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League of Legends Build Guide Author hypershatter

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hypershatter Last updated on December 31, 2010
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Advanced guide to controlling Anivia

new formating (tnx Searz for tips)! also, thanks a lot to the mobafire veterans for marking my guide as "recommended"! i will continue to work hard :)

NEW EDIT: ORDER OF BUILD ITEMS CHANGED. also, after testing, mejai removed as core/basic item build. a good anivia cant rely on mejai for snowballing. mejai still fun for pubstomping though.

DISCALIMER: this is not a guide focused on getting the perfect build. my build works because i got them through hundreds of trial and error. also, there isnt a set build i use every game. this guide will explain playing her that most other guides dont do. read carefully for maximum benefit.

table of contents

1.closer look at Anivia
2.skill usage
2.2. mid-lane dominance (with pictures)
3.initiate with Anivia
4.what to do with golem buff
5.choosing masteries
6.item paths and FAQ
6.5 elixir of brilliance: why buy and when to buy
7. how to feed your team's carries like a mother bird
8.beginner's items, masteries, and guide
9.[its over 9000!] the build for "fk everything else, i want to rape 1v1 in mid"

1.A closer look at Articuno (opps, i mean anivia)

Why play anivia? Says Elementz (one of the best LoL players, won WCG):

"Anivia moved to tier 1 - Bird, bird, bird, the bird is the word. Okay so Anivia I'd say is quite the amazing champion who I also had too low for too long. Her poke, her dps, her utility is all awesome. There's nothing she can't do well. Hell she can even pull a Jesus and revive herself. Her only problem is her weak early laning phase imo. It's not the strongest but if you can make it through that area with decent farm and keeping up in levels you will good to go crush everyone after that. "

Anivia is a great nuker/support(cc) if you use her right. couple of points i always tell fellow anivias i play with/against:

0. very, very important. does not matter how good a player you are, or how much you have been owning others entire game. you are a mid game carry, not a late carry. once the late game starts, unless the other team is not fed in anyway, you will become weaker the longer the game extends. therefore, you must choose the right amount of kills you should get in a game. so you would do enough damage, but wont impede the late game carries on your team ( Master Yi, Tryndamere..)

1.THINK BEFORE YOU COMMIT. once you are in, you will likely stay in until someone dies. a noob Anivia will likely be the player that dies. stay cool and play smart. but be fierce when need to. what to do if your not rambo? DONT GO IN THE FIRST PLACE.

2.Egg doesn't equal guardian angel. an extra life doesnt mean you can throw it away easily. there's a reason why Anivia is given an egg, and not other characters, (e.g.Mord).

3.if you mess up early game, you are officially a trash pigeon. when i say mess up early game, i dont mean dying many times. i meant not getting any kills and getting sht creep farm. 0/0 is fail. in mid-high elo games, it is very difficult to make a comeback unless somehow you get fed.

4.playing anivia as support-only is like playing teemo only to plant mushrooms, or playing mord only to tank. what a waste of potential.

5.getting positive/even kd ratio does not make you a good player. i am ashamed of myself even for one game with negative/even kd ratio under normal circumstances.

6. always, always get flash or ghost. dont be a bird that can be easily caught.

2. skills/usage

i will only explain how to use the skills in different ways. mouse over the icons to see what they do.

flash frost [Q]

a slow and obvious projectile. make sure when you shoot this your enemy is in no position to dodge it. otherwise dont waste your mana. however, you can take advantage of the slowness.

flash-flash frost
this is used usually in early game or when chasing a dying enemy. what this is use Flash Frost immediately at the same time you are clicking Flash. what this do is make you instantly flank or get closer to your enemy, stunning them, and finish them off with Frostbite without them able to move much. think of it like Ezreal's Arcane Shift + Mystic Shot. but the ice ball projectile is much slower. if you Flash, and then slowly aim your Flash Frost, it would be too easy for the enemy to sidestep out of it. in other words, its a more manual version of Ezreal's combo.

back shot
self-explanatory. you are running away from an enemy, shoots Flash Frost without major animation. only works if you click the direction your facing immediately you shoots Flash Frost. enemy cant react fast enough to dodge the stun. especially at low health, not many expect you to shoot and kill them when they are chasing you.

