOND MINI RUNES OF Resolve that you can go with for increased healing and sustain are Revitalize + Second Wind,these two will bring your HP back when you hurt enemies for example with your q Undertow or e Reckless Swing, and will increase heal too, that's the job from Revitalize, it will increase your healing effects more drastically the more low you are,so basically you will heal a lot with your w- Vicious Strikes , and if you buy Spirit Visage ...

THE THIRD AND LAST WAY : you can go with these runes, it doesn't make much sense because Olaf is not some hard scaling champion but it's cool if you take it.
1) Overgrowth and Conditioning, they will give you a higher amount of magic resist and armor as the game goes, and it will permanently increase your health points , so while going all in, it isn't that bad , but be mindful that you have much better runes to take.

3) Sorcery CONSIDERS THIS RUNES : 1) first way is going with Manaflow Band + Scorch, this runes provides you more mana and damage which allows you to poke more frequently and chase enemy down very quickly.
Second way of going is to take runes for more movement speed and better 1 v 1:
Celerity + Nimbus Cloak, they will help you to stick to the target and even if they flash they will be easy to catch, but again you need to know that there is much powerful secondary runes to take.

4) Domination You will almost never use this runes but in case you are going to use them let me show you what is the best option to take.
Ravenous Hunter + Taste of Blood , they will significantly heal you while landing a poke on enemy and your w Vicious Strikes is going to increase that heal again, which means that from this runes you can really get a lot of healing, but again remember that this is not the rune page you want to use, you can only take it
when enemy has a lot of poke, so you need to sustain and stay longer in lane.
SECOND WAY of using Domination is to take Cheap Shot to hunt enemy down, this will give you armor penetration if you impair enemy's movement.It's good for level 1 all in situations. If you want to play more safe you can go with Zombie Ward or Ghost Poro which will gift you a ward for solid 1 and half minute. That can save you from gank and also gives some extra vision-which is not bad at all.
In last line of Domination we have Ultimate Hunter + Relentless Hunter + Ingenious Hunter
First one provides you nice extra cool-down on your ultimate- Ragnarok
Second provides you extra movement speed and last one provides you cool down reduction on active items.

So lets conclude, the best option for secondary runes is Inspiration , 2) Resolve, 3. Domination and the last one Sorcery.
However as I said, everything is 99% situational, depends on versus who are you playing and also depends on your play style.

I hope i helped you a bit with runes. :)
Summoners spells Back to Top
As a primary summoner spells you should take
Teleport + Flash
- TP allows you to return in lane faster and not to lose much experience,minions,and lane pressure, when you buy your power spike item Kindlegem ( you should be in able to buy it until 6 minutes and then tp back in the lane , you will start bullying your enemy, I will say more about that in items...
Flash allows you to escape ganks, even if a lot of players are replacing it with Ghost which I absolutely support, because I was Teleport + Ghost player , now I started to use Flash more frequently. Flash is also good to flash in their team and go for ad carry , it can be properly done if your team has vision, so you can sneak somewhere in their jungle and flash in, to delete enemy ad carry, or just normally be used in fights to from nothing just flash + Undertow + Ragnarok onto enemy ad carry, to make a fight for enemy team unwinnable.

You can go with Teleport + Ghost too , you have better follow up in fights, I personally learnt to escape ganks much easier with Ghost then with flash , you probably feel me right now if you are playing Olaf with Ghost , it's also very good to catch enemy who just flashed away especially if u take for secondary rune page, as I listed Sorcery - Nimbus Cloak + Celerity which will make you run with 1000 movement speed into enemy and walking through units.
If you ask me Flash or Ghost I would say it depends on your play style just like the champion pool you have.

You can go without Teleport , with Ignite if the enemy is easy to kill, which means he is squishy and immobile or you are simply countering him which means that you are already ahead.

You can add to your ignite Flash or again Ghost
It's more safe to take Flash , but with Ghost you will most likely go all in on level 1,2,3 and smash your enemy , but if you decide to go that risky be mindful of ganks , if you fall behind, it's not easy to come back-generally, and especially with Olaf.
I personally take Ghost + Ignite when I find [QUINN]] as enemy top laner, because she is very squishy and my Undertow deals like half her HP let's just say, so it's very easy to all in her on level 1,2 especially 3, you just need to have lane pushed towards your side, so you have enough space to chase and follow her.
ITEMS Back to Top
We will go with the items and the game goes by its length.
Starter Items Back to Top

As the first one and the most effective we have Corrupting Potion.

This item regenerates you mana and hp when you activate it( you can activate it up to 3 times until you recall), then it's recharged.It's very important during laning phase because you need to poke your enemy as well as regenerate your hp, because they will poke you too. In most of the time try to activate it while your Vicious Strikes is on, so you will receive increased healing , you will get more mana and hp. If you are going to push the wave and you throw your Undertow as well as activate your Vicious Strikes then activate your potion so while you are healing on w, your potion's healing effect is increased too. Try to use this mini strategy, it's like you have dark seal - Vicious Strikes and Health Potion which is Corrupting Potion in this example.

