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League of Legends Build Guide Author LordWintermoon

Pentakill Mordekaiser Lives Up to His Name

LordWintermoon Last updated on May 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey there. I'm LordWintermoon and I've been playing League for a while now. Mordekaiser has been my main since about summoner level 12 so I've had time to get acquainted. I follow a different build from most people. This build is based off of CDR and AP. Short cooldowns on your damage abilities high damage output from those. Remember, you don't need the tons of health, even to be beefy. If you're using your abilities properly, you'll have your shield up as much as possible.

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Magic Pen runes never let me down. Obviously it helps your damage.

The health runes help with your beefiness. Feel free to go flat health instead of per level if you like.

CDR helps with damage once again. Feel free to take flat instead of per level.

I like move speed quints just because they're generally helpful. You can escape faster, engage, whatever.

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Basic spellcaster mastery build. The health regen is taken because of morde's resource being health and not mana or energy or anything similar. I know that mastery has mana regen, but it has health too. The buff duration is simply needed to access higher tiers of the tree. Not a super necessary mastery on morde. I definitely love all the CDR that comes from this. With this build the cooldowns on my abilities are very short. 2-3 seconds on Siphon and Mace of Spades.

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The regrowth pendant is taken because it will heal the damage that gets past your shield or the damage your abilities do to your health. It will keep you topped off for a long time. If I take mid I sometimes don't have to go back until level 7 or so.
Then build your boots (CDR for damage again).
Force of Nature builds out of that pendant. Move speed and that huge amount of regen are both great.
Deathfire Grasp. Lots of people say, "But LordWintermoon, that has mana regen! Morde doesn't have mana!" Ignore that regen for right now. Look at the rest. It has CDR and AP. Sure these are both lower than say... Morello's, but I prefer Deathfire because of the active. You know that Cho'Gath your team can't kill because he has so much damn health? BAM! 30% gone. It adds a nice burst at the start of a fight.
I take the revolver next just because of the spell vamp. It lets you heal up a little bit while you farm creep waves and such.
Rylai's. This is probably the best item for Morde in this entire game. It gives health, AP, and it makes ALL of his abilities slow the enemy. Morde has NO CC. Especially since we don't take Exhaust. You can if you want, I really prefer not to. Rylai's is a MUST HAVE!
Zhonya's Hourglass is a little weird to see on a beefy character like Morde. I know. But it gives a ton of AP and you have magic resist from FoN, why not add in a little armor. Plus that active is really nice if you accidentally wander into the brush where your enemy is or something.
Finish off the build by converting that revolver to a gunblade. You can get Will of the Ancients if you really prefer it, but the AD boosts your Mace of Spades, lifesteal is always nice, and the active is amazing. MORE CC ON MORDE!

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Skill Sequence

Iron Man generates a shield based off of your ability damage. Make sure to fight with those abilities to get your shield.

Siphon is your bread and butter skill. Use it well to generate your shield and do that extra damage.

Creeping Death is free defense for you or an ally along with some sweet offense. Toss it on a minion if you feel like it.

Mace of Spades isn't great until late game. Therefore we don't take it to the full ranks until the others are maxed. It's nice to have available at 4, but don't put more than one point in it until everything else is maxed.

Children is your dreaded ultimate. Use it to heal yourself, as extra damage in DoT form, or (the best way) put it on a dying enemy to have their ghost rise for you. This ghost can quickly turn a fight around. Try and use it on a carry to do huge damage (Soraka ghost is bad mmkay?). If you wanna go bring down a turret with your ghost, try to get a tank like Cho'Gath so the ghost can take the hits. Two things to keep in mind here. The ghost from Children of the Grave does not apply your on-hit effects but it does apply the original champion's on-hit effects. The ghost deals magic damage on its attacks. Take that Ashe or WW with bloodrazers. They will still proc when they're a ghost.

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Summoner Spells


Ghost. It's amazing. Morde is a bruiser. He can hold his own, initiate, and be a temporary tank, but he can also dish out damage. Use this to chase down an enemy or get in there to save your team or initiate the fight.

Ignite makes a great combo with your ult. Two DoTs ticking on the target, their healing is reduced, you're being healed. They will almost surely go down if you use this combo right.


Some people prefer exhaust over ghost. I really don't. I prefer the move speed for a slower champ than slowing my enemy.

Heal is only viable because you use health to cast spells. I prefer just relying on FoN to regen me.

Pretty standard. Pop around the map. Use it on wards and stuff for ganks. It's fun, but not necessary.

Cleanse CAN be useful, it's personal preference really. Morde can be CC'd fairly easy, but I prefer not to take Cleanse.

The Rest:
I wouldn't really recommend any other summoner spells on Morde. Nothing else really really helps.

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Mordekaiser can be a kickass champion if you have the skills and build needed to play him. Don't expect to get him right away. Fiddle around with his skills and once you've got everything down you can start earning those pentas and finish off entire teams with ease. Good Luck!