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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Byebye

Pantheon the Ruthless

Byebye Last updated on June 8, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Patheon the Ruthless

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Summoner spells and alternatives

Your best friend.
This ability is great with patheon for many reasons. Patheon is a deadly champion but horribly slow at lower levels so he needs a bit of help. Now heres how you should be useing flash, flash can be used as a tool for killing, turret diveing (even at low levels), and escapeing danger.

Your nearly dead target is out running you and your out of range for a spear shot! Well, flash auto attack and BOOM Spear to the face and your target is dead!

Aww you kill is almost dead behind their turret, what ever shall we do? Get your sheild passive up to block the first turret shot, Flash in and begin your ***alt, follow up the first turret shot with a Aegis of Zeonis to refresh your sheild and finish your target and walk away out of dangers way and 300g richer.

It explains itself your running you can,
1.) flash behind your turret just in time.
2.) flash through a wall to aviod dieing.
3.) flash away from an enemy turret to aviod massive damage (especialy at low levels)

This is replacable but is usefull for finishing a kill in a hurry. Not much more to it. Can be replaced with Heal or Exaust.

Your Abilities

Aegis of ProtectionThis is Patheon's passive ability. This is very usefull to you as your are Very Squishy and have low hp. This blocks any incomeing damage to you that is going to do more then 80 hp at 1 / 40 hp at 18. So any killing blow that was going to hit you is blocked on hit which is great for turret diveing and survival.

This ability activates every 4 attacks your make or 4 abilities you use. Use this to your advantage to get first blood for easy kills.

Spear ShotThis is your first ability you will train for finishing a running enemy, starting an encounter, and taunting the competition. This ability is weighed on your attack damage which your in luck we're stacking it! The more attack damage you have the higher your spear shot will hit so you wont have to make it first priority to train up.

Heartseeker StrikeThis is your main ability strikeing all enemies in your range 5 times for insane damage that is also weighed on your attack damage which is super effective for takeing down a champion quickly (does half damage to creeps).

Aegis of ZeoniaThats right you even have a stun! This ability although doing very little damage stuns your target which causes a whole window of opportunity that I will explain in detail deeper into the guide.

Grand Skyfall
This ability makes your a massive threat to your enimies seeing this ability can be used anywhere on the map to drop down where ever you please doing huge damage to all in your way and slowing down the survivers. The idea of this is to recall home scroll around the map for a point that needs your help and drop in! Your enimies wont see you comeing.


Hp potionThey come in handy in your lower levels, buy them as nessisary till around level 11.

Long swordThis item is not only the first item your going to buy but will be useing in most of your upgrades and is very benificial to patheon.

BritalizerItem #1
Great attack damage which increases how much your abilities will do by a great deal and will reduce your cooldowns for a cheap price.

Berserker's GreavesItem #2
Heres a bit of attack speed which is good for your pasive to refresh and a bit of movement speed so you can keep up with your pray.

Last WhisperItem #3
This item also provides you with some attack damage and great attack speed. Which is deadly for Patheon. The faster you can hit the faster your pasive will refresh blocking some damage for you.

Sword of the OccultItem #4
Very very cheap item Which gives Of corse more attack power and even more every kill you get. At 20 stacks you will get some increased movement speed as well.

Infinity EdgeItem #5
Oh ya a whooping 80 attack damage, a bit of crit chance and 250% crit damage instead of your normal 200%. Seeing your heartseeker strike gives your 100% crit chance on your target when they are lower than a fixed amount of HP your criting for a huge amount of damage over and over till your prey is dead.

LeviathanYour final item
Heres your HP, every kill you get a bit more and reduced damage at 20 stacks makeing you a little bit more durable.


The idea of Patheon is to down your enemy before they have a chance to kill you or even relize wtf is going on. In crude terms your there to give them a swift *** whoopin' heres how to do it.

Early game
Your not a bug threat just yet so play it safe hot shot! Use spear shot to finish creeps and deal easy damage to your enemy(ies) in your lane. play this safely and take oppotunities as you level your skills you can engage enimies at level 2 wih your stun and kill at level 3. Recall home for Hp, mana, and items as needed. You should only have to leave your lane maybe twice before you have acess to your ultimate.

Mid game
You roleing now, you should have or be close to haveing your Last Whisper and maybe a couple kills continue to taunt and play safe farming kills and building your streak untill you have maxed you Heartseaker and Aegis ability.

Late game
Now you have or are close to your infinity edge. Your set to do as you please with easy kills and no problems finishing off your enimies. Here is the most important part!!!!!!!