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Pew Pew, I see you - A Lux Build by Victoria Jensei

Last updated on October 28, 2011
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Lux Build

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Posting my Lux build that I have been using ever since I picked her up (and started maining her). It's for my own sake really, but if others like it thats a plus. These are all just my opinions on Lux though, and how I use her and play her effectively.

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Summoner Spells

I use Clarity and Clairvoyance as my summoner spells. I feel I benefit from these the most.

Clarity: Really really good for early/mid game, allowing you to stay in lane and/or harass and pick up kills you maybe wouldn't be able to if you run oom. It's really all you will need combined with your Regrowth Pendant early game. Once you reach Level 3 is when you should put it to use and try to go for FB if noone else has gotten it already, and having Clarity at hand helps a ton since you should play passively and harass little by little, which WILL drain up your mana quite fast. Just be careful to not over extend too much while doing so.. and that's where CV comes really handy, if you feel like you can secure a kill, make sure their jungler isn't nearby and use it before you jump your enemy.

Clairvoyance: Will be used alot if you do mid, and will be used alot if you duo lane too. I feel so naked without this spell on Lux, it's like made for her. Combine it with your laser and you will pick up so many kills you would never be able to pick up without this. You're harassing your enemy and they barely survive your Lucent Singularity or Illumination proc? And you helplessly watch them run away while they probably laugh at the fact that they survived with so little HP. Just wait 2 or 3 seconds cast your Clairvoyance behind their turret (Where they WILL be recalling 90% of the time.) lock onto your target and blast away your laser. Yeah you just got a kill because of your CV, in many cases you can predict and get a kill with your laser even without CV too, but, it really does secure your kills, and at times you really can't tell where they stand and have to chance.. this is why I have grown to love CV, with Lux it's just as good (if not better) than Ignite. It has ridicilously low CD and you can pick up kills you wouldn't normally be able to pick up. I also use it to track their jungler so me and my entire team can lane safely and predict where and when the jungler will try to gank, and even sometimes turn the situation in our favor by counter ganking. I hear alot of people say, why not Flash instead? or why not Ignite? well.. I think CV is alot better for Lux, because you can pick up kills with it just as you would be able to do with Ignite.. except.. Ignite has such a long damn cooldown and it's not always guaranteed kills (depending on who you face). And as for Flash; It's a really good summoner spell, probably one of the best in LoL, but.. BUT. Lets say you get ganked, you use Flash and phew, saved. You recall and then go back mid and continue for abit.. and you get ganked again, but this time you have no Flash! so, basically what I'm trying to say is, you get alot alot alot more CVs to prevent these ganks to begin with, since you can track their jungler and make your entire team safe. I haven't done the math as to how many CVs you can cast while your Flash is on CD but I'm pretty darn sure it's a big difference. And even if you somehow end up getting ganked without Flash while having CV, you're Lux. If you can play her really well, then you know she has excellent crowd control, and you SHOULD be able to get behind your turret safely.. except if they are really CC heavy or/and you have overextended a damn lot, but then again if you have CV, you should always use it before overextending if you now have any reason to even do so to begin with.

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Last hitting is essential if you want to play her this way, in order to play as a AP carry, the same goes for every carry in the game. Lux really need all gold she can get. If you do however fail on your path to carry your team, just go support and build some survivalability and try to get your other carries fed instead.

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I always start with a Regrowth Pendant. The amount of help this does early game is just astonishing. So you face a really tough opponent who is really skilled as lets say.. Brand? He keeps pushing your lane while bringing you down to low HP and your jungler is nowhere close to help? Thats where this item is so darn good, just play really defensively and your HP will regen back in no time while keeping your turret in one piece. Without this item you would HAVE TO recall back so oftenly as Lux, as she is so squishy. Unless you build survival, but then again this build isn't a support build so.. yeah. Then I just upgrade it into a Phil Stone which gives even more HP regen and Mana regen aswell (It's so good~) Also the extra gold do not hurt. Then I usually get Boots to move around and harass easier.. and then try to rush Mejais Soulstealer, so getting an Amplifying Tome is really nice for some extra AP while it's still not finished, if so you can get a Elixir for Brilliance aswell which does give really really good stats for it's low cost.. But if you can affor Mejais directly, then buy it and skip the Elixir for now by all means. The earlier you get the Soulstealer the better. The rest of my item build is just obvious, Sorcerers Shoes for MPEN and Rabadon's Deathcap for that very very nice AP boost. Then Lichbane which combos really well with Illumination, when building this item I always get Sheen first. After that Void Staff is really really good if they have built some MRES (this is very late game). If the game STILL goes on, you can sell your Phil Stone and buy a Deathfire's Grasp for some extra burst and some nice stats.

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Ranked Play

You will get flamed, alot. Get used to it. Either you will get flamed for playing Lux as an AP carry, which I have NO idea as to why people seem to hate so much.. or you will get flamed for not picking Flash and Ignite. Or you will get flamed because you pick CV even though you're not gonna play as a full support. Sadly, you just gotta endure it and prove them wrong (which I just love doing.) And Clarity is a noob spell for noobs apparently, so you will get flamed for that aswell.

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Team Work

Being in a good team really helps alot. I wouldn't recommend playing Lux this way if your team isn't solid.

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Lux is a really really fun but somewhat underrated champion to play. I do not regret playing her as much as I have. I think more people would appreciate her if they gave her more tries and played her more like an AP carry focusing on raw damage, because her laser is just so much fun (and deadly). If more people used Lux and got good with her, she would maybe even be considered OP, thats how much I appreciate this champion. Overall a very good champion, lots of CC and burst damage, aswell as being able to support and save lifes.