Doran's Shield
This item gives you ******ed hp regeneration after enemy pokes you or whatever.
It gives you 80 health points which is really solid, but the problem is you have to play a bit less aggressive because if you don't you will really quickly run out of mana and be forced to recall or you will get pushed under your tower because you haven't any source to push lane or to poke enemy.
It's good situational item, for example you can buy it when you are facing Vayne as enemy top laner. She is range which isn't good for you and she will probably bully you until you end under your tower and still she will be denying you form farming. So you are in big trouble since you can't really poke her because she has Tumble which is ideal for avoiding your Undertow.So here it's good starter item which will help you survive even the hardest match ups like Vayne.

Doran's Blade
This item is used when you want to play very aggressive and have more trades because it provides you 8 damage which will increase poke on your Undertow and damage while trading on your Reckless Swing. It also gives you 3 life steal which isn't huge but it help a little bit and you also get 80 hp which enables you to take longer trades and increases your all in situation because you have probably more hp then your enemy. Buy it when you are facing low threat so the lane is easy and you are already ahead, but some people are just always going with this item-it's not bad, but you have decreased poke ability( on which almost whole lane/lane pressure depends).So if you are reading this and you found your self, just go in the 1 normal game and give a chance to the Corrupting Potion. :)

So: Corrupting Potion, Doran's Shield and Doran's Blade are your starter items. So there is no like when should I pick Corrupting Potion,or when should I take Doran'Shield/Blade , you are simply Corrupting Potion, Doran's Shield or Doran's Blade player. Just like some people who are playing Olaf with Flash + Ghost or Teleport+ Ghost. That's simply your play style, your way of playing( are you playing aggressive/safe) or however.But so far the best one is Corrupting Potion for sure.

Long Sword + Health Potion OR Sapphire Crystal + Health Potion OR Cloth Armor + 4 Health Potion
This are less used strategies, some people would maybe first time hear it right now, but its really rarely used and its not that good, maybe in some situational match ups. Some players knows to buy Long Sword + 3 Health Potion as starter items as well as going with Cloth Armor + 4 Health Potion.They are usually going with it vs Pantheon so they can all in him on level 1 with Igniteor to play safe with armor and plenty of potions so they can farm without fear,so they will first hit level 6 and just smash him and then of course start playing aggressively. Some players knows to go with Sapphire Crystal + Health Potion as starter items because they want to poke enemy as much as possible and push the lane so they can bully them under their tower with Undertow, maybe even Reckless Swing if in range. That is good(bullying them) but going with Sapphire Crystal isn't that good.I personally tried it many times and yeah, you will really bully them and they wouldn't be in able to farm almost at all, but however it's not that effective and useful as it sounds, so I would recommend you to go with Corrupting Potion or Doran's Shield-if enemy is Vayne or even Quinn. Doran's Blade is good too when you want more bit more damage and health but as I already mentioned it also depends on your play style even if you should ignore your logic and accept the facts, which I'm not doing too.
Just make sure that you can poke enemy, sustain, trade and you are okay.
Mini situational items Back to Top
Situational items

So what about mini items?
They are: Tiamat , Hexdrinker , Spectre's Cowl , Bramble Vest and Executioner's Calling in general.

Tiamat serves really well when the word is about pushing and trading as well.
You are hitting multiple minions/champions/jungle camps at once. It provides you better split pushing as well as if you find your self in 1 v 2 position from which you can't escape, so the only way is to pop Ragnarok + Vicious Strikes and go straight into them with your Undertow (don't throw it too far so you can pick it up again) and hit them both with Tiamat at the same time... I said this just as an example of what is the benefit of using Tiamat. In general you can take it when you are ahead in lane, I will talk more about this in laning phase.

Hexdrinker serves when you are playing vs ability power champions. That can be: Kennen , Lissandra , Viktor. But they are not too dangerous so if you have't any problems, have confidence with replacing this item with your casual items on first/second back or however. It provides you shield as well as attack damage and magic resist so it's good item to take vs ability power champions as well as Spectre's Cowl.

Spectre's Cowl.
This item provides you solid amount of health bar and some magic resist which will help you survive the pokes and trades. You get health regeneration too. You should buy this item when you are facing Vladimir as well as Executioner's Calling.
But let's return to the Spectre's Cowl. You can also buy it vs Sylas , Rumble , Heimerdinger and Swain.Those are a bit heavier ability power champions who has some serious damage,so take Spectre's Cowl or Hexdrinker.
When you are facing tank/ap champion then rather go with Hexdrinker because you need some damage not hp to go through that armor, for example Maokai, he is tank and also has some damage, overall it's not high so you can go with Hexdrinker over Spectre's Cowl(instead). Just remember if enemy has burst damage like Akali then you should go with Spectre's Cowl to get hp regeneration and some hp as well as magic resist, so leave attack damage in that case,or you can even go with both items if there is more ability power champions on enemy team.

