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Orianna, actualy good.

Last updated on June 5, 2011
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I am not really making all that much of a guide, but I am Gonna take some things from my experiance as her, and give some advice, or more so I guess just how I play her

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I mostly go for AP runes, yea seems silly but I just liked the extra kick it adds as you level up, with full runes its like your carrying an extra void staff, I also add some cooldown runes because with everything else you get, you can stack about a 50% cooldown on all your abilites, may seem like a waist but I find it to really help improve your overall ability when in a fight. Needless to say, pretty simple

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Id suggest putting most in support tree, it helps give her some lasting ability when she lanes, nothing special though, pretty much the basic stuff you'd put on any caster like her.

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Here is where it gets a bit tricky, I suggest Soul stealer simply because of the cooldowns and the extra AP you get, but lets face it, if your dieing to much, even if your team is winning, there isn't much use for it. If you need to replace it with a Voidstaff, or a Lich's Bane.

Only real reason I suggest boots of swiftness is because with her, she is pretty slow, even with her boost, she can get pretty easily ganked, that extra boost in speed from the boots can save her life, as well as help her to take out her enemies when chasing them down, and not having to waist a Dissonance on her to do so.

AA is pretty obvious for most mages really, without almost all mages are mana hungry, and she is no exception to that rule, if anything she is even more susceptible to it. Early off she will be hurting for mana, so don't hesitate to use Clarity when you got it, once you get this, you should be fine.

Nasher's tooth is kind of a personal choice for her, it's CR is so nice, along with the increase in attack speed really helps out her passive, don't ever underestimate how strong her auto attack can be with that passive of hers.

Rylai's is some what of a situational item to me, it isn't required to get but it always helps, especially if you find yourself running away with very little life left to spare, or even, heaven forbid, dieing a lot. if these situations are not happening though, Id suggest going with a void staff, or Lich's bane again like with soul stealer.

And last but certainly not least Rabedon's, of course what mage would be complete without one of these in his arsenal, its benefits are obvious and by now everyone should know why you get it, why I save it for last is more of a personal reason than a tactical reason, so by all means get it sooner if you can.

Situational Items include removing Rylai's, and soul stealer, or adding them, as well as Void staff and Lich's bane. I choose to use soul stealer a lot due to the extra CR at full stacks and extra AP it gives when combined with Rabedons. Lich bane is however a good item to add if you are finding your self auto attacking a lot, the extra heavy damage from it is tremendously helpful in taking out the bigger guys. As for Void's I suggest it only if the team is stacking Magic resist, aside from that, there are much more useful items you can use in its place.

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I pretty much just suggest that you level Attack first so that you can do damage to the enemy at start, its long range and area of affect is great for harassing, also great for bush checking, oh did I mention its good for bush checking, Orianna can pretty much shut down all bushers with her ball so use it there if they are trying to go for it and even if they aren't.

her ball can be horribly deceptive, so try and keep it on the field more than attached to her, it doesn't improve any of her abilities or attacks when it is with her, so don't worry about trying to grab it all the time.

Dissonance is obviously second, but try not to spam this to much unless you know your gonna hit with it, it can get pretty costly, sometimes its smart to save just enough to cast it so that you can use it on yourself for avoiding ganks or trying to catch a badly hurt enemy.

Protect is also pretty good but it will likely go on the back burner, but always be sure to get at least 1 lvl in it by 3 or 4, it can really make the difference sometimes, its also useful for your allies, so do not hesitate to use it on them, even at lvl 1 it can usually take one hit from a turret so thats just that much HP you saved them.

Shockwave is... bad ***, it does a ton of damage as well as throws enemies, and stuns them for about half a second, its really easy to toss enemies into a turret using it, as well as stun locking the entire enemy team when in group fights, proper postion of that ball is Key.

I'm not gonna go into a big thing of what to do each level or something, but I will say this. It is very key to remember where your ball is, and to position it correctly on the field, remember that its abilities all originate from it, so where ever it is, is where the action starts. one nice thing to do is to toss it onto your tank as the enemy team goes into to wale on him, giving him that extra health just to last a bit longer, as they surround him, hit your ultimate, then Dissonance and then normal attack, you likely wont kill anyone, but everyone will be hurting, slowed, and disoriented, which will leave them open game for your team to nom them down.

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Summoner Spells

Meh I simply suggest clarity for the simple fact that at start of game she is mana hungry like no other, she will need it bad until she gets AA, and since I suggest that for a later purchase then it will be some time before that happens, so use clarity as much as you can, but be sure to share it with allies if they need it as well.

and flash simply because her Dissonance and boots of swiftness act like their own ghost, so your likely going to be outrunning everyone anyway. but sometimes they jump you, so your gonna need to hop out of that bad situation, and flash does just that. Survivability is what it's all about.

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I find Orianna to in fact be more of a support mage, then a simple ranged mage character, her abilities help her team mates so much that she can seriously benefit a well balanced and coordinated team, unfortunatly that is where she really starts to lack, without a good team, she is rather useless, she neither does enough damage or has enough health to really take any champion on alone, even other squishy mages, at least not till you get Nashers tooth. mind you with skill and timing you can hurt and even kill a champion, but it takes a lot of harassment before she can do so.

she is one of the hardest characters I've ever seen to master, and she is highly underestimated, but she is no beast, so don't play her like one, stay out of the middle of the fight, come in late, and spam spam spam.