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Pantheon - The Artisan of War - Guide

Last updated on August 11, 2012
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I would just like to start off by saying that I admit that I am not a rank 1 player. I make mistakes like everyone else and by making this guide I only hope to help other players such as myself be successful with a champion that I have grown to love.

I have been very successful with this build. I have tried it in ranked and it seems to work. My best advise to you would be to give it a try yourself and maybe you will end up having as much fun as I am with Pantheon. :))))


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Lane Decisions

Generally I prefer to solo top. I feel Pantheon is a strong solo, even having being forced into soloing mid for my team, I have never once had problems.

However if during the champion selection stage it comes to your attention that you have no jungle, or your team wants you to jungle, just take Smite in place of Ignite.

Pantheon is definitely an excellent jungle, and a fantastic ganker, so if it comes down to this not all is lost.

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Runes and Masteries


I chose greater mark of desolation to help against tanks who stack more in the armor department, you can never go wrong with armor penetration on an ADC.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist because Pantheon is actually a tankier ADC then most. It's sometimes actually best for Pantheon to engage first, or to engage towards the end of a fight.

Joining in the middle of a fight often leads to death, because most likely at this point your team is simply running into a team fight one at a time and dieing.

So having the extra magic resist helps.

greater seal of defense for the same reasons I took the Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Last but not least..

I chose greater quintessences of furor simply so that I have more overall damage. The goal with this build is to pop into a fight, deal as much damage as you can while providing some control on the enemy ADC with your W Q combo, and then mopping up afterwards.

I feel these runes work quite nicely for an ADC Pantheon Pantheon. I have seen builds that recommend Armor Penetration quintessences, and they can also work, it really depends on your playstyle.


I chose 21-9-0, the extra damage, lifesteal, attack speed and armor penetration from the Offense tree is obviously a plus.

I also took 2 points in Resistance and Hardiness and followed down into Durability and Veteran's Scars for a little extra defense.

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To many I've played with, they will look at my items at the very end of the game and wonder how this build could have possibly worked.

My approach with Pantheon is simple really. I just run into a fight, generally starting with a well placed Grand Skyfall or Aegis of Zeonia on the enemy ADC, and then proceed to do as much damage as possible.

You want to try and get off your Heartseeker Strike immediantly after you use Aegis of Zeonia and then proceed to spear strike literally on cooldown.

You have to remember the passive bonus on Heartseeker Strike will generally guarantee you a kill on any low health target.

But never go chasing too far, that's almost always a mistake. Only go for targets you know you can secure a safe kill on without putting yourself at risk.

I say all this, because it leads on to why I chose the items that I chose.

First of all I start off with Boots and 3 Pots, and build into a Hexdrinker.

I started doing this to really give me some more leg room against early AP Champions. It allows you to gank with less stress, if your low on hp but you know you can secure a kill, you can generally do it safely now without sacrificing yourself.

I then build into a Phage for a little bit more survivability and ganking potential, and then I go into a B. F. Sword Vampiric Scepter which then goes straight into a The Bloodthirster.

I do this to secure a bit of survivability early game, but also keeping my attack damage high enough to dish out substantial pressure on the enemy ADC.

After The Bloodthirster I build a quick Zeal into a Sheen and then Trinity Force

I've worked with using Frozen Mallet, and even Infinity Edge, in place of Trinity Force. But I personally believe that the attack speed, the movement speed(with coupled with Pantheon's already high base movement speed can make him a real beast at securing kills on a low hp target trying to get away), added AD and AP, as well as the slow and sheen effect all make it a very good choice for Pantheon.

I then build a Warmog's Armor for the added Tankiness that allow's me to initiate fights and stay in the fight long enough to do boat loads of damage, finish my Maw of Malmortius which works well with Pantheon, because you will be focused but your passive coupled with your Warmog's Armor help to make you a deadly target.

For not only is it more difficult to kill you now, your an ADC carry who quite a good bit of tankiness built in, but now damaging you also makes you a stronger foe.

I then finish an Atma's Impaler to complete my build, which complements it quite nicely and overall seems to work.

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Summoner Spells

I 9 times out of 10 will take Ignite and Flash. I find them to be the best combo for ADC Pantheon.

However when jungling, always replace Ignite with Smite.

Other Summoner Spells that I've used that work if you prefer are:





They do work, but perhaps not as efficiently as the Ignite Flash combo.

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Early Game Top Lane

Pantheon is definitely good at early game lane harassment but I actually try to stick to taking as many cs as possible at the very beginning of the lane phase. It helps to conserve mana, which is a plus considering you did not get Blue, because you are not your teams jungle.

This is actually why I choose to go with Heartseeker Strike first. It allows my last hits to be guaranteed critical strikes. Everyone makes the mistake of last hitting .4 seconds too early and missing that cs, taking your E Heartseeker Strike helps to prevent this because it makes your last hit a guaranteed critical strike.

I tend to defend my lane and play it safe until around level 4-5, and then I get more offensive and start to harass with Spear Shot.

At this level you are definitely going to get a kill. If you play it safe at first, and build up your aggression towards your target, he will fall. Generally you will want to use Aegis of Zeonia and Heartseeker Strike and then Spear Shot immediantly.

Spear Shot is on a low cooldown, so if he runs at low hp, you can depend on it to be up again so snag the kill.

Using this combo once can guarantee you a kill if your enemy has taken a fair amount of creep damage, has dived you at any point during your "playing it safe" phase, etc.

Most of the time, however, it will be used twice, and if he doesn't go back the first time, you will get the kill.

It's fine however if he does go back though, just revert back to taking as many cs as possible while keeping track of the other lanes and communicating with your team so that you are not overwhelmed because you over-extended too much.

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Mid Game

Generally you will be up to building your Warmog's Armor by Mid Game. This is very much needed because if you do not start it by at least level 12-15, you will be much too squishy to handle mid game Champion's damage, and you will die before you can do any damage at all.

Pantheon is a very good Mid Game, a well placed Grand Skyfall will always turn the tide in your team's favor. Using Aegis of Zeonia on the enemy ADC is also very helpful, and will help your team lock him down, increasing your chances of winning a team fight.

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Late Game

At this point your only job is to Grand Skyfall and immediantly Aegis of Zeonia the enemy ADC.

Technically it was your job before Late Game as well, but at this point you can no longer solo 2-3 champions(this depends on the champions) by yourself, if played right. At this point your merely there to throw out everything you've got onto the enemy team as much as you can.

Try to use your Aegis of Zeonia strategically, if your in a fight and your not against an ADC, or your team member is being pressured heavily by a specific champion, use it and then unload on that champion.

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Pantheon - The Artisan of War - Summary

A great tip for Pantheon players is to never be afraid to dive into the fight and take a hit. Your passive alongside your above average tankiness for an AD carry makes you an amazing initiator.

Aegis of Zeonia and Grand Skyfall are both game changing abilities and if used right will help secure victory for your team.

To me, Pantheon is one of the most enjoyable ADC out there. I've seen him played as a tank, I've seen him stacked with armor penetration runes, I've even seen a few fun builds where they went all AP and just tried to ulti the entire team to death, but so far this to me is the best build I've ever used.

I hope you all have as much fun with Pantheon as I do.

Have a fantastic day :)

-Chris S.

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I'd just like to give a shout to a some of my friends who encouraged me to write a guide on my favorite champion.

Giglioplexisaur, specifically, is a great friend of mine who helped me to get into League of Legends.

I have many many other friends who have been very supportive and helpful and have always played with me and encouraged me to do better and I'd just like to say thank you to all of you :)

(You know who you are, your on my friends list xD)

Thanks to everyone!! :)