an alternative of this wait until enemy chase you at low health (both of you), suddenly turn around, Flash to your enemy, Flash Frost + Frostbite for the kill. its a gamble because both of you are at critical health, and theres no way, for a normal enemy to react to your gutsy move.

cover shot
not hard to do. just make sure when you are laning against someone, shooting Flash Frost when there are minions in-front of you makes the enemy harder to see the projectile. this is also true using terrain and fog as cover.

crystallize [W]

in hands of noobs, useless. in hands of pros, game turning.

you dont have to get wall at lvl 10, if you are ganking heavily early or laning against melee heros, this is useful at lvl 5. otherwise get as much higher dmg as possible adding other skills. also, early usage of walls depletes your mana; you want to conserve mana for a good time to strike.

usage: (position!)

1. if someone is chasing you or your ally through the middle river, dont wall in the enemy's face right away. the enemy can just walk around it easily. wait until you run to a narrow jungle entrance and then completely seal the passage.

2. anyone can wall off exits. but how about walling in a middle of a team fight? walling to initiate and break enemy formation? can you remember to do this every time under chaos?

3. wall gives sight. bigger the wall, bigger the sight range. enough said.

4. sometimes its better to wall between your own team. protecting a charging Garen with judgement from your squishy range/mage teammates.

frostbite [E]

not much strategy here. just remember to Frostbite mostly when your target is chilled. that doesnt mean you cant Frostbite to finish off an low hp enemy without chill. you can also shoot Frostbite, while its travelling, immediately place Glacial Storm for instant double dmg combo. or shoot Frostbite at same time you shoot Flash Frost for instant double dmg and stun combo.

glacial storm [R]
quick tap for instant slow. NEVER LEAVE IT ON LONG unless you know what you are doing. Glacial Storm drains mana like crazy. even quick tap 4 or 5 times early game can deplete most of your mana pool. glacial storm also reduces attack speed in an aoe effect by 20%, be sure to place it against heavy physical teams.

while Glacial Storm drains mana like a *****, it doesnt require much to cast it. even leaving it on for a second, it can instantly slow a group of enemies.

tip: sometimes you can leave it on for KS or wiping entire team.

2.2. mid-lane dominance (with pictures)

i own mid-lane. i usually can dominate unless vs. characters like Katarina, Kassadin and Kog'Maw. its all about positioning and patience. anivia's Flash Frost is slow moving and easy to see and avoid. therefore, you must play smart.

once you reach level 3, with 1 lvl in Flash Frost and 2 lvls in Frostbite, its time to seriously try to consider harassing the enemy, and hopefully bring them down. consider the scenario below:

facing against an Annie, a good character for mid. now a good Annie would last hit mobs with her Q attack. in the picture, she would likely try to last hit the circled blue mob. i wont let her have an easy time with that.

before i try anything, i saw Annie has charged up 2 times to Pyromania. 5 times would = stun, not a good time to strike. i also look at map to make sure no one would gank me from the side. my flash, ghost, and egg are all up, so i can afford a bit of tango.

first, i line up my Flash Frost with her. using the skill shot bar to line up doesnt mean i have to shoot Flash Frost. i noticed the distance between us is too far, thus, it is unlikely for any players to get hit by it. so i move a tiny bit forward at a time while keep auto-attacking mobs, preventing Annie to get spooked. at this time, i am also using 3 creeps as graphic block to make my Flash Frost a little bit harder to see. a good player would move around as soon as you seems like to attack. so, i consider the 2 likely directions to move, and as soon as she settles down in one location and begins to last hit, i will hit my Flash Frost + Frostbite. if i hit both follow by auto-attack, it will down her hp to about 100 hp left. not enough to kill her. she would also Health Potion. NEVER RELY ON YOUR AUTOATTACKS. also, remember you cannot take tower hits very well.

why do i not flash in first closer to Annie and try to combo kill her? at this stage it would not be enough to kill her, thus wasting my skills for more valuable times. plus, tower diving at this stage wouldnt have yielded much success. this however, changes once i reach level 6 and obtain my Glacial Storm.

3.initiate with Anivia

usually wait for other to initiate after walling in enemy's formation. but if you are confident in yourself and everyone else is a *****, do this:

1. wall enemy formation blocking one squishy in front, or blocking tanks and melee dps from getting in front.

