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Only for Yue Qun (OLAF)

Last updated on November 14, 2012
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Summoner spells

Use exhaust and heal as your summoner spells as you have not reached summoner level 12 yet. Once you reached summoner level 12, take flash and ignite as your summoner spells.

To slow opponents down so you can take them down easier without them escaping with ease.
To allow you to survive as it can be a replacement for FLASH and it can also help you to trick other people to dive for you.

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Olaf skill sequence

The skill sequence I have put is NOT COMPLETE.

Anyway, here are the sequences.

1: Maximum harrassment.
Max undertow(Q). Then max reckless swing(E). Lastly, max your vicious strikes(W). Note: Always add a point in your ultimate, ragnarok(R).

Max undertow(Q) first if you're not farming well enough. By maxing it first, you are able to harrass opponent with ease. With a point in reckless swing(E), you are able to deal some good damage to the opponent. Reckless swing(E) is only useful in early game, so make sure you add a point to it. You should add a point to vicious strikes(W) only at level 4. At level 4, the opponent will already be able to deal some good damage to you. By having vicious strikes(W) at level 4, you are able gain back some health.
NOTE: *Follow this sequence if you want to farm well*

2. Sustainibility in lane.
Max reckless swing(E). Then max undertow(Q). Finally, max your vicious strikes(W). As usual, always max ragnarok(R).

By maxing reckless swing(E) at first, you are able to sustain well enough in lane in the early game, as you dont have to worry about any mana problem. However, depending on the way you play, you may have to add a point in vicious strikes(W) at level 2 as you have to gain back some health due to your reckless swing(E) which will definitely take some significant health away from you. However, if your health is not draining as much, add undertow(Q) first. This will help you sustain in lane better as you are also able to harrass opponent while farming. You will have to definitely add Undertow(Q) in order to chase down opponents too.
NOTE:*Follow this seqence if you want to engage in an early gank or you want to have some kills early.*

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Item Built

There are 2 builts you can follow. Each for each set of skill sequences.

This is the 1st sequence.
Things to take note:
1. Buy heart of gold at 5 minutes, maximum 8 minutes. (IMPORTANT)
2. Boots must be of a priority too.
3. Remember to buy wards (although I doubt you would).
4. Vampiric specter is good too, as it helps you get back some health. (Lifesteal item)
5. Get some health regeneration. You will definitely lose a large portion of health due to your reckless swing(E).
6. Get giants belt ASAP. Its an expensive item, so I guess you will get it at around 18 minutes into the game.
7. Quickly get your warmog ASAP too. You need to farm the health, so you need to get it as early as possible.
8. Phage is your number 8th priority. It can definitely help you to chase down your opponent. But warmog is your number 7th. Your undertow(Q) already can slow opponent down, so phage is just another additional bonus to that.
9. Get Frozen Mallet. No use getting trinity force for olaf. You need the extra health.
10. Force of nature is a great item. It helps you to regenerate health at a very fast speed. So get that when your health reaches more than 3.5k.
11. Once you reach 32 minutes into the game or you already have everything except for bloodthirster and atmas' impaler, selling your heart of gold would be a good idea. You dont need that anymore as it will not be effective at that point in time already.
12. Lastly, if the opponent team have a lot of AD(attack damage) champions, get armour. Your boots should be Ninja Tabi instead. Magic resist would be of no use to you if they have a lot of AD champions.

This is the 2nd sequence.
Things to take note:
1. Most of the priorities are the same as the 1st sequence. Get Heart of gold ASAP.
2. Get LOTS of health regeneration. Thats important as your reckless swing will definitely take a large chunk of health away from you.
3. Get warmog ASAP.
4. If you want some damage, be sure to get phage. Additional 25 damage for you, plus slow.
5. Maw of malmortius is good. Go read the passive. Lazy type out.
6. If you want damage, go get, but main priority is health. Remember.


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