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League of Legends Build Guide Author maxivz

Pantheon Right on

maxivz Last updated on February 20, 2011
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Hello community, this is so far my first build and apport to the community i have started playing panth using guides from this forum and i want to show you guys what i haved comed up with, my guide is inspired by the (Pantheon, The IP Farmer) guide made by DEWO, i must tell you its a very good guide and build that introduced myself into this champ.

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For runes i´d go with flat armor penetration runes, dodge runes and cool down reduction, which seem to fit great on panth anyways you can always replace dodge runes with attack speed and cooldown reduction with mana regen becouse of pantheon mana thirsty early game.

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Summoner Spells

I go with Ghost and Flash, best chace and running skills ever, they have saved me a lot of times
If you dont like them i recomend you trying to get used to them, they will get you lot of kills and wil save you as well if used wiselly, you can even escape from a 3v1 battle

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I choose to start with a doran blade myself cause they give you a lot of bonus, even if you cant start with a lifepot you wont really need it if you play wiselly, once you have two doran blades you will be really strong cause you get 200+ of health, 6% of lifesteal and 18 of attack.
Next item is a long sword as i will upgrade to the Sword of the Occult latter on, that item is basically one of the most important things for any dps.
I get some boots of speed, cause at this point most of the other champs have them and if gives you a good speed advantage over the ones who dont have them.
Then go straight ahead for the brutalizer, its cooldown reduction capabilities will turn battles into your side i have won lots of fights by making it looks like i was retreating then being able to quickly counter-attack and get a kill thanks to my cooldown reduction runes and this item.
Then i buy boots of switchness which give you a lot of chase capabilities when combines wiht your stun or giving you the chance to last hit with a spear shot.
Black Cleaver gives you any armor penetration you will ever need vs squishy champeons and will make tanks more easy to kill, if you need some extra penetration you can get "Last whisper" which will give you extra 40% of armor penetration and 40 of attack
Getting infinity edge will help you finish with some oponents becouse of its high attack damange and critical damange boost, you will be selling one of your doran swords to get this.
At this point the match should have ended up, i have played like 300+ games and i got to buy my last item only two times, but i find it to be a great item, increasing your attack damange and giving you a lot of lifesteal based on the damange you maike to opponents, it has a stack feature as well that will help you rising even more your damange

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Skill Sequence

Skill Sequence is about getting the spear shot in level one, then id go with Hearthseeker Strike and shield on level 3, hearthseeker on 4 and 5 and the skyfall on 6, then i try to max out hearthseeker first, then i go for maxing out spearshot and then stun always giving a point to the ultimate skill when i can.

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Team Work

For teamwork i can recomend you guys playing with a Fiddlesticks in your line it will work really good with the stung+fear combo

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Then its all about trying to farm early game and get a kill if you can, its important to hit and run while playing panth, and something even more important is knowing when you can attack, when you cant and retreat to base while you have low mana and health.
Knowing when to retreat is the key

Heres a screenshot of my match history to show you this build works and it does work really good most of the times you get a lot of kills.Once he is feeded you cant probablly stop him:
Please try this build before rating it and leave a commend with your toughts and possible improovements, good luck, have fun and see you :)