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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Pantheon the AD beast

Last updated on April 21, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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has the potential to deal large amount of attack damage even at lvl 1 , till late game . He is easy to play with some guidance and tips . Like other AD carries , he needs to be well farmed and so last hitting minions are important . ALthough he might be owning early game , make sure he farms enough too .

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can unleash devestating damage with his 3rd skill known as heartseeker strike , for every 1 attack damage bonus , heart seeker strike gets 0.6 damage . and for every 1 damage heartseeker strike gains equals to 6 damage on champions . 100 damage = 600 damage on champions . Therefore i choose full AD runes that is greater mark of strength , greater seal of strength , greater glyph of strength and greater quintessence of strength.

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The reason for my masteries is because pantheon needs full attack damage bonus , some extra armor and mana regen with max mana bonus .Attack damage is to enhance skill damage of pantheon. Armor bonuses are for some defense against minions and attack damage .Mana regen is for spamming heartseeker strike and spear shot .

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The item is clearly understandable . Firstlyis for + 10 dmg , some health for survivability and 3 % lifesteal with works well with your masteries another + 3 % lifesteal adding together 6 %. Boots of lucidity is good as it adds +15 % cooldown enabling u to spams skill more often . is for + 15 armor pen , 10 % cooldown and + 25 damage which has good synergy with your masteries with gives 4 % cooldown and +6 armor penetration adding together 31 armor penetration and 14 % cooldown . is a must as it adds massive 45 damage which gives your heart seeker strike and spear shot more damage ! .
the rest of the item like yoomuu ghostblade and cleaver adds more power to pantheon :) and lastwhisper to counter toughies . Warmog gives tons of health for survivability in late game . All together u have 34 % cooldown reduction ! 4 % from masteries and 30 % from item , this makes u beast !!! your cooldowns so quickly that u can stun often as well as your ultimate which enable you to gank as often as possible.

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Skill Sequence

obviously we chooseto be maxed first as it is a crucial harrasing skill as well as some help for farming if you happen to be soloing and cannot land easy last hitting on minions .should be maxed after spear shot as in early game even if you can land high dmg it is not easy to land if the opponent distance away from you or stun you because it is a channeling spell .Spear shot deals more decent damage and easy targetable on heroes compared to heartseeker strike. should be 1 lvl only until and is maxed . At lvl 6, 11 and 18 it is a must to learn grand skyfall which is your ultimate . This helps you to gank more quickly or surprise gank.

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Summoner Spells

Its understood that ignire and flash will guarantee you a kill when you have a chance to do so . Flash helps you to chase or escape death . Ignite soften healers like Sion or mundo or summoner heal spellers or to secure a kill if the opponent tries to run away with low health .Ignite and ghost walk is nice too. Avoid other spells like heal or cleanse as they does not give much benefit to pantheon .

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Ranked Play

Pantheon is very good to be used in ranked play as he as all the stuff he needs to do so . He has good decent dmg , a stun , a ultimate which helps to gank or surprise gank. All he needs to do is to farm minions decently and harass opponent to make them hard to farm or go back base to regen often .

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1. Good attack damage with good runes and masteries even at lvl 1 !!.1 skill of his can make most of his opponent more than 1/4 health gone.
2. Has a stun !!! which refresh his aegis protection blocking the next basic attack or turret attack !
3. Great ganker , with his ultimate !!!
4. Good lane harasser , he is able to spam skills with decent damage .

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1. Vunerable to crowd control effects , has no dispel on crowd control effects like most other AD carries .
2. Pantheon 3rd skill requires short channeling less than 1 second so 1 stun will stop it .
3. Can be countered by thornmail or armor stacking , as it reduce your damage potential .
4. Vunerable to AP carries as he can block basic attack but not spells !.

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Worst enemies

Your worst enemy from early to late game is of Poppy !! . Well the reason i say so is because any damage exceeding 10 % of max health of poppy is reduced to 50 % . Cool isnt it ! , yeah poppy can take very little damage from pantheon even at lvl 1 until 18 !! , since pantheon always deal very good damage which his spells has good burst damage . Another one is of course rammus which can wreck you anytime with team ganks or even in duo lanes .Rammus has good skill bonus armor and a taunt which can easily stop your heartseeker strike . In early game 1-6 level rammus isnt dangerous but when he has his thornmail later , then you will struggle a bit . Avoid poppy and rammus if you can . But with tankers in your team you should be able to avoid them . Stay behind the tankers and dont go first in 5 vs 5 fights .

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There is no need to explain well but anyway , make sure u last hit most minions !!! your farming decide the game and not hero killing alone but 0 minions ! .U can sometimes hit creeps to lifesteal but dont over do it if you dont wana let the creeps push too far . Suit the situation , if u have duo lane vs single lane u need to becareful of gankers from enemy jungler and if you are in solo lane just make a last hit so u wont push too far making u difficult to farm or vunerable to gankers .

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Well this is my first guide ! but well i will try to improve this guide from time to time as i get more familiar with writing guides as im still learning to write guide . Pantheon is always been my strong hero and most games ended up win for me . Its difficult to use at first time but the 2nd time u will be better and the 3rd u improve even more ! Well this works with guide and practise and soon u will be pro in pantheon . All the best !!