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Pantheon Plain and Simple

Last updated on December 29, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This is my first build. Inspired by the fact that Pantheon, when all damage, is very easily killed. I've tried multiple builds, of which, most were great for 1v1 when Pantheon has taken the initiative, but team battles, not so much.

We'll start off with summoner abilities. I picked Exhaust and Flash.
Exhaust: Why? There are times when you've used Aegis of Zeonia and Heartseeker Strike at the beginning. Thing is, stun didn't last long enough and they got away before feeling all five hits. Exhaust comes in RIGHT AFTER the stun ends, slowing them down, and thus, being more liable to suffer all five hits.
Flash: Most escape attempts fail with Pantheon. Thus, Flash becomes useful when you're running, and come to a wall, and FLASH to the other side, thus giving the hostile players a run for their money when they decide to go around the wall, and giving you time to escape.

Ghost: When you just want to 'book' it and run away without Flash's short range teleport, Ghost gives you speed boost AND you can pass through units, so why not run through a line of minions?

Next comes your MASTERIES.
This follows a 9/21/0 build. This build focuses on the defensive. Pantheon doesn't have many escape utilities. So, when running away, he becomes a valuable target.
Resistance: This gives you magical resistance, thus, gaining more survivability at the beginning of the game.
Hardiness: This gives you physical resistance, and, like Resistance, gives more survivability at the beginning of the game.
Evasion: You get a measly small amount of dodge chance.
Defensive Mastery: Taking less damage from minions means taking less damage from attacking champions that are near their friendly companions.
Nimbleness: The real reason why we got Evasion. You get a speed bonus when dodging an attack. So, in addition to Evasion, you have the Ninja Tabi Boots, which give you armor AND evasion chance. So you have MORE chance of escaping.
Harden Skin: You take less physical damage, good for survivability.
Veteran's Scars: So, you now have bonus health that will make you stay longer in a lane and have more health to survive attacks.
Tenacity: From all sources of damage, you receive 4% less of it.

At the beginning of the game, Pantheon is very, very squishy. So, these will give him a better chance and longer alive time in lanes, giving him more time to gain experience. Now, it's your choice if you want to take some potions with you, but that just means you'll stay in the lane longer, and, you've saved yourself some time going back to the summoner pedestal to heal.
Deadliness: Pantheon doesn't need Archmage's Savvy because he is attack damage reliant. He also doesn't require Plentiful Bounty unless he's jungling. This build, however, isn't made for jungling at the beginning of the game.
Cripple: So, remember when I said when stunning ain't good enough? Well, make slowing them down even better by reducing their resistances, thus giving you more damage against your target.
Sorcery: Pantheon is somewhat cool down reliant. Most of his abilities are more than five seconds, and so, this will help a bit if you want to use your abilities more quickly.
Sunder: Let's ignore two points of armor, shall we?

Well, here we are. So, the skills are set up like this because, well, for one. Spear shot uses a small base damage, but 100% of your attack damage at level one. Pack a lot of attack damage, and it'll all ready be dangerous to deal with. But that's not where we want Pantheon. Pantheon makes good for initiating his target by stunning them, and then use a rapid 5-hit combo that can do a lot of damage once his attack damage starts rising. In just a small amount of time, with these two starters, you can do more than 200 damage at the start of the game.

I see people saying the 'W-E-Q' combo, where, you use Aegis of Zeonia to initiate and stun your target, and then use Heartseeker Strike to rapidly take down your opponent's health, and when he starts running, use Spear Shot to spear him down. I consider this, ineffective. Let's add just one more button. And that button is... 'Q!' But we all ready have one you say? Consider this: 'Q-W-E-Q'. Spear Shot your target, and since Spear Shot is the same range as Aegis of Zeonia, you can immediately use Aegis of Zeonia after chucking your spear, and stun him at the same time your spear hits him, thus, you do two skill damages in one turn. Then you do Heartseeker Strike. Then, when he starts to run, Spear Shot him again. Why? Spear Shot's cool down is as long as the 'W-E-Q' combo. So, you'll do two spear shots, the first one to initiate. Second one to add more damage and hopefully its a last shot kill.

Spear shot your opponent. Waste no time and Aegis of Zeonia to stun him. Don't rush Heartseeker Strike. Use it ONLY when they are stunned. Not before, not after, WHEN they are stunned. If they start running away, use exhaust, Spear Shot and attack him while he's slowed down. Chances are, Spear Shot will be cooled down three seconds after Exhaust has just finished its job, so chuck another one.

Okay, I'm sure everyone has noticed, but Marks, Seals, and Glyphs are all specialized for one thing or another. Marks do much more for attack damage and such. That's why we have Marks of Decimation, because Marks go well with these runes. Seals look like their are defense-oriented, so, you pick. Do you want dodge, health now, or health later? Glyphs are magically deli--helpful. So, with Pantheon's squishyness and everybody liking abilities, let's give him magic resistance. Personally, your runes are up to you. You decide where you want to allocate yourself. I want to get in, yell 'THIS! IS! SPARTA!', and GTFO.

My play style is me, I wait, and I strike at opportune moments. And when I say I wait, I don't mean, 'I'll wait till his health is low.' No I mean this.

You're on the side lanes, top or bottom, and it's 2v2. It won't hurt to harass your enemies, but trust me when I say don't spam Spear Shot. You'll run out of mana, and you'll Q.Q all over your keyboard. Harass your enemies with Spear Shot ONCE, and wait for your mana to regenerate back to full, and toss your Spear again. Pantheon is very suckish on the mana regeneration AND the mana storage, so conserve it.

Okay, his health is weak or he is in for a world of GANK, you've got your 'Q-W-E-Q' combo ready, it's time to initiate. Spear Toss your enemy, Aegis of Zeonia to stun him, and UNLEASH HELL OF HEARTSEEKER STRIKE!