2. charge in. + + if you walled right, enemies should be cluster coming at you from edge of wall, allowing mass stun/slow from FF.

3. if you got in their middle, pop .

4. once your team in there, flash out , or die once. this is where your egg and/or GA comes in, let enemy focus you while your team takes them apart.

p.s. only leave your Glacial Storm on if your team looks like they are wining. dont leave it on since the beginning cause it will drain your mana and make you useless

4.what to do with golem buff

first you have to know when you can get it. Anivia in early game has one of the most difficult time killing golem. the minimum level to get golem without pots or assists is at level 8, with almost full hp and especially mana. when getting golem, make sure keeping using Flash Frost (make sure it dmgs twice), followed by Frostbite and auto-attack. do not use Glacial Storm until you ran out of mana for your other skills.

ok, you have the golem buff. that gets rid of Anivia's biggest problem, mana starvation. so what to do with it? do i stand around casting spells as always and look sexy with my blue circles? NO! HELL NO! i have seen too many Anivia players dont know what to do with their golem buff. or not using it at all. the rule of thumb is, if you arent using up a lot of mana during buff time, your doing it wrong!

heres what you do with it:
1. kill everything that's safe. minion waves (in all lanes), creeps, w.e. spam your ult and Flash Frost (line it up), everything dies in seconds giving you lots of gold and no mana worries. steal your enemy creeps because you can spam skills killing really fast. But be careful doing this.

2. zone control (defense). are there enemies grouped up in mid tower trying to push you? throw down your Glacial Storm every time they charge in, and Flash Frost into their formation to scare them off. if they think it's safe to charge you tower, throw down wall to block their range on tower, then spam Glacial Storm with Flash Frost. make them think that any fool that tower dive = instant death. (this is not true if there's more than one tank, and your not fed)

3. zone control (offense). your entire team in mid facing enemy's entire team in stalemate, trying to push? be careful, go in front, throw down Glacial Storm, Flash Frost, push your enemy back to their turret gradually while wiping out every minion wave. Anyone come in? Glacial Storm in their face. repeat until both teams gets anxious and teamfight starts. (read initiation by Anivia)

remember: by end of golem buff, you either want to have lots of mana (after spending lots first), or no mana with lots of gold to port back to base.

5.choosing masteries

perhaps the first thing you saw on this guide was the masteries choice. why flash and ghost? lets look at other skills first.

1. Flash and Ignite combo

i used to use this combo. this gives you incredible kill power early game through mid game. most of the time you are on the verge of killing an injured enemy, just when you think you had him, he barely escapes; with ignite, this doesnt happen as often. furthermore, this combo gives you aggressive early game play-style and opportunities. i have, almost every game, got a mid kill early game by using triple-F combo (read skill usage), chain FB, ignite, and autoattack the dying enemy.

but why not use this combo? ignite loses its efficiency as game progresses. to put simply, once the enemy team realizes how much of a pain in the *** you are, and focuses their attention on taking you out, you wont have the chance to kill as easily, but you will die much easier. ignite does not help you here.

2. Clarity
on the second thought, sometimes its useful at crucial times. its a viable choice, especially for beginners.

3. Teleport
teleport egg for escape; teleport ward for surprise attack; teleport towers for getting to lane are all interesting gimmicks. yes, gimmicks, especially teleport egg, cause thats all they are in theory. when it comes down to it, they dont work as they sound in practice.

teleport egg can only get you out of sticky situations in certain conditions:
1. you are only chased by one enemy with low dmg that cant break your tiny egg in 4 seconds.
2. no one who's chasing you have CC to interrupt your teleport

teleport ward do gives you surprise ganks. but they have to be in the right place at the right time. even then you are assuming the enemy cant run away, or instead counter-gank your ***.

4. Clairvoyance
this is a support skill. i dont like it on Anivia, who should be a sudden death mobile nuker like i want it to be. plus, you have the wall as sight; wall also has a large cast range for safety. there are also better support characters to get Clairvoyance.