Executioner's Calling
It's very good item vs tanks, just like Nasus , Dr. Mundo , Renekton and as most important enemy(which is not tank) Vladimir. These are the champions vs who you must buy Executioner's Calling.
It provides damage and as most important armor penetration which is unavoidable when playing vs those champions up there. You need to shut them down early so that's the reason why you should buy this item and also when trading while having this item, your Undertow + Reckless Swing as combo deals enormous amount of damage, penetrating their armor and letting you to go all in much sooner, because if you don't buy this item you wouldn't really be in able to kill them before level 6 without any problems.

Bramble Vest
It's defense item which serves well when you are facing let's say: Udyr and Master Yi (truth,you are rarely going to find them as enemy on top but just in case if you find them, it should be smart to take this item and probably to complete it. You can buy it vs Fiora and Trundle even Yasuo (vs Yasuo and Aatrox is smarter to build Randuin's Omen ) but this is acceptable too. You can go with both of course(what would be the smartest,because you need to reduce ciritcal strike, not only life steal and their damage. Also if you feel you need it you can buy it vs Gnar , Irelia , Jax and Aatrox-as I already mentioned, but just lately on. You don't need it early like vs: Master Yi and Udyr.It gives you armor and as most important it reduces enemy life steal and basic attack damage. It also reflects a % of basic's attack damage dealt to you, to their health points instead. It' quiet useful item.

After all we have Stopwatch
It's useful vs champions(just click R to win)
Just like Veigar , Pyke and Tryndamere, even Zed and Fizz.
So it's very good to avoid their ultimate or to wait until their ultimate expire.
It's smarter to take it from runes then to spend 600 gold but however just make sure that you have it if enemies are someone from up here, maybe I forget to list someone so feel free to leave a comment if I am missing some champion or if I have some grammatical mistakes.
Boots Back to Top
We have
1) Ninja Tabi
I'm just now writing about boots so don't think this is it.
Items/Build Back to Top
So the best item on Olaf is Black Cleaver.
This item gives you attack damage, which is important as well as health points, which this item provides too. But that's not all, it also provides cool down reduction, extra movement speed as well as armor penetration. So overall it's the best item on Olaf in game currently. Some players also knows to exchange it with Trinity Force, which I was doing too. They just want more dueling power which is completely fine. Olaf is really good fighter so it's really enjoyable to play with Trinity Force.
It has its benefits though,it provides you attack speed which Black Cleaver doesn't. It also provides mana which is important on Olaf because you are literally winning the lane with mana(poking enemies with Undertow ). But on the other side Trinity Force doesn't provide you 400 health points as well as armor penetration. So you are a bit easier to kill with Trinity Force. However I recommend you to go with Trinity Force when the lane is easy, and you are ahead,also if you need more dueling power it's not bad option.But for now stick to the Black Cleaver

There is a lot of options to go with as second item, so if enemy has damage more then average and also has some escape ability, your eyes should be on Righteous Glory, this items also provides mana! I already talked about mana, so it' really nice item to have on Olaf. Righteous Glory also provides cool down reduction as well as burst movement speed while walking towards enemy champion which is really good for diving. Of course it provides armor.So overall it's pretty decent item since Olaf can quiet easily rush into enemy team and get that ad carry very fast.

Second item can also be Sterak's Gage. It provides health, damage but as most important huge shield-actually shield depends on your bonus health points.It will usually be activated after 4,5 seconds during fight, where is also your R going to start slowly expiring,so it grants you tenacity just on time.You will also become a bit bigger, but that's not that important.However it's really nice items in Olaf since you can survive 1 v 2 quiet easily as well as diving enemies with that shield which will for enemy be activated in unexpected moment.It gives you some damage too, it's very useful item.You can go with it as second or third item.

Ravenous Hydra is very optimal item on Olaf, it provides you huge amount of attack damage as well as life steal. It's very useful for wave clearing and split pushing.
It also opens a 1 v 2 high potential situations with its life steal. You should take it when ahead, sometimes players knows to buy only Tiamat, that's because they don't really need full item( a bunch of damage and life steal). probably they only want to clear a waves bit faster so they can maybe look other lanes to roam them or to teleport bot while your enemy is clearing the wave which you just pushed with [tiamat]]. Some people likes to go with Death's Dance instead of Ravenous Hydra because it provides much more powerful healing effects and it absorb some incoming damage as well as completely reflecting it to the enemy's hp bar. It gives you really strong dueling power so as Ravenous Hydra. So both items are actually pretty good, but still i would recommend you [Ravenous Hydra]] because when you are in 1 v 2 even 3 situation, however you are still attacking all of them at once and it seems more effective from that aspect of looking while Death's Dance is much better vs bruisers like: Nasus, Irelia,Trundle and so.
I am currently writing so do not think I am over with items and boots!
Ability explanation Back to Top
I am currently writing about items so have patience please :) ;)
Laning phase/early game Back to Top
c soon
Matchups Back to Top
c soon
Mid game/teamfighting Back to Top
c soon
Late game Back to Top
c soon
Conclusion Back to Top
coming soon
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