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OP rammus build, why die if you can live?

Last updated on November 29, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Here is an OP build for rammus, i used it alot. and it totally makes you own!

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aaah u use noob runes most will say.. well, then pick ur own runes what u think is good, i allway's use this. and it works fine for me, u remember the 25% of armor goes into atk dmg? well, i make alot of kills because when i taunt i deal alot of dmg too. sure it might not be the best runes, but it works great for me!

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i think i don't have to explain alot here, just get some more def, and some mana because ur allway's low on that

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we start off with a Dorans Blade[*]then we get a Ninja Tabi[*]or a Mercury's Treads[*] depens, if there are more then 2 stunnes/slowers in the enemy team u need the Mercury's Treads[*]otherwise allway's go for the Ninja Tabi[*]boosts ur everything at the beginning. After ur boots u need to get the Aegis of the Legion[*]why? because it's the best item u can get! boosts ur team, and ur own ALOT! after that we go for the Warmog's Armor[*]u already have some nice armor and mres, so this little hp lets u take around 2000 more dmg! because of the armor ur Health is worth alot more! after the Warmog's Armor[*] u are a good tank already. Then u need the get the Thornmail[*]or the Force of Nature[*]wich item u get first depens on ur enemy team, just look what they have more, atk dmg or ability power? pretty easy i guess..after this u can take another Warmog's Armor[*]or wich one i prefer a Gaurdian Angel[*]

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Skill Sequence

Why u do this skills? i start with ur Qjust because ur early at ur lane, and i can go Base and back in no time. after this i get my E skill, just because if they are very agressive u can pull em in ur tower and thier done.. be sure to lvl ur Eskill any time possible, but first on lvl 3 get ur Wskill, boosts ur armor (so also ur atk dmg) and let the enemy take dmg when he atks u, after that just keep doing like this, lvl ur Ulti (R) when ever possible, and also ur E skill, then ur Wskill, the last priority is ur Qskill.

ill explain u how to use ur skills, if he's near you, use ur Eskill, then ur Wskill, then ur Rskill. u will do really sick dmg! once ur taunt has gone, hit him with ur Q skill, it slows him and u have enough time to kill him.

when he's furter away, use ur Qskill then Ethen Wthen R

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Summoner Spells

ahh noob heal!!..well NO it's not, it saves ur *** alot, also ur team mates. and think about this, normally it's just a low heal, now it is still but because of ur amount of armor and mres, it is worth alot more, lets say it heals u for 300HP, u got 70% dmg reduction. so u can get alot dmg befor ur death! so Heal then escape with ur Q skill! Why flash ? it's the best spell ever for Rammus.. u go with ur Q, there are some minions between u and ur target, just flash and u hit him instand with ur Q skill, then E then W then R. and he's death