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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Thugnificent

Pantheon - Shuck Fit Up

Thugnificent Last updated on September 21, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Well this is my first build so where to begin....If your familiar with Pantheon he can have a strong early game but mid to late-game he's generally VERY squishy and has a tendancy to become pretty ineffective late game. I've tried on seperate occasions to main him and was always inconsistent, you could play bad kids...feed...have a ball =D or (the more common) not getting fed 5 kills and you have to work for your money and you just cant keep up because your so prone to ganks. But these times are over, thanks to Riot's new addition to the shop I believe Pantheon will make a comeback!

So lets review...
Strong early game
Ranged Stun
Good at getting killing blows
Ranged Harasser
Can Obliterate teams with good positioning
Passive will block damage from a QUICK tower dive
Strong Burst DPS
Ult is great for backdooring/ganking/farming
Great 1-2-3 combo

No built in escape mechanism
The 6 foot shield is misleading because he's not (naturally) much tougher than a mage
His moves require fairly heavy amounts of mana
After your burst you wont be very effective for another 5-10 seconds in a team fight
Ult is a long channel so you need some strategy and luck for it to be effective


Your Abilities:

Passive:Aegis Protection - After attacking or casting spells 4 times, Pantheon will block the next normal attack that deals more than 40 damage to him.

Pretty simple and incredibly nifty, it speaks for itself, it'll block ALL the damage from any regular attack rather it be a shot from a tower or auto-attack from ryze, I tend to take advantage of it to cheat while harassing and you can throw a quick spear at someone hugging a tower know your not going to take the damage.

Q:Pantheon hurls his spear at an opponent dealing 30/40/50/60/70 + 100/110/120/130/140 percent of his attack in physical damage.
Cooldown - 4/4/4/4/4 seconds
Cost - 45/45/45/45/45 Mana
Range - 600

This is your bread and butter. The damage scales EXTREMELY well with your attack damage so it'll leave a considerable dent in any champ. Harass with this all the time, this is the reason I stress Manamune and meki pendant so you can always be using this skill and keep your opponents honest. Contrary to other builds I max it before my Heartseeker Strike (E) because it's CD is 4 times shorter which makes it reusable in team fights, ranged and cant be avoided nearly as easily.

W:Aegis of Zeonia - Pantheon leaps at an enemy and bashes the enemy with his shield, stunning them. After finishing the attack, Pantheon readies himself to block the next attack.
Pantheon leaps at the target enemy champion and deals 50/75/100/125/150 (+1) magic damage and stuns them for 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2 second(s). Pantheon also instantly refreshes his Aegis Protection.
Cooldown - 20/17.5/15/12.5/10 seconds
Cost - 70/70/70/70/70 Mana
Range - 600

Pretty easy to use and effective stun, its ranged, it'll get you on top of your target (which isn't always a good thing if your not being smart about it), but ya use this to initiate (more so in a 1vs1 - NOT AS A TANK), save a teammate, catch a runner, trap someone under a tower, etc. I only keep a couple of points in this tho because as it ranks it marginally reduces the cd and increases the stun duration a tad bit, so rank 1-3 is enough to satisfy.

E:Heartseeker Strike - Pantheon focuses and unleashes 5 swift strikes to the area in front of him, dealing double damage to champions. Pantheon also becomes more aware of his enemy's vital spots, allowing him to always crit enemies below 15% health.
Passive: Pantheon gains 100% critical strike chance against targets below 15/15/15/15/15% of their max health.
Active: Pantheon focuses and deals 5 swift strikes in front of him for 4/6/8/10/12 + 18/22/26/30/34% of his total attack damage as physical damage per strike. Deals double damage to champions.
Cooldown - 20/19/18/17/16
Cost - 70/80/90/100/110 Mana
Range - 400

Oh boy haha...this ability will absolutely DEVASTATE with proper positioning (which can often be difficult to establish with a slow squishy hero like Pan)and a lot of AD, in fact its so widely recognized by experienced players they know how easy it is to interrupt =(. If you are stunned/silenced/knockedback/blinded anything besides snared, any further damage from this attack is completely CANCELED, and the cooldown is too long to be used again in most team battles. So I've found myself more successful when I train it along side with my Spear Shot (Q), it'll still pack a punch even though you haven't maxed it out by level 9 and now your not dependent on one skill!

R:Grand Skyfall - Pantheon composes himself then leaps into the air to a target, striking all enemy units in an area. Enemies closer to the impact point take more damage.
Pantheon gathers his strength and then leaps high into the air, crashing down at the target area a few seconds later. Deals up to 400/700/1000 (+1) magic damage to units at the center (down to 33% at the edge) and slows them by 35% for 1 second.
Cooldown - 150/135/120 seconds
Cost - 150/250/350 Mana
Range - Global

This ult can be a lot of fun, but it is imperative that you are smart with it. First of all it takes aprox. 5 seconds from the time you start casting it til the time you land on the spot you picked, so you have to think ahead.
Ganking - you honestly have to guess where they're going to be AND be sure that if your going in solo that you know where their teammates are because chances are you won't be able to handle a 2vs1 or worse and along with losing your ult and feeding you'll probly start lagging in levels and farming, so make sure its a safe bet you can make it there and win before you commit to it.
If your saving a tower - from creeps is simple, blow em up and enjoy your gold, if its your opponent i like to aim a little bit in front of the tower and behind them. They will always see this big red ring your ult creates to give them the heads up, their first reaction is to run straight backwards, so if you aimed behind them you'll land dead on top of them! give em your 1-2-3 punch and in most cases it'll be a clean kill.
Some cases you'll play really conservative teams that'll travel in packs and ganking won't be favoritable, your ult can always be used for a free teleport to return to your lane which is fine.
What I also wouldn't recommend is saving your ults and hanging back waiting for the team fight to initiate and THEN come in and save the day. Its way too risky because over the course of your charge theres a good chance your team wasn't winning since they were man down and started to retreat and you'll land in the middle of a team ready to blow you apart. Or your team did fine without you and you'll look stupid landing on an empty battlefield.


