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Pantheon Build Guide by The SkyBorne

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author The SkyBorne

Pantheon *Poke* Anti-carry

The SkyBorne Last updated on October 10, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Please before judging this guide, please read through the whole thing. It may seem similar to other guides that you have read but there are some differences I've found important.

First I've found Pantheon incredibly strong at first killing, soloing and laning..The only thing that can shut him down is a tanky dps such as Nasus or a nuke like veigar

This guide shows how Pantheon is able to play like a carry without all that much effort


i see too many pantheons spamming spear and not auto attacking... YES HE CAN AUTO ATTACK.. AND YES IT ACTUALLY DOES DAMAGE

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Runes & Summoners

Why i chose the Runes that I did?

It is cheap for one.

For another If you stack Ad on pantheon early with the Doran's Blade + Summoner Spells You End up with 86 damage at lv 1

Normally you can 4-5 shot a lv 1 Squishy by harrasing with your spear. then going in for the kill. In midding this is proved amazing due to the extra damage you get compared to your opponent whenever you get in mid.

My Summoners Spells?

Exhaust- If you get 1 v 1 ambushed by a melee or a nuke... It saves your life and possibly gets you a kill

Flash- For Chasing, Running when you are cornered.. or chasing after your victim who also used flash to get away

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My Masteries are pretty simple... 21 in whats best for Pantheon's Burst Damage and 9 in Defence to help with his squishiness

Pantheon is an Assasin! Don't try to beef him up with hp items

The Extra Defence does increase survivability a bit...but i merely found that it is a better place to put it then utility. If you believe those 9 points can go anywhere else. It won't make much of a difference

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I start with Doran's Blade to give him some hp superiority and bonus damage .I normally see most bad panths buy Boots and 3 Red Potions. First the boots dont give you much besides the ability to run...and that early in game most people have flash to run away from you.. Also with boots you have low survivability due to the lack of health and you wont do as much damage as youd like.

Next are the Berzerker's Greaves. Most people ask..if panths an AD nuke why does he need attack speed? Other people buy Boots of Swiftness But i choose berzerker greaves for 2 reasons

1- it breaks turrets faster

2- it helps alot in a 1v1 fight when my skills are exhausted

Brutalizer - Armor Penetration and extra damage... The penetration does wonders giving you an extra 15% damage depending on the opponenet.. So i like getting Brutalizer as my first item after boots

Zeal - So you are all wondering...Why Zeal? Panth doesnt need attack speed or critical..
Well He does.. Zeal gives you extra Crit. The Crit doubles your damage so you can take down champions even with low mana.. The movement you gain from zeal helps with chasing and running. And the attack speed is a nice addition ~Speed Always Wins~

Phantom Dancer- An upgrade from Zeal.. I find that during the time it takes you to get Phantom Dancers.. Panth is already Op or fed so you dont have to worry about buying attack damage items yet.. With the extra critical and attack speed.. Your melee damage just keeps going higher

And i find few people can outrun a panth with 451 speed and a stun that reoccurs every 6 seconds or so

Vampiric Scepter - By this time you are doing alot of damage.. So much that you can easily heal from minion spawns... This of course builds into your BloodThirsters

BloodThirster- An awesome Item..When maxed you gain 100 Ad and 25% lifesteal.. Great for healing with the damage you are inflicting

Yomuus Ghostblade- might as well finish your brutalizer.. and the active from it is nie along with the armor pen

Items After (Optional)

Black Cleaver- Quite a decent item.. Stacks well with panths attack speed and ad damage.. the lowering of Armor is nice too which will help you demolish Tanks

Infinities- Normally i win the game before i get this item... but this item is amazing..though expensive.. It gives you bonus crit damage.. with a nice 80 ad

Last Whisper- For when your enemies get smart and start buying armor.. Last Whisper will tear that armor down..stacking with your brutalizer/ Yomuus

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Skill Sequence

Spear Shot - I only get Spear Shot at first to harrass early game...but other then that i use it as a finisher after im done using my HeatSeeker Strike

Aegis of Zona- I only take one of this skill to close the distance between me and my victim to spam my HeetSeeker Strike. Aegis of Zona doesnt have any benefits to being maxed out for panth due to the mana consumption and lack of damage

HeatSeeker Strike- Always max this out.... This is what makes you formidable.. What makes panth the anticarry and its spammable. If you don't max this out first.. Then you might as well say gg

GrandSkyFall- Awesome Damage.. but heres something that people call hacks... As soon as the opponents see the circle.. you can use Aegis of Zona on them. and even if they run slightly out of the circle.. you will land right on top of them. So as soon as your ult initiates you wanna click your W on the closest one you can before you fall down

It takes a bit of practice.. but it kills.

