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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kerrsey

Orianna AP Carry/Support

Kerrsey Last updated on June 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello and welcome to my Orianna AP Carry/support build.Im am going to be going over with you steps to play as a mid carry or a support lane to a endgame carry/support champion.Orianna is not the easiest champion to play so dont expect to carry your first few games it takes time to understand when and where to throw/protect or place her ball.This champion is a amazing harasser all game if played properly due to her range away from ball with a pull/slow combo.Oh and dont forget her ball can be used as a ward if you stay close enough to it so keep this in mind when laning.Never face check a bush with this champion always ball first to prevent easy kills for the other team since you are so squishy.

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I find a 9-0-21 mastery build complements orianna very well.Having your 9 offensive in full ap setup with 21 utility mainly in mana regen since orianna is so mana dependent.The gold overtime can be swaped out if you like but i personally like all the gold i can get with this champion.I wouldnt recomend doing anything but a 9-0-21 since orianna is a backline champ who doesnt engage persoannly, using her ball for everything.

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Faerie Charm Great start item for mana regen + leaves gold for your 4x pots and ward
Health Potionx2 For healing ...
Mana Potionx2 For healing mana...
Sight Wardx1 Do not use this ward right away.Wait a few minutes around the time of gank phase begins.Also very helpful to tele and gank from behind quickly on tower pushs.
Philosopher's Stone Upgrade charm for gold over time
Boots of Speed Lvl 1 boots normal buy
Mejai's Soulstealer Only buy this item if you can handle it.If your not having a good game or you are fairly fresh dont go this way.Instead try a Tear of the Goddess to build a Archangel's Staff late game.
Ionian Boots of Lucidity Upgrade boots for movement speed bonus and CD reduct
Shurelya's Reverie Do not forget to use the movement speed Bonus hot key it(slot1)
Catalyst the Protector Starting working on Rod of Ages(i usally get Sapphire Crystal before Ruby Crystal but its up to you)
Blasting Wand 40 AP bonus upgrade to Rod of Age's as soon as you can
----If you went with a Archangel's Staff upgrade that----
Rabadon's Deathcap Biggest ap boost for you great for all balls abilitys
Void Staff And everyone loves magic pen when your ap is above 700 at this point

More Detailed item purchase and order
Ok i have tried a few different item builds with orianna but have finally found a very successful build that works almost every game.First off start with a faerie charm,2x health pots,2x mana pots,1x ward(this ward placement is key as you can tele back to it for quick ganks on lane pushers)(also dont use your ward right away wait a few mins into the game or when you feel a jungler or gank may happen soon).Once you back get a P stone,basic boots and a majai's if you have the money.As you see i do stack ap with a mejai's which is a very personal item and may not want to be purchased every game depending on how your early game goes.If you are skilled with this champion i would really recomend going for that 20 stacks majai's so you will have a total 51% cd reduction and a bonus 160ap for all your abilitys which can be a team fight changer endgame.If you find you are running out of mana a lot keep buying mana pots so you can stay in your lane and get a good farm with your Q,W combo on ranged minons.Once you b again hopefully getting a couple asissts or kills upgrade your boots to cd reduct and upgrade to your shurelya's Reverie and move it to your slot 1 item box or w.e hot key you prefer(the haste bonus is extremly usefull for escapeing/chasing/supporting).Orianna is very squishy so you really need to play carefully early until you can start building your Rod of Ages.I like to start of with the mana,health stones before going for ap rod.Finish your rod asap to start getting the buffs from it.At this point in the game you really shouldnt be dying at all anymore.If you are using your ball for vision around the map,haste for running away with protect slow combo,flash summoner spell,and just being plain smart know this champ isnt the greatest 1v1.Now its pretty basic finish off you last 2 items hopefully running your stacks.Now if you didnt get majai's you can sub it out with a archangles staff getting a nice ap/mana buff.

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Pros / Cons

-Amazing farmer lategame(normally finish 200+ Q,W combo ranged minnons for insta kills)
-Amazing harraser all game again Q,W combo for nice damage and slow
-Great range with ball to stay away from melee champions
-Great support in team fights giving protect/haste bonus if SR item purchased
-Aoe ulti with W slow combo great for starting fights or escaping
-Ball is a ward as long as you stay close enough to it

-Squishy but if played right it doesnt matter ball does all the work
-Hard to play and position yourself and the ball to have the greatest effect on other team
-People cry when you pick her because most people arnt that good with her yet
-Very mana dependent
-Very cooldown dependent both fixed by the proper item build

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Team Work

This Champion is an amazing team player.(again only if played properly).Haveing your Shurelya's Reverie is great for chasing not only enemies but your team mates to protect them and escape from death.I have saved so many lives with protect spell that turned into counters from teams chasing it is crazy so keep your team alive and they will keep you alive.Wait for enemies to group up orianna can initate fights with he Q then R then W combo.Does lots of damage slows and pulls enemys close for teamates to blast.Good at harrassing at towers by doing Q,W combo.Tele Summoner spell can be used for farming for defending towers that are being pushed or ganking by using good ward placement from teamates.You never want to find yourself in a group of enemys always stay back line supporting your team until there is a push then move with them.

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Gonna keep this easy and simple.
Early Game
-Do your best to last hit minons
-Use your Q,W combo on ranged minons and last hit
-Keep getting pots they are worth it in the end but dont spam your abilitys
-Try to last hit minons with Q,W combo as well for group aoe kills

Late Game
-Pro lategame farmer
-Q,W combo ranged minons will kill them 1 shot with proper build
-Keep last hitting
-Q last hit minons is very affective as it does so much damage
-Your E(protect brings your ball back through minons and deals damage
-Good Combo Q on ranged minons
-R aoe on ranged minons for kill
-E ball comes back threw front line minons for kill shot and protects you

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Summoner Spells

Clockwork Windup - Passive
Command: Attack -Q- Ball placement is Key use as wards/farming or killing
Command: Dissonance -W- Nice aoe slow great for farming or killing
Command: Protect -E- Good shield also can be used as damage when passing threw enemies if positioned properly
Command: Shockwave -R- Love this Ulti AOE pull in

Command list for you
-Q,W for slowing and farming and harrassing
-Q,R,W,Q,W (E when needed remeber the person loses buffs once you move the ball away from them) This combo is for your ulti great for team fights

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Get Fed Dont Die and you will Pawn every game.