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League of Legends Build Guide Author juggs88

pantheon the glass cannon of sparta

juggs88 Last updated on December 22, 2010
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First off Id like to say this is my first build. this build is pretty similar to the dewo build for panth bc ive tried it, it works and i like it alot. but anyways...

i chose ignite and teleport for my summoner spells. a lot of people have made good arguments for ghost/exhaust/etc and it all depends on your style of play. i like ignite bc it helps with getting first blood, and is a decent deterent against enemies w/ life steal esp warwick. late game i tend to almost forget about it because i usually dont need to ignite in order to kill someone (assuming all is going according to plan). most ppl will say teleport is a waste w/ panth bc of the ult, but i like to use it to be almost anywhere on the map within an instant. tele has gotten me alot of kills bc it allows me to ult to one lane, get a kill, then tele top to a team fight,get another kill, or protect a tower. also, i tend to only use my ult where it will esp benefit me. having tele allows me to tele to a lane to protect the tower when only 1 enemy champ is there, full health and im not sure if i can kill him etc. this then frees up my ult for a more beneficial use later etc.

im not lvl 20 yet, so i havnt bought any runes, but i would suppose that armor pen, attack speed, or damage would be a great idea. ill edit this as soon as i hit 20 and get enuf $$$ to spend all on runes etc.

i chose spear toss as my first spell bc it allows me to annoy/attack the enemy champs without getting right next to them, and also does a decent amount of dmg for 1st level spell. lvl 2 i choose the jump/stun combo. not a whole ton of dmg but very useful for stunning a fleeing enemy or in helping a team mate get away etc. although this will be the weakest spell, it has the most utility as you can use it to run someone down, help team mates, stun/run, etc. by level three you finally pick heartseeker. this completes the 1-2-3 combo of stun, heartseeker, spear, and if you want, ignite. i try to max out heartseeker as fast as i can, soley bc it is where youll do most of your damage, as it does DOUBLE DAMAGE to heros. this is huge. heartseeker allows you to shred enemies like a meat grinder, and spit them up. obviously choose your ult whenever you can, but after heartseeker focus on spear throw, as it does an insane amount of damage as well. at lvl 5 this spell will do 70 dmg + 160% of your total ad. this spell is great for sniping enemies that dont instantly die after heartseeker etc. last you have the jump/stun. adds a little damage, but late game the damage added should be negligible.

i start with a longsword and a health potion. as soon as you can turn it into a brutalizer. depending on how the game is progressing i buy my first bf sword or my boots. what i typically do is stay in the lane as long as i can, port back to base, get my bruatlizer then buy the lvl 1 boots, and depending who im laning against maybe another health potion or two, but sometimes i skip the boots and go right into the bf sword. w/ the brualizer and bf sword you should be able to handle any hero at this time in the game. this is where my build differs from the dewo build. after my 1st bf sword i buy lvl 2 boots (depends on game/enemy champs, but i like to go w/ the attack speed boots, but i see benefits from all except the magic pen, or gank boots), then turn the bf sword into a blood thirster as soon as i can. what this does, is it allows you to get an extra 50 dmg assuming that you kill creeps and stay alive (10 for the item, +40dmg for killing things) for only a fraction of the price of another bf sword. panth is a strict damage based hero, and your performance will depend on how much damage you can put out and how cheaply you are able to attain that damage. after getting my 1st bloodthirster, i go back to buying bf swords. i dont turn the next two into anything until i have the money, and often times the game doesnt last long enough for me to get all 3 bloodthirsters. having the 3 bloodthirsters provides a huge boom to your dmg output. everything you kill will give you +3 dmg with a max of +120 total damage. all for just killing creeps. the lifesteal w/ 3 maxed bloodthirsters also gives u a big boost to survivability, but only if your attacking things. one thing i found useful w/ 3 bloodthirsters was durring a big push, it allowed me to just trail out of the lane, kill some neutrals and return at full health without porting back to base etc. this allows you to stay in the lane, push longer, harder, and should basically strike fear into the hearts of the enemy team. now a lot of people are going to call you a noob for having 3 bloodthirsters, but its great. w/ 3 maxed out it provides a 300 damage boost, as well as insane amounts of lifesteal. after finishing the 3 bloodthirsters your build should be, brutalizer, boots, 3x bloodthirster. you still have an item slot to fill. depending on the enemy team i fill my 6th slot with any number of items. ive gone w/ another bloodthirster, ie, armor, etc. it all depends on whats going on in the game, and what i need. for survivablity i like the hextrinker, bc it provides a decent amount of armor plus 2% of your max health (at lvl 18 1999hp = another 40 damage). pantheon's best defense is his ridiculous offense. i dont know how many times ive been at half health gaurding a lane solo, or with another team mate, and watch 3,4,5 enemy champs push the lane only to stop before the tower out of fear of my combo. when they do rush me, im likely to take 1 or 2 of them down in the fight, and this typically deters them from getting to close. i like to build him strictly offensively, not wasting an item slot for defense, as the more dmg you do, the more the enemy fears you, and will likely not try and rush you. but the hextrinker is a great item bc of its bonuses to both attack and armor. the game should have ended before the hextrinker but if its still going on go ahead and complete the ghostblade, or do something else. ive never been in a game that lasts that long, so im going to be honest and say im just not sure what to buy at that point.

before i get my 1st bf sword i tend to play very cautiously. stay alive, pick ppl off as you go w/ your spear, get a kill or two if you can, but above all just stay alive and dont over extend yourself. getting killed early, esp multiple times, puts panth at a major disadvantage bc he depends so much on his items, which depend on your ability to farm, and stay alive.

1st build guys, id love to hear what you think for other suggestions etc. ive been doing this build, and for me its been working great. even when my team loses, i usually have the most kills out of anyone, and can take almost anyone 1v1, except for a tank etc. let me know what you guys think. also as i used a lot of his ideas, a shout out for DEWO is in order.