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Last updated on May 15, 2011
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Blitzcrank Build

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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I. Item Build
-Start the game off with a Doran's Shield. You need to build your tanky roots early, because at a certain point you're going to be on the squishy side of melee champs.
-Edit: You can start with a Sapphire Crystal too, if you realize that their lane bottom won't be harassing you too hard. Get an earlier Sheen, but build a Heart of Gold afterwards to make up for it (It'll build into Randuins anyways). Still go Doran's if their lane looks like it'll be dominant and harass you hard.
-Sheen should always be your next item. It provides the bread and butter of his combos to deal massive damage, in bursts.
-Either Phage, or a Catalyst -> Banshee's Veil, depending on whether or not your team needs you to be a tank and peel off melee from your team's squishies, or be a tanky DPS.
-If you choose the Phage route, finish up Triforce, get a Catalyst, and finish Banshee's Veil.
-Randuin's Omen is an amazing item on Blitz. You have naturally high movement speed from Overdrive, so running in, punching a carry, and then using Randuin's will disable their DPS for long time.
-Brutalizer is also very good, in case you want to go the tanky DPS route, it provides very nice stats that synergize with his abilities. You don't want to build this into Youmuu's (or you can if you really need it for some reason, it's up to you).
-Infinity Edge (or rather Atma's) should be your next item after this.
-I almost never get anything other than Mercury Treads. Berserker Treads is a waste, and Swiftness would be good if not for the fact that he can already outrun nearly every other hero. I find myself being slowed/CC'd to death more than outrun or out-DPSed.

TL;DR: Triforce, Banshee's Veil, Randuin's Omen, Brutalizer, and Infinity Edge are all items that are never a bad choice on Blitz.

Edit: This last patch made it so that PF isn't affected by lifesteal. It's absolutely stupid, and I've put up numerous threads pointing this out. Lifesteal is no longer viable on Blitz unless they fix it

II. Tips and Tricks
-Blitz is a tanky DPS with an insane amount of CC and carry-protecting power. Use this mindset to make sure that you're not ulting to dish out damage, but rather cancel Warwick, Galio, Nunu, Malz, etc ultimates on your teammates.
-In the cases that you are not able to initiate via pulling one of the opposing team's squishies, make sure that you are off to the SIDE of the fight (still engages, but not in the very middle of everything that would otherwise block your hooks). You should be able to always peel the other team's melee off of your casters/ranged carries via Hook -> Powerfist combo.
-If you want to keep someone locked in CC, the timing can be tricky. Hook -> IMMEDIATELY POWERFIST -> hit R on their way to the ground. This is for heroes such as Kassadin and Shaco, who would easily blink out, but would be unable to through your CC lock.
-If you want to maximize DPS in a combo, you want to Hook -> Autoattack (Sheen) -> Powerfist -> Wait a brief moment -> Overdrive -> Autoattack (Sheen) -> Proceed to chase and hit R to kill.
-If you want to maximize your DPS, save your ult for when they are low, as the passives will continue to tick as you chase them.
-Flash is your friend. Initiating can be tricky, so one of the best ways to do it is to run in to the enemy team, Powerfist a squishy, Flash + Hook them on their way to the ground into your teammates.
-Flash can also be used to flash over a ledge and hook someone out of position in a teamfight. Use this only on heroes such as fed Pantheons and Xin Zhao's that have already charged in. You are basically taking yourself into a 1v1 while counting on your teammates to 4v4, win, and help you.
-The biggest mistake I see in these first-time Blitz players is that they are too hasty to hook. Your hooks should be extremely accurate, and blind hooks into fog of war and through terrain should be made precise. You should never miss a simple hook on someone who is running straight (as in, all you need to do is lead them with your hook)
-Lead in hooks from initiators such as Malphite and Shen. If they land their stun/taunt on someone, hook the squishiest of the bunch into your teammates. More often than not, the opponent can't do anything about being hooked. Getting juked happens to everyone, but leading hooks to synergize with your team makes you a good Blitz.

-I run with CDR/Level Glyphs because I don't have enough IP for flat CDR. I would use those instead.
-0/9/21 is definitely the way to go. You need the mana regen, CDR, and health regen for laning and endgame. The health regen actually ends up going a long way with your gigantic mana pool midgame with a Triforce and BV.
-Q-E-W-E-E-R with R>E>W>Q - You got this right ^^

Laning really depends on who you're with. Generally, Blitz and any half-decent duo laner can absolutely dominate the lane. For example, Taric and Blitz or Janna and Blitz can end up exp-denying the duo lane.

Staying in the brush for everything but lasthits is definitely the way to go. Either you are completely denying the enemy of lasthits and partial exp (because of their distance away), or you can sandwich them when they come in to lasthit. Always allow yourself an autoattack and then Powerfist. It's on a high enough cooldown so that you'll almost never be able to use it twice in a gank. You need to maximize your damage output. You're basically getting 4 autoattacks in while the enemy can't even move, plus your laning partner will be helping you score the kill. Almost always save hook for when they're running. Landing that hook will decide whether or not you get the kill.

Mana is really never an issue unless you miss a couple hooks. The utility mastery and regen seals will keep you at around half mana for most of the laning phase.

You are a ganker and tanky dps with lots of CC. Don't play him unless you're good with skillshots. Hook is everything to him. Peel for teammates when the enemy team gets on your squishies. Make sure your ranged carry is always behind you, so that anyone who tries to get to them will have to go through PF + hook when they finally reach their destination, while taking massive damage from being surrounded. Hooking tanks and initiators such as Rammus away from the fight is a good idea, as it effectively makes the fight a 4v5 for a short time. Generally, you'll be using your hook for catching farming/pushing/vulnerable enemies who are mispositioned. They'll be instantly blown up by your team, and you should take advantage of this buy pushing, forcing dragon or baron, jungle invasion, etc.

And his farming is amazing with his ulti.