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Orianna Build Guide by Guest

Orianna - ByeBye Hp Bar

Orianna - ByeBye Hp Bar

Updated on September 20, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Build Guide By Guest 2,137 Views 0 Comments
2,137 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Orianna Build Guide By Guest Updated on September 20, 2011
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Hi there guys, I have only played Orianna a few times while I have been playing this game, so I am relatively new to her play style, but I will tell you now, she is now m favourite hero and she is the funnest to play out of every other hero. If you guys have any problems with the build I have supplied for you please feel free to PM, I will consider your concerns and change the build if neccessary.

To start my build, Orianna is one of the best solo mids I have ever used, to me she is the second best solo mid in the game, behind Lux, I have found that in most draft pick games she will not be banned, but don't be suprised if she is because many pro players will ban her first because she has some of the best damage output in the game. She offers super high damage output early and late game, this super awesome damage is also AOE which makes her super effective in team fights and ganks.

I will show how she can be used mostly as an AP Carry, but also how she can utilsed as and AD/AS carry as well as support hero.
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Pros / Cons

Here I will just show you the pros/cons of Orianna and why she is one of the best hero's in LoL if you can play her correctly.

- Orianna is a great team fighter and ganker because of her high AOE damage and damage output.
- She can be utilised as a support hero, with high AP she can use Protect to sheild allies that can absorb heaps of damage.
- She can clear a creep wave ver quickly making her a good solo mid to push as fast as possible.
- Using Dissonance can give her great survivability as she gains a move speed bonus and enemies are slowed.
- Despite her great solo lane ability she can do very well in a top or bottom dual lane.

- This build can leave her quite squishy and you will the main target of most ganks or team fights.
- Early game she will easily burn through her mana quickly.

As you can see the Pros are much higher than the Cons, showing how good of a hero she really is.
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Through most of the casters I have seen these are usually the most used Runes:

I will always choose these runes when playing a caster as these tend to give the best damage output, and best laning ability for early game.

The Greater Mark of Insight is so that early game you are able to get through enemy magic resist without having to buy magic pen items.

The Greater Seal of Clarity are chosen because it goves you good laning abilty early game, and means you don't have to buy a mana regen item early due to your ability to burn through mana so quickly.

I choose the Greater Glyph of Potency becuase I like to have as much AP as possible for my Lvl 1 so i can easily pick up first blood these along with Greater Quintessence of Potency give you 23 AP at Lvl 1, this with an Amplifying Tome gives you huge damage output for a Lvl 1.

And the Greater Quintessence of Potency is explained above.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author
Guest Orianna Guide
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Orianna - ByeBye Hp Bar

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