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League of Legends Build Guide Author TickTalk

Orianna: A Clockwork Orange (Hybrid)

TickTalk Last updated on June 6, 2011
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This is my first Build ever posted but after some experimenting I've found that this is the best way to hybrid her. So long as you're a capable mid then you should be fine. However a lot of this build relies on you getting a few kills early game so remember! Gank those side lanes!

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If you've played Orianna you'll know that she has some major problems. Damage, Mana, Cooldowns, and she very SLOW Without move speed quincies you're pretty much dead in the water most times. Although her amazing escape helps against that. However don't rely on it. Move speed Quincies are almost a must!

Magic pen is obvious
Mana Regen is obvious
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It's your basic Caster set up. Improved Clarity because late game you're a utility character and can help the ENTIRE TEAM by having it. Although I better not get flamed for taking good hands over preservation. Here's why:

At end game when you have a 60 second death timer and you just lost a team fight (No one goes most their games without dying) You lose 10 seconds off that. That's a huge difference when it could mean the game. Where as for every 100 mana regen you have. Preservation gives you 4 more mana regen. That makes almost no difference to the game at all. Think about it.

Also more move speed. Don't think her problem is just covered by quincies Mobility is very important to playing Orianna.

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Nothing helps mid early like a regrowth pendant. So long as you don't get completely destroyed it can regen all your HP back in a matter of minutes. Giving you a distinct advantage over any mid who bought a doran's ring or other such health regen lacking item. Turn this into a philosphers stone when it's best convenient. If you get an early kill by your boots of speed and philosphers at the same time. Because you will probably be low on mana. Clarity helps early game but even so it will not be enough.

If you do end up having enough mana to keep going. Grab your sorcerers shoes with it. Your mana problem is gone. You still have decent health regen and now you do that bit more damage for making those kills! (However you should avoid playing her as an assassin and more like a super harassment character)

Once you have 1200 more go back for your hextech revolver. Very handy little gadget as now you can easily hold mid with health regen and spell vamp to boot! Suddendly you're a lot harder to kill. And might I stress here. Your auto attack isn't useless by any mean. That passive rocks the house.

Once hextech is acquired be sure to use more auto attacks and don't ever forget to USE THE ACTIVE. As it does around 3 bars of magic damage and works as a slow (For getting more auto attack in)

After this the malady adds more magic damage and speed as now you can evenly attack and use your abilities for battlefield control. Don't forget when you're 1v1ing to use your shield and slow/speed up for better harassment. Don't let melee characters get beside you!

After the Nashorts tooth. You have so much cooldown and attack speed your harass is doubled at least. The extra mana regen and cooldowns mean spamming your abilities more and attacking even FASTER! using that excellent passive for good damage.

Finish off with the hat, nuff said. Makes your passive hit HARD and FAST and your abilities are scary all over again.

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Summoner Spells

I've used many combinations of summoner skills but Clarity for this build is always a must. other good skills are: Exhaust, Ghost, and Flash. However I prefer ignire for early mid kills.

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On a final note your play style of Orianna must change AS this build is made. When you have no AS or Life steal/Spell vamp. DON'T AUTO ATTACK. When auto attacking becomes more prominent use it more. It will benefit you more as a late game tactic. Using your auto attacks early will give other champs the ability to rush you and kill you dead. KILL YOU DEAD. So don't auto attack until it's scary. As you will get spiked.

I'll need to add item and summoner spell links to this guide but it's just to give you all a basic idea. And this build has been working for me so hopefully it works for you!