Summoner Spells:
My favorite is flash/ghost because they're great for escaping or positioning yourself for an attack, which are the abilities Pantheon naturally lacks.
Ignite - not completely terrible, but Pan does plenty of damage and finishing people off isn't too much of an issue when you always crit anything that falls below 15% hp.
Exhaust - again not terrible, but its so short and will rarely save you.
Cleanse - If your good with cleanse, completely acceptable, I'm just more comfortable with being able to jump walls AND being virtually too fast to catch or escape from.
Clarity - thanks to Manamune you wont need it =)
Revive - if you went revive please don't use it because your bad and bound to go feed the minute your alive again

Things to go for: 1. Attack Damage 2. Survival (hp/armor/magic resist) 3. speed (movement)
Things you don't really need:
1: Attack Speed - None of Pan's skills support auto-attack on anything with more than 15% hp
2: Life Steal - It doesn't work for any of Pan's abilities and you already don't need to be stacking attack speed, and they don't work without one another.
3: Crit - Again another stat that primarily buffs auto-attack which isn't what we're looking for


Starting Items:

Doran's Sheild - Generally a good choice because it'll keep any hero alive early game, but you'll be mana starved and probly won't be killing a lot
Doran's Blade - Not bad because you'll get some hps and a small ad boost, but the reason I'd steer you away from this is because it doesn't build into anything and the lifesteal is essentially worthless
Long Sword - If you've gotten comfortable with Pan to the point you can survive early with just one hp or mana pot, maybe if you got a friend you can count on and can nearly garuntee first blood you could use the ad boost because it will build into your manamune
Meki Pendant - The item I would hands down recommend because it'll keep your mana up so you can harass with your Spear Shot consistently or if need be get creep kills, plus it'll keep your mana fueled to stun and use heartseeker if your going in for a kill. And you can stick around in the lane because it's cheap enough to get 2 pots of your choice.

Item Building/Gameplay:

Early Game - Pan is an effective harasser but you can't take away from the fact he's still slow and squishy, your probly going to be more beneficial to the team by allowing someone else to have mid or the solo lane. So what you want to do is pair up with a champ you think is going to be able to help you get some early kills. This is a wide variety of heroes because Pan can do a lot of the work, lower them by harassing with spear shot, and he can stun them and any champ can't handle being beaten on while stunned early in the game. So hopefully you'll have a kill/assist or two by level 6. I'd run back to the shop whenever you reach about ~760g so you'll be able to get your basic boots and your long sword to go towards your manamune. If you have to go back earlier than that no worry go ahead and grab one or the other and a couple pots, and i'd keep buying pots til about level 10 because they simply allow you to be more aggressive and stay out in the lane longer.

Mid Game - You should be finishing up your Mercury Treads by now if you've been doing a good job of creep farming or getting a some kills. And honestly get your boots according to what your opponents are. Heavy physical team go Ninja Tabi, if its magic damage and cc's take the MTs, or if they're just bad and have no hope of killing you just get Boots of Swiftness/Mobility, I'd advise against Berserker greaves because auto attack speed is not where your damage comes from. And pretty soon you should be gettin that good ole' Manamune! =D, I hate to obsess over an item this much but it's so good because you don't worry about mana too much for the rest of the game and you'll be pushing about 115 ad by the time its finished. And after that grab a phage for survivability, and a Brutalizer to really give your dps a kick. And mid-game items are fairly expensive don't be afraid if you need to buy an Elixir of Fortitude to kickstart yourself the extra hp and ad is great for pan even tho it wears off, I often find it is a worthy investment.

Late Game - Once you have your core of boots, Manamune, Phage, and a Brutalizer, you should know what you'll need to build against. If you think your not getting hammered but your not comfortable with your hp go ahead and make frozen mallet. If your getting pounded by magic I'd say go Banshee's Veil (thanks to manamune it'll even give you a small ad boost from the extra mana you get from it), and if physical champs are ruining your day a Sunfire Cape wouldn't hurt. If your not having survival issues your in the clear! Farm up some BF swords turn em into Bloodthirsters if the game even goes on that long and you'll be one tough s.o.b.


Last But not Least Quick Tips:

1. The #1 rule to playing Pantheon is...PLAY SMART.
2. Your not a tank, don't ever go in first.
3. If your going off on your own to gank or farm have some awareness and really think about where the other team must be if you cannot see them.
4. You are incredibly prone to being ganked it'll probly happen once if not twice every game but if you want to avoid it stick around a teammate or make sure your summoner spells are up so you can get out if you have to.
5. If your good with your ult you'll always get a few easy kills, do not initiate with it or try to hop in a team fight with it if you dont have to, it's much more effective to engage with the rest of your team if you can (teleport with caution to the fight if you have to or cut off people running away or even use it to cut someone off chasing your teammate).
6. In fights try to get around the tanks and take out any glass cannons (your stun *w* will help you reach them quicker and easier) get the most that you can out of your Heartseeker (E), and then use your Q and auto attack to pick off any weaker targets you can find, clean-up or escaping your stun will have cd'd and that'll help you out.
7. Make sure your always farming and making money somehow, don't roam for ganks, even hit the jungle a little bit when you come across creeps you know you can kill quickly and easily, lizard (red) or golem (blue) buffs are both pretty useful on Pan.


This is the end of my guide to Pantheon, I put a good amount of time into making it because he's a fun champ and probly my favorite to play as of right now. Good Luck and Enjoy. =)