5. Cleanse
Anivia is nuker, that means in-and-out, not stay in and get all the CCs on you. its a good skill, but there are better ones to get.

why Flash and Ghost? -Bigfatjiji used the same masteries in WCG
mobility. Flash is your ultimate clutch spell, while Ghost help you not only escape, but hunt down entire teams to place your wall down. i call it "ghost walling" .your enemies would be like WTF HOW IS THIS GUY CHARGING AT ME SO FAST FROM OUT OF NOWHERE AND KILLED ME, I CANT REACT. also, these combined with your slow CCs (most of your skills can), you can literally fly away from ganks and no one can escape you.

6.item paths and FAQ

item paths:

core items: 3 basic + archangel + 1 situational

2 basics
mercury's threads

first start with and two for early game mana and hp worries, following straight into catalyst the protector when you have enough gold. follow by for regular situations, or sorcerer's boots if you are doing really well and want to risk going full AP. afterwards, choose item based on situation. Afterwards, proceed with completing . After, get ASAP because it helps you with tons of survivability, almost maxed cooldown reduction, and mana problems.

archangel's staff

if you need mana first, get ; if you need more AP first, get . once you have gotten both, build it into .

1 situational item

1. if you are getting lots of gold and no one is opposing a serious threat to you. get
2. if other team stack MR heavy. get
3. if other team stack a bit MR and are AP heavy. get
optional items (after core complete, or before if needed)
depending on the situation, the following items are recommended.

item FAQ
Q: Why mercury's threads?? Why not Sorcerer's Shoes?
i used to use Sorcerer's Shoes, but i realized that Mercury's Treads gives you tons of survivability especially in ranked games, since almost every player has some kind of crowd control on them and you do not want to get caught = death. Sorcerer's Shoes does provide very good mpen and dmg early on and could be considered depending on the game's situation.

Q: why not Boots of Swiftness?
I am not a fan of this. but since Bigfatjiji used it, he has his reasons and i will test it out later on and get back to you guys.

Q: why get late Archangel's Staff?
i have recently decided to add Archangel's Staff in my build. the reason for me to get it around 5th item, not early is because of mostly the mana and AP bonus. as game goes longer, you will have a harder time killing enemies. therefore, more mana is required than before. Archangel's Staff solves this problem, and compensates with high amount of AP as well.

i choose to get Archangel's Staff after Zhonya's Ring (or any other situational items) because Zhonya's Ring active ability can save you in sticky situations. one of which is somehow you are chasing a dying opponent and left a considerable gap between you and your teammate. Zhonya's Ring solves this problem by giving you precious time while your teammates come to the rescue.

Q: Rod of Ages that important?
get it for the extra health, mana, and AP. its the best option that catalyst of the protector builds into. its also effective later in game once the bonus stats applied (after 15min).

Q: why not starting with Doran's Ring?
it is good, but you shouldnt need the hp bonus as a decent player. plus rushing items early is crucial for early game dominance. The other bonuses are negligible.

Q: when to get Deathfire Grasp?
get Deathfire Grasp against HP heavy teams. otherwise Zhonya's Ring is more important (see "initiation").

Q: why Frozen Heart?
Frozen Heart gives you armor and severely mitigates enemy melee champ's threat with reduced attack speed aura; mana; and most importantly, cool down reduction so you can spam your CCs more. awesome survivability that also increases your dmg/cc potential.

6.5 elixir of brilliance: why buy and when to buy

many players neglect the importance of using Elixir of Brilliance on mages. thinking that a temporary potion wont help much. wrong! this little 4-min duration elixir is crucial in owning with anivia. why?

1. gives 31-65 AP based on level. this bonus doubles in effect for the dmg of your Flash Frost (double hit), Frostbite (double dmg once chilled), and ticking Glacial Storm aoe.

2. huge. reduces your cooldown reduction by 10%. stacked with other CDR buffs, you can literally spam your CCs and crazy burst rotations.

3. 300 gold. comon, its freaking cheap! with anivia's farming, you should have no problems.

when to buy
1. you just finished building an item and have spare gold.
2. you are behind in game in terms of item build, aka not being fed.
3. honestly, no other reasons not to buy.

7. [new] how to feed your team's carries like a mother bird

you might read the title and go like wtf? how do i feed my own team? i dont mean letting your team kill you, thats not possible in this game. but you must realized, a fed Anivia in late game is not as important as a fed Tryndamere in late game, assuming both players have great skills.

so i thought, why in some games where i get crazy K/D ratios and still lose the game? i realized that my teammates carries arent doing as much as they should. as the game progress to late stage, they cant do much because i HOGGED MOST OF THE KILLS. its just too easy to get kills early/mid game with a good anivia. i used to thought i am the carry on the team, wrong.

if you think the game will progress to late stage, you must make sure your team's carries is not weak. it doesnt matter if you are godly fed in late game. most of the time. the carries win the game, not you. if you pushed and pushed and just cant win the game, theres a big problem.

so, i decided to play anivia as a mother figure to "feed" my carries. how to do this? follow the important tips: (assuming all players have same skills)

1. in a case where you and a carry chases a target who has low health. dont go up there and use your standard kill combo. stay ahead of the target and sandwich him, Flash Frost stun, Crystallize, and Glacial Storm to CC him. dont use Frostbite as that will likely kill the target. feed the carry by giving him the kill.

2. if the target is about to escape and no way carry can catch up, kill him. hence staying in front of your target the whole time is crucial to make sure enemy doesnt escape.

3. in case where you are chasing a dying enemy, and a carry beside you is dying (might lose stacks or dmg game), forget the target and protect your carry.

4. before feeding your carries, you must make sure you have enough items to be effective in team fights.

8. beginner's items, masteries, and guide

for players that are new to anivia, its pretty much the same learning curve as Tryndamere (they are rated as hardest). thus, i have the second build up there for beginners.

couple of things to know as beginner when playing anivia:

1. mana conservation, that includes usually 5 don'ts
DON'T shoot Flash Frost unless you know your enemy wont react fast enough or able to dodge
DON'T use Glacial Storm to setup chill for Frostbite unless you know you can kill/cripple them
DON'T wall too much just to mess with the enemy
DON'T Frostbite regularly without chill just to do dmg
DON'T use Frostbite on chilled enemies if you know they can get away relatively unharmed

2. try not to tower dive. your egg wont save you.

3. as beginner you will die much more than kills if the other team doesnt suck. play like a regular squishy caster ( Ryze) and slowly adapt to anivia.

4. remember your wall will work a couple of milliseconds after you cast it. could be frustrating in trapping running enemies in small lanes. therefore, cast it early and far or dont cast it at all.

5. pretend you have no egg, unless you are baiting. most rookies play too aggressive with an egg and leads to becoming a livestock for the enemy team. yummy, eggs. with that said, always know when your egg is up and when is on CD.

9. the build for "fk everything else, i want to rape 1v1 in mid"

cool story that happened to me when i was trying out for some clans.


recruiter #1: hey there newcomer, i hope you are ready for the try out. basically we are going to do a 1v1 in mid to see how you perform in terms of last-hitting, positioning...etc.

recruiter #2: lol recruiter #1 has like 1600 elo and is teh clan veteran, bro. hes gona tear you a new *******.

me: ...

recruiter #1: its ok newbie dont wry about it. its not about winning or losing. just do your best and if your good we will pass you.

me: ok. [thinking: i gona show these guys regardless of your elo...dont fk with my anivia in mid or you get Frostbite up your ...]

[champion select screen, he chose kog' going "aw #!@% now i have to try")

me: (clears throat, accidently pressed "shift" button)

recruiter #1: dont get nervous just do your best.

me: ok.

[couple of minutes in, i get first blood]

recruiter #1: nice you caught me off-guard

me: lucky shot.

[10 min in, 2 kills, tower down]

recruiter #1: i think thats enough for today...

recruiter #2: lol you suck.

i did not use the standard sapphire crystal + 2X hp pots build start. that was meant for long-term strategy where you can rush fast into catalyst and out-level your opponents and gank side-lanes. in this case, 1v1 mid with no side-lines, i go for the following build

+ hp potion

Ignite + Flash

anivia with this build is almost unstoppable in mid. doran's early dmg boost + survivability allow you to be super-aggressive. and Ignite is just pure deadly with your burst. if your enemy isnt tower hugging, he is asking to get frosted like a *****. MF, vlad, mordekaiser? GG noobs.

even though i have hundreds of games with Anivia, i do not consider myself pro in anyway. but, i have never lost to a fellow anivia in the same game(even they are rare), in terms of skill play and CONSISTENCY (key word). i am always seeking for better players.

Add hypershatter, me, in game to play and discuss build :)