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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Penta-Kill Sion NUFF SAID

Last updated on November 3, 2011
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End game, if it lasts that long, which it almost never does, I've done this build getting 1200 damage crits at about 1.7 attack speed. with ult it goes up 2.2ish attack spped, and 100 lifesteal plus bloodthirster lifesteal. Get my full health bar back in 2 or 3 high speed attacks. My best game was 26/4. But around 15/3 games are very typical almost every game. Doesn't even necesarrily have to feed early can be late game hero. Gotten a penta kill, several quads, and countless triple and double kills with this. The reason i get so many multi's is big groups assume they can take you 3v1. But not with this build. OP FOR SURE! My penta was 5v1 back in our own base.

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Just get attack damage. At lvl 2 with enrage your outdoing attack damage of anyone on the map. around 120 damage I believe. Take about 1/5 of those squishies life in one hit.

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I just get whatever does the most damage. It works. Its critical do as much damage as possible cause you don't build attack damage till late game.

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So this is where i explain why this build works so efficient.

First get the shield for some stability in the lane, I am very aggresive with this guy so he needs to be able to take a hit and still lane long enough to farm well.

With just runes and enrage ability your doing about 180 damage by lvl 9 with absolutely NO attack damage items. SO build up that speed with the boots and phantom and recurve. Quickly gets you up to 1.5 attack speed. Then make sure the cloak and start getting those amazing crits every other hit. when you finish the rest of the infinity edge your OP. about 700 damage criticals 2/3 hits at high speeed. And you know that ult with its lifesteal makes you unstoppable. i've literally gotten a triple kill with all three of them full life and me at less than 300. Now that you have High crit and attack speed. just Bump up that AD through the roof. Finish madreds razor, blood thirster. and if its late enough in the game where you can get a black cleaver you ddon't need that much attack speed so switch over to swiftness boots so you can catch more people.

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Obvious. Ad sion you need AD so get stun first so you can annoy the **** out of people. max out enrage, then get your shield cause that will keep you alive enough for your ult to start its work. I'm pretty sure this is the sequence for most every AD sion build i've heard of. Must have.

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K this is the best thing about AD sion. People think they are gonna kill you and then after your life bar goes up and theres is going down they finally realize they are dead. Your stun is usually enough to finish them off as they are running, but exhaust really helps you get TONS of "finish them" kills. I usually use flash just cause its useful. i believe its a must have with any champ. Lets stay they stun you and run away, you need to flash back at them to keep hitting them for lifesteal so you stay alive. But if you like to backdoor. and lets face it. who doesn't? Then you HAVE to get teleport. Nothing like your whole team being dead, they in your base, you come back alive and teleport to their base and destroy it before they get you. I often use it and backdoor inhibitor turrets with/without minions. Without minions i usually ult and then occasionally hit a minion so that i can get my life back and then finish the turret. 20 seconds ult is more than enough time to take out a turret. If i feel like backdooring, i go flash/teleport. If i want to kill as many people as i possibly can, flash/exhaust.

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-Straight up Bad-***.
-Can 3 or 4 shot squishies at crazy speed.
-Engage Team battles because he can take 3 or 4 ults and stay alive with his lifesteal.
-The thing I love about him most. even if you don't get a great score, i still end up winning
because i take out their base so well from my backdooring.
-The difference is most people have to run to stay alive, sion just has to keep hitting with his ult turned on and he stays alive all day.

-If stunned you can't hit to get your life back so depending on opposing team can be a huge problem.
-Never ends up working well in ranked because it requires lots of early game aggressivness and your teammates in ranked are ***** turret huggers.