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OP Jungle Lee, Dominate the Jungle

Last updated on June 18, 2012
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A random guide for items you should purchase in order to dominate everyone at any level.

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Standard runes for every jungler. You can chance armour penetration runes with more flat attack damage runes or attack speed runes.

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Going a lot into defensive because Lee is strongest when played as an off-tank champion. Still we want some damage, so I we keep 9 points in the offensive side.

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Cloth + 5 health pots are for the safest jungle route. You may go boots and 3 health potions, but that will make it much more dangerous. First you will be lower hp if you decide to gank before your first trip back to base. Second you will be an easier target for counter jungling, because cloth armour gives you enough armour in the start of the game to survive some burst of the enemy invades. Additional will the 5 health potions be enough to keep you at high hp all over the jungle.

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Skill Sequence

Early point in E in order to clear camps faster with AOE damage. Then Q for higher damage, specially if you decide to do a level 2 gank this will be needed as it is your best gap closer. I put a point in W at level 3 because this will be another gap closer, which means you can jump in with Q, use E and jump back with W to poke the enemies from safety. Additional W gives good sustain in the jungle as it also gives life steal and spell vamp on 2nd activatation.

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Summoner Spells

Flash for even more mobility, smite for faster jungle clear and secure buffs and dragon for later in the game.

You may take exhaust instead of flash for more effective ganks, but usally that's not needed.

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Lee is a fast jungler with extremly good ganks. The right items will make you able to initiate and carry the game in team fights.