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Kled Build Guide by Guest

AD Offtank Patch 6.17 Top Kled Build

AD Offtank Patch 6.17 Top Kled Build

Updated on September 8, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Build Guide By Guest 2,946 Views 0 Comments
2,946 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Kled Build Guide By Guest Updated on September 8, 2016
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Hi. This is a guide on how to play a fighter tank hybrid version of Kled in the top lane in patch 6.17. Kled is a new champion so he is frequently picked or banned. However, this also means if somebody plays him, they will likely have no idea how to play him well. That is why I am here: to enlighten you. This is my first guide on MOBAFIRE, so bare with me. Thanks!
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Pros / Cons

- Quite high damage from his W and Q
- Can become very Tanky from both Kled and Skaarl
- Can become an unstoppable force in the late game if he gets fed

- Frequently banned in draft
- Can fall off in the late game if countered
- Has a very hard time when opponent is playing passive and you are unmounted
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I prefer these runes for maximum damage early game and the fact that you can use these same runes for many ADC's. You can also use any number of cooldown reduction glyphs, but I prefer this setup for more tankiness when versus magic damage.
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I feel that taking Grasp of the Undying is the best keystone for tanky top lane fighters. However you can take Thunderlord's Decree to get more damage out of your Q + AA + Second Q Prock. However I think that Grasp is better. For the rest of your masteries, I will go over them now for the Grasp route.

Grasp of the Undying route:
Resolve Tree
Recovery - Great mastery due to Kled's lack of his inherent sustain
Tough Skin - 2 less damage... Sweet!
Veteran's Scars - Synergizes well with Kled and due to his lack of healing, Runic Armor is not as good
Insight - Is a great mastery when taking teleport because of how much/well Kled roams post six
Swiftness - Kled can be bursted down when not buildings big tanky, so extra tenacity is great
Ferocity Tree
Fury - AP is useless on Kled. Also lets you get off your W attacks faster and regain Skaarl faster in fights
Double Edged Sword - All three can work. Expose weakness is great when engaging, but double edged sword increases ur damage so much
Vampirism - Lifesteal is great on Kled
Oppressor - The slow from your Q makes Oppressor great on Kled
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As with any fighter/tank hybrid, it is a good idea to have your first two items be offense and the rest be for defense. The Black Cleaver is a great option on most AD bruisers because it provide AD, Health, CDR, and Armor Shred. However it is not always the best item to rush. Sometimes it is better to rush a Tiamat if your opponent has difficulty CS'ing under tower. Unlike some AD bruisers, Boots of Swiftness are great because even though you sacrifice the tankiness of Mercury Treads of Ninja Tabis, the slow resist and extra movement speed help to keep you Beartrap on a Rope connected. Your Tiamat should probably build into a Titanic Hydra, but if your Jungle and Support are super tanky, Ravenous Hydra can work too. After that, it really depends on the game. You can build really tanky and become an unkillable menace, or just keep building offense to completely destroy their back line. One of my personal favorites is Frozen Mallet so you can chase people into the next dimension. Just stay away from the magic section of the shop and you should be fine. However, Deadman's Plate Synergizes very well with your ult and how far you will be chasing.
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Skill Sequence

There are two ways to max your skills. Your ult is obviously the most important thing to max, but you can either max your Q or W first. Maxing your W first makes it come up quite frequently letting you CS under tower very easily. Maxing your Q first makes your bread and butter Q AA Q combo do more damage, but it's up to you. If your first buy is a Tiamat, max your W for some insane wave clear. Always max E last because it's solely for chasing. Also remember that your first Q dash cannot go through walls, but your second can if the situation allows it (your target flashes after you have completed your first dash).
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Extra Advanced Info

Pre 6 your bread and butter trading combo should look like this:
Throw out Q onto lane opponent and walk up to them. Once the second part of the Q procks, AA them with your W empowered autos. Once they try to escape, E past them and keep hitting them and E again after they flash or dash away or when the time is almost out. This should do some crazy damage early game and force them out of lane or even kill them.
Post 6 you should be looking to gank mid or bot and you should do the same thing, just start the whole thing off with your ult. In team fight you have to decide which of these three jobs you should be doing: peeling, engaging, or assassinating. When peeling, all you need to do is stay with your ADC or Mid-Laner and Q whoever comes close to them. Do this if you're behind or if you would get focused down doing the other two. When engaging, ult down a lane or down river and make sure your team is on board. Once you find a target, your whole team can follow up and catch the enemy off guard. Just engage and then switch to peeling or assassinating. This is best to do when your ahead and you have no other engagers on your team. Finally, when assassinating your job is to ult from BEHIND them and kill their back line while your team focuses the front line. This will either allow you to kill their whole back line or to get them to focus you, letting your team freely kill them all. This should be done if you have an engage jungler or support like Gragas or Braum. Remember to type in chat your plan so your team can follow up. If you have extremely coordinated team-fights in solo queue, you will be unmatched and win much more often.
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In summary, Kled is an extremely fun champion and can be played in many different ways. One of the best feelings in League is outplaying somebody when they're diving you, and Kled does that all the time if you mount just as you're about to die, but you turn it around and you see pure salt in /all chat. It's awesome. Any top lane main needs this champion and should take advantage of the sheer joy he bring you. Thanks for reading this guide and I love you all <3.
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Guest Kled Guide
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Patch 6.17 Top Kled Build

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