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Picking Nidalee's Brain

Last updated on April 6, 2010
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Posted here by your truly :)

I wrote this for my League but its got such reviews I thought I'd share it here and mobafire as well. I may do Wolfrick, Udyr or Tryndamere if they are ever tweaked by Riot for balance.

500 games as Nidalee and I can, without hesitation, tell you that she is the most overpowered queen of the jungle there is. Nidalee is not for the casual gamer.


NIDALLE IS NOT FOR THE CASUAL GAMER.She takes 50 losses at the very least to become queen *****. You learn the most from your losses, this is the oldest saying form the oldest game. The game of GO.

First and foremost she has 6 skills all of which appreciate just a little AP lov'n.

The standard build I find I reach for
Dagger, boots1, dagger, boots2, leech, dagger, zest, zest, zest, sheen or phage, Phantom, Phantom, Trinity, Bloodthirster, Rageblade, anything that upgrades from B.F. Sword or Starks for premades.

Masteries: Full Defensive with enough in Utilty for the extra 5% exp.
Runes: Attackspeed/Dodge/Cooldown. Quintenses optional

This puts Nidalee in multiple categories of champion with whatever hat(boots) she decides to put on. Note all figures are WITHOUT Nidalee's per level additions, masteries or runes.

Ranged Human & Cougar melee, how much more OPed can ya get? Well with items...

Tank: 40% dodge or more with Ninja Tabi boots
DPS: 115% Attack speed or more with Beserker boots & +32% with Rageblade
Critical: 72%
Damage: 115 + 40 /w fed Bloodthirster
LifeLeech: 25% base, premade & starks: 45%
Ability power: 75 /w full Rageblade.

Prefer starks in any situation for extra leech but there are situations where the cleaver and another Bloodthirster are needed or can eat your enemies with.

She go anywhere. You cannot tame the wild, period. Those that request you, you consider but do your own thing if not 5 seconds away, period. You teamates will be pissed at first until they notice you can down a tower and a player in about 5 seconds & the 2nd Phantom in your inventory mid game.

Standard thought process by the end you'll see why Nidalee takes many many..... many many... MANY MANY games to master.

Move with cougar pounces ALWAYS to place of need, shift human, lay trap, pop speed/heal, shift, pounce when trap klangs, swipe. pounce out & get the **** out of the way for whatever hard hitting skill player may have, (cleanse option) shift, heal/speed, another trap, spear chuck, if still not finished shift, pounce, finisher.

If lower than 20% escape with pounce, shift, heal, shift, have bush plans in mind to get to your next victim, creeps, tower or team fight surprise.

Keep you instincts honed, you need your self leveled above your team and the opposing teams; Always always be fighting jungle and ONLY ON YOUR SIDE; Always remember cats hate the water, do not cross the river or target the dragon without a distraction to do so. Your breast and your cougar tail will thank me.

Every time you see the gold dragon hit it. You may be underapreicated for bringing in 130 gold and 100 xp to all your team members but you'll win because of it if you've downed it 3-5 times by the time your ready to help down Barons with JUST 1 other team mate.

Always be on the move, do not stop for nothing or nobody. You cannot tame the wild. Always have a blue or red buff, they affect you much the same way. Just remember more human form with blue, more cougar form with red in early game. Mid to Late game use your instincts.

If there is a tower that is less than 25% on the opposing side always always be relentless in downing it as quickly as possible. If at 50% and teamfights have started, same policy. If at 75% find a different target and keep the line drawn in the sand