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Last updated on November 29, 2012
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Hi guys. I have been playing this champ lots recently and have decided to do a guide. I play olaf a tanky intiator that strives in pushing carries out of fights and just plain not dying.

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Basically my rune set up is for early lane phase dominance but also with late game usefulness where runes usually tend to mean less. Most solo top characters have decent base armor stats and quite often build armor so armor pen is neccesary. Also i think that movement speed quints are the best in the game. They are the most useful runes in top lane period. The ability to escape ganks and kite is so valuable.

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Really the only items i definatley will buy are heart of gold and aegis of the leigon. These items are both great on olaf. I then usually build a wardens mail or hexdrinker depending on how well the other teams adc and apc are doing. Then i decide which item out of Maw of Malmortius and Randuins again depending on the other teams comp and how the game is going. If our team is low on cc i will usually go for Randuins no matter what the other team is doing. Warmogs, Force of nature, sunfire cape and bloodthirster are all good viable items on olaf.

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Olaf is a very strong laner. It is alomst impossible to lose a trade due to his e spell reckless swing. His basic combo is q, undertow, to close the gap and then e, reckless swing, to deal some damage. If your oppenent harrases you back in the exchange and after realising your damage output was greater than his let him auto attack you (because his spells will be on cooldown following the exchange) and let your health get a bit lower. Then turn on your w spell, vicious strikes and start attacking him. The reason for letting him hit you a couple of times is so your passive will be of more use. The attck speed combined with the increased damage and lifesteal will win you the exchange. An important part of lane phase with olaf is make sure that you have a ward pre 6 whether you or your jungler puts it there. This is because olaf is easily ganked without his ult, ragnarok. Dont be afraid to push your lane using q to farm minions and then getting the enemy wolves or golems, depending on which side of the map you are on.