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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sharp Sp00m

Panth: the Physical Nuke

Sharp Sp00m Last updated on December 13, 2010
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Hello all =]
I just just started playing Pantheon a few days ago, so this build is not intended to be the ultimate, end all build, but rather a work in progress. Also, as I am currently only level 20, I will be providing the build as I am able to build, as well as working with the runes I currently have available (this means my masteries are currently 1/0/19, and that i only have 6 of each rune and 2 quints). That being said, I would love your input and am open to any suggestions.

Summoner Spells:
Ghost and Flash. Panth doesnt really have much in the way of escapes. Your stun doesnt last very long, especially at lower levels, so you must rely on these to survive.
Do NOT get ignite. Its nooby, and and extra kill does not offset a death or 2.

Early game:
Pantheon is mana starved, as most of your attacks against enemy champions will be ability based, with the basic attack really only being used against creeps and turrets.
As such, I start with the Meki Pendant and 2 health pots
Spear Shot (SS) should be used right from the start to harrass as much as possible, hopefully reducing both enemies to half, or even a quarter health by level 3.
At level 3, you should be able to unleash you Aegis of Zeonia (AoZ)-Heartseeker Strike (HS)-SS combo. This combo should net you a few kills by level 6. At level 6 you should immediatly return to spawn, unless of course there is an easy kill left in your lane.

Mid Game: (level 6 until end of laning phase)
With a bit of luck, and some squishy foes, you may be able to get yourself a BF sword on your return, if not, go for boots. Get Ninja Tabi or Mercs Treads, depending on the composition of the enemy team.
Now is when the fun begins. Find someone who can quickly be finished and Ulti-AoZ-HS-SS, hopefully dispatching them.
If all is going well, buy BF swords as fast as you can. If you are having some trouble, go for survivability items like Atmas Impaler or the Frozen mallet or something with Magic Resist (not really sure on the best choice here... chalice of harmony possibly?)

Late Game:
you are not a tank. and dont forget it. The games I blow are the ones that I get aggressive. Panth must be played like a caster, and a squishy one at that. pick out lonely champs and feed on them. I dont have much experience late game, as most of mine have been won or lost rather quickly, depending on how well i fed early/mid game.

Other Thoughts:
If your team is owning, and you need some more turret tackling power, get attack speed. I prefer Stinger, or Last whisper, depending on the tanking ability of the other team.

I am thinking about putting off my last 2 levels of my Ultimate until levels 17/18, as most people run if fear of the red circle appearing around them, rendering the additional damage useless. This would obviously allow you to max out AoZ and HS faster, which could be critical.

Some say that Critical damage is key, but panth only recieves the 100% bonus on targets below 15% health, as such the only critical item I might consider is Infinities Edge, as that hitting for 250% over 200% may mean the difference intaking down a tank.