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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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On-hit Hybrid Jungle Evelynn

Last updated on January 21, 2016
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Hey guys so I was bored in class and wanted to share my ideas about this fun Eve build I thought of the other day and would like to hear feedback from you guys. I'm just a Silver V and I know the build is "trollish" but I have fun with this build and have actually occasionally had some surprisingly good turnouts using it.

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Jungle Start and build order

So the recommended start is that talisman thingy. Well, if you took the attack speed runes and masteries and took E first, having the Hunter's Machete will give you a lot more healing and damage since you attack so often with your E and such so, I have found it to be better. I've only got to experiment a little with starting jungle routes but, the best luck I've had is starting Krugs and going to birds, wolves, then go home. I know, its a very short first route but you are VERY squishy in the beginning and have like no sustain. Once you back, if you killed all the camps I listed, you'll have money for the Stalker's Blade so get it and go get both your buffs and look for ganks. Don't go gungho yet, you're still very weak and can really only assist your team and not carry... YET. After you keep your presence known in lanes and killing your camps as soon as they're up, get Devourer Enchantment AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!! You need to start on that **** as soon as you can so you can get sated. Getting sated on Eve is a little more crazy than people think. So, your E, if you didnt know, actually applies 2 auto-attacks, meaning your Devourer proc'd and you got an extra hit in! Furthermore, if you took Fervor of Battle in your masteries, that means in that ONE ability, you just got ALL 8 stacks, and here's how... You use the ability, each melee AA = 2 stacks, well, the ability does 2 AA's, stacks = 4, your phanton hit, stacks = 6, and since it was an ability hit as well, stacks = 8! (ok so i havent tested that but maybe it doesnt count as an ability hit, either way you get 6+ stacks :P) The next best item to build in most cases will be Blade of the Ruined King, as it will help you sustain and stay out longer while becoming a MONSTER once you get sated. After you have that and your mobi boots, start working on Nashor's Tooth as now it will have some decent usage rather than if you have bought it before BotK since it's attack speed will increase BotK's effectiveness. After that, I believe Guinsoo's Rage Blade would be most ideal since it has AP and an on-hit mechanic. The rest is a little situational but you'll get the feel of it.

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Decisions and tactics

So you're playing on-hit Evelynn, in the early game you are ****! Do NOT fight alone. You have pretty much nothing so just know that you're limit is very very small, for now. If you can, stay in the jungle entirely pre level 6, you're so weak it's not even funny. Let your teammates know that you may not be ganking as much as they're used to but, this doesnt mean you CANT gank, it just means you cannot take any unnecessary risks. Basically, pick your fights VERY carefully. Once you get sated, you can start becoming a little more brave, whether you have finished your BotK or not. Eve is very weak to any kind of CC so be smart in engaging. Perhaps wait until you see them use their CC or approach from an angle unreachable by their tank or support. Use your stealth to your advantage! Once could see Eve's stealth as having extra vision range. "Whhhaattt does that have to do with stealth?" Well, the point is, with your stealth and as long as you're smart, you can see people before they see you. TADAA!! What a novel idea. Oh and watch for pink wards. Those things are a b1tch now that they're so cheap. Once you get near or are at full build, you can 1v1 tanks... that's right... TANKS! You know how Mundo is a god right now? Well you can 1v1 him! You DPS is INSANE if you can get close to someone and STAY close to someone, remember that.

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So, you made it all the way down here on this boring, possibly useless guide, but hey, I bet you learned something you didn't know before!!... Maybe just one thing?? No? Oh well... So ya, on-hit Eve is a fun/trollish build but very fun and... in select cases it is VERY deadly!! However rare those cases may be... Let me know what you think. If anyone ever reads this, well... Thanks, :)