Against the other team close together.. Spam HeatSeeker Strike from a safe distance..

If the other team is weak on hp and running.. Use Aegis of Zona and then HeatSeekers to hit as many as possible.

When your team engages and you are there. HeatSeeker Strike - SpearShot Wait for HeatSeekers to Reload -Aegis of Zona - HeatSeeker Strike -Spearshot

When you are in the bush and an enemy passes you HeatSeeker Strike - Aegis of Zona - Spearshot...then you chase chase chase

When you 1on1 HeatSeeker Strike.. Spearshot... If they have a special attack like Katarina's Ultimate.. Save your Aegis of Zona til then.. Before resuming

If your team is engaging far away Grand Skyfall - Aegis of Zona -HeatSeeker Strike- Spearshot

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Soloing/ Midding/ Laning

Midding- Panth is amazing against champions like Katarina, Caitlyn, Sivir.... or any champ that requires some AD You should focus on harrassing them with spear at lv 1..and when your lv 3 you can start jump nuking them...although you should wait til lv 5 when your HeatSeeker's Strike is at its highest before your ult.

However with champions like annie or luxor Brand you should have some more caution...then can easily take you down... The trick is to constantly harrass them and dodge their skill shots..before retreating..or chasing if their about to die in another hit

The Worst Champion that Pantheon can possibly lane against is Heimerdinger His turrets hurt and he can stun you.. And he is virtually impossible to kill since he's constantly hiding behind his turrets... Don't mid against Heimerdiner

Soloing- Most people laugh when they hear of Pantheon soloing....Well he's a damn sight better then cho'gath or Mordekaiser or any other tank

Just keep at the back of the minions and take in all the exp... when the minions eventually get to your turret..start farming them.. Its no big deal.. Minions dont do much damage to the turret early game anyways. However when your enemies start to attack the base.. Thats when you jump on them and Start HeatSeeker Striking

Do not chase! if their are minions behind you..unless you can take them both down fast

Do not spam your spear when Soloing.. Around lv 5 you should be ready to take them down after harrassing them for so long..or your jungle buddy will come for a gank... either way you win and get fed

Laning- Pantheon needs a good laning partner.... Someone with CC and can use it

Shen, Xin Zhao, Poppy, Singe are good

However.. laning with Ap champs will prove a headache for pantheon.. since they don't do much damage early on.. and they can't help pantheon engage when the opponents charge.. They just run since they are weak at melee combat

Do not..unless you have no choice

Lane with Lux , Eve..or any other champion that relies on AP

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Early Game- No matter where you lane.. you wanna start by harrassing with spear shot.. The damage output is good.. and the mana consumption doesn't hurt you too bad.

As i said before you wanna start with Doran's Blade...

Mid Game (Lv 6-12)- You wanna save your ult for when your team mates engage... your ult is a big mp eater.. Don't bother buying mp items since they will only slow down the max potential of this build.. At late game.. Pantheon has all the mp he needs.. His skills dont have that much mp consumption besides his ult.

During this time you are focusing on farming and harrassing.. Don't go for a 1v2 fight... you can be shut down easily... Only dive when you are at high hp..or you got a buddy with you

By this time you should have the build up to the Phantoms. And you should be well off...if you are underleveled.. Start farming again

Late Game - By this time.. Everyone is sticking together... So you wanna let your team engage before jumping in.. Don't jump into whats an obvious trap.. You are not Garen.. you cannot tank it Just hang back a little and enter when all the ults are used up... and then you can start nuking as much as you want

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Deals massive Damage

Makes carrys Cry

Passive makes 1v1 easy

Is easy to get fed


Is insanely squishy

Aoe and CC shut him down

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My build is insanely expensive to complete..

however if you play him right.. the game will end right after bloodthirsters

You need to kill minions for the exp and the gold...

If you are failing at minions til you are strong enough to fight them again

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Authors Note

I never went below 1:1 kill death ratio with this build

half the time i get 4:1 or higher...

Heres a tip to all those that try my guide

Pantheon is Fast..he can run from people..Don't just give up

Don't Fight when you know you can't win

Pantheon is a don't be scared when your enemy is chasing you with less then half health

When you are low on mana just auto attack... your skills dont need so much can recover it fast enough to make the difference
That is all... And you better do awesome if you use this guide