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Orianna Build Guide by Guest

Orianna - Leveling build

Orianna - Leveling build

Updated on June 18, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Build Guide By Guest 2,538 Views 0 Comments
2,538 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Orianna Build Guide By Guest Updated on June 18, 2011
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This is a work in progress, but is a decent build setup for those BEFORE the summoner has any Runes. (Which frequently people wait until level 20 when the top tier is opened up.)

So you want to talk about how runes affect things, find another guide. There is several I have learned from for that.

I'm more than open to suggestions and ideas for developing this, but please keep in mind the focus of this.
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Preference is I like to avoid most of the 'Consumables' and go for more regen stuff so I can just stay out in the fight as I can.

One other thing to think about for YOUR build is who do you want to 'play' with more? Orianna, or her Ball?

Yes, you will be using both, BUT eventually you'll need to pick which one to strengthen more.

Orianna: You'll want to focus on Damage and Attack Speed.
Ball: You'll want to focus on Ability and CoolDown even more.

So we start with working towards the Philosopher's stone. (Mana/Health regen)

From here move to your basic boot as you will want to go faster than 'slow'. The two ways you can go here will depend on what you'll think you need more.or
The reduction in casting time is nice for the boots, but with buying Nashor's Tooth soon, don't know that, that is the best use for this buff. Most seem to like using the Scorcerer's Shoes, and I tend to agree.

From here I figure you'll be spending a fair amount out on the field and don't want to run back for each little thing so we want the Mana regen parts first.

Now what you get next is depending on what you need more. Mana STILL being a big PITA, get the Staff 1st, then get the tooth. Want to attack with your spells faster, Tooth 1st, and then Staff.

Ok... Here is the point where "I" feel you have a strong base and can change things up as you want depending on situation.

It has been suggested to use:and
Which makes Orianna's auto Attacks nasty and eats though things.

Also had to go way defensive against a particular nasty Anne and ended up withand
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Skill Sequence

Here is where I do things more than a bit different than others.

I've been 'trying' to get the first two skills leveled up, but then I had a brain fart.

It too me a while to level enough take out a group of mages with my ball along. Dissonance was pretty much maxed and Attack has to be a close 2nd. Problems "I" found with Dissonance are 1: Have to build up your Ability level quite high to be really effective on this one attack; 2: Takes about 2x as long as Protect and Attack does to cool down.

Then I looked at the suggestions for the toon again. She's 'called' a support toon. Can't support to well without the Protect ability. (Extra damage protection and resistances, along WITH damage as you send your ball elsewhere.)

So played a few games with going heavy on the Attack and Protect, and found that I was flinging it all OVER the place. Having Dissonance makes it nice for extra damage, but I end up using that more to 'slow' down the other team more than I do for damage.

**The slow effect DOESN'T change as you put more points in to Dissonance; And the same applies to Shockwave.** Which leaves me questioning do I really need more than 1-2 points in these abilities than to just have it.
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Guest Orianna Guide
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Orianna - Leveling build

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