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Last updated on November 1, 2011
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General Use and Requirements

=Laning, Early Game, and PvP=
This build can lane in most any lane. However there are four key concepts to keep in mind: Mana, Range, and Health. Now, mid is preferable unless someone like Caitlyn is your opponent. Due to your limited range, you need to really figure out your enemy before they figure out you. For example, laning against a Caitlyn, maybe drop nevermove (the w skill) closer than you usually would and use your other skills closer than you are used to. This makes it very difficult to play Swain prior to level 6 however gives you the edge when the time comes.
When attacking prior to level 6, you need to conserve mana. Only use skills on enemy champions. This makes Swain's farm a little harder. However, if you are approached by an enemy: ensnare a more squishy enemy or keep your distance. Most importantly: BE PATIENT! The more you attack, the more you give away so aim to last-hit enemy minions. If you are solo laning or mid: you may lose ground due to Swain's exceptionally slow attack speed. But this will prove you with plenty of energy when you really need it. Let enemies wander into turret range and ensnare them. This will most likely make them back off until you actually begin to push.
When laning with a teammate- you would want to lane with a tank that can fight early on such as Amumu or Jarvan. While they take out minions, you keep them within the sights of your nevermove and cover for them if they are attacked. Drop it right on them as they run. This will stop any jumping or quick persuers. Most importantly stay close enough that you can cover but far enough that you can still be safe to NOT be focused.'
Make sure that, if you have an enemy who is fairly cocky and likes to get up in your range, to ensnare, torment, AND ignite them. Torment's effects also happen to assist with ignite. Make sure early game that they are at 1/2 Health before using this; 1/4 if killing a tank. If they begin to run, move in (you SHOULD have some ground due to casting torment)then decrepify and attack them for the kill.
If you are low on mana, make sure you kill minions or b. Mana is your means of survival so treat it as you would treat HP.

Once you hit level 6, you can ult and recover HP. This is where you can truely use your full arsenal. At this stage, you should have at least 3 kills and your Soulstealer. This is stacking time. Make sure you are in all of the battles in your lane because even assists help stacks. If you drop to about 1/5 health (even when facing an enemy you're sure you will kill) make sure you either run or heal through using Ravenous Flock.
When you torment at this phase, you can deal mass damage if you drop both decrepify and RF. Just make sure you get your enemy ensnared so you aren't wasting mana.
Make sure you get your tear of the goddess once you hit level 6 (After buying Mejai's Soulstealer) not only because it gives you more mana for casting, but because it builds into the final Arcangel Staff.