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Kayle Build Guide by omgitspattyrick

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author omgitspattyrick

On Hit Kayle

omgitspattyrick Last updated on March 19, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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On Hit Kayle

I built this guide because the idea of on hit kayle, and the guides that are currently present, didn't seem to fit with me. I also love Kayle and her ability to have both a high sustainability and yet a rather large damage output. Thus i created my own build, which mainly utilizes damage, since Kayle's ult allows her to have a rather high sustainability. I would also like to see a larger amount of players start to use Kayle as a viable carry. Kayle has the power to have both a strong carry role, as well as support due to her ult.

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I chose these runes because Kayle has a high damage capability. With Kayle utilizing both ad and ap she has the ability to do large amounts of damage. The enemy team has no real ability to counter against Kayle because she is doing 50% ad and 50% ap.

While other players like to focus on pure sustainability, the fact that I start out with three health pots on Kayle allows me to have a good amount of sustainability while also allowing me to do a large amount of damage. The ad runes them self give a large advantage over the enemy team, no one expects Kayle to build ad. Because of this the team will build magic resist, however, because of armor pen runes, and Kayle's passive, the magic resist has no effect. Thus i have decided that armor pen, and speed are the best, you get more attack damage from the on hit, and you get more damage from your ad as well.

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Skill Sequence

I chose this skill sequence because maxing righteous fury allows for Kayle to farm much harder and faster than any other option available to her. Instead of harassing and fighting, Kayle is much better suited to staying back and farming until she is able to make a valuable contribution to team fights.

I also like to stack heal because it allows for a much higher sustainability, and also gives you the opportunity to assists teammates in chasing the enemy, or escaping the enemy.

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Summoner Spells

I chose these summoner spells because they give the greatest boost to Kayle's damage output. They also grant her the increased movement speed which she requires in order to seal kills against the enemy team. With the ability to use both ghost and flash Kayle can catch up to the enemy as well as slow and defeat them. Kayle has the ability with these summoner spells to both chase an opponent as well as flee from them, giving her the a greater amount of sustainability.

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Boots of Speed- I always choose boots and health pots first if i intend on playing an AD type champion.
This should always be your next item, it gives you the mobility and the attack speed you need to do maximum damage with Kayle's passive and her Righteous Fury.

Malady is next because it allows you to steadily increase Kayle's attack speed and a relatively low cost, trying to rush wits end would leave you at a disadvantage items wise against the opposing team.

Using Wits end provides the largest amount of your magic damage against the opposing champion until you are able to complete Madred's Bloodrazor. In conjunction with Giants Belt, you really only need malady and wits end to dominate the other team.

Gives Kayle more sustainability, and builds into frozen mallet.

After purchasing Giant's Belt, you should start working on Madred's Bloodrazor. The armor is nice, making Kayle less of a squish, and the attack speed also continues to make her E brutal. The passive on Madred's is the most important part, it allows you to do massive damage to squishy champions, and gives you the ability to destroy tanks as well.

Frozen mallet makes it nearly impossible for the enemy to escape you, as well as provides additional attack damage and health.

The game is usually long over because having to purchase this last item. I choose this item because it causes Kayle's Reckoning ability to have even more slow power, as well as increasing health, and the magic damage done with her Righteous Fury

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Pros / Cons

Pro- Kayle is able to do a large amount of damage
Kayle can do splash damage, thus giving a large advantage during team fights
Kayle's ult allows her to have great sustainability, or work as a great support

Con- Kayle is still rather squishy
Kayle is vulnerable to stuns, which causes her ult to become useless
Kayle can become a rather large target to the enemy team

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Having a heavy farm is one of the most important strategies when playing Kayle. In order for Kayle to become a complete power house she needs to have a substantial farm. When farming i usually use her E on the minions. While doing this I switch back and forth between them in order to distribute equal damage among them, insuring that I kill multiple minions instead of just one or a few of them. It is very important to farm hard with Kayle, because without having at least malady, and preferably wits end as well, Kayle will not be able to do a high amount of damage.

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Team Work

The way I like to play Kayle during team fights is to allow others to engage first, then rush out and use Q and then E on the squishiest champion. In addition to this Kayle's ult works exceptionally well for team fights. I generally like to wait until one of my team's higher dps characters is at a low health, generally around 15-20%, and ult them. This sends the other team into a small panic, forcing them to decide if they should continue attacking that champion or switch to another one. Regardless of their choice it allows for your team to do a large amount of damage with little casualties on your side.