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League of Legends Build Guide Author grimm

Pantheon I am the shield

grimm Last updated on October 2, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi everyone this is my Pantheon Build. Its a little unorthodox but then again its how i enjoy playing.

Mastery's: For those of you who are going to ask y not take the 4% less dmg talent well to that i answer the armor pen in the attack tree is far superior at least during early and mid game because the dmg is whats going to get you the kills which will get you the gear faster. As more dmg will give you a level advantage cause you can keep them outta xp range.

Runes: I go with armor pen quints and marks for the soul purpose of hes a melee champ and his spear throw benefits off this because it counts as physical dmg. His Seals i get dodge for more survivability and last but not least his glyphs i get mana regen because throwing a spear all day really works down that mana fast.

Spells: I run Ignite and Flash because ignite can mean a kill or another runaway. As for flash i take it in order to get outta a sticky situation or to just push me into stun range to get that finisher.

Items: Items yay. I start with getting a long sword to make my spear throw hit harder. If i get a kill before minions spawn i will go back to town grab another long sword just to get that brutilizer faster. After i complete my brutilizer i get my Boots followed by the Omen and etc in the item list. Depending on what you are up against i tend to switch out the frozen mallet for something else like thorn mail or sun fire etc w.e im feeling like but ultimately what your faced against.

Early Game: start off buying a long sword and a health pot move to a lane with a partner and start harrasing with that spear throw, next take your stun then spear again then ur heartseeker but not for the use but for the passive as the use is completely useless unless your building dmg items and even then i wouldn't recommend using it. just keep harrasing with spear throw when there venerable stun spear throw and you usually have 1 kill before lvl 6. At lvl 6 return to base when your team mate is present and buy your brutilizer/speed one boots if you have the cash. then depending on how dire he needs you back you can start ganking with your ulti on poor unsuspecting enemies.

Mid Game : Keep on harrasing and hlping your team as much as possible with stuns ganks with ulti if for nothing else limiting the ways the enemy can run. You should be almost done omens and possibly starting on banshee's vail depending on how things have been going for yourself.

Late Game: by this time your spear does little to no dmg and you start to fall off the dmg wagon but you have your 2s stun which alone is a life saver it can stop that one character from getting that ulti that woulda killed your team so save it for those times if they have passed pick the squishy high dmg dealer whilst popping your omen to slow all the enemys in the team fight or to slow that one runner trying to get away. although your more tanky its hard to bring you down because of your passive along with banshees vail.

Good Luck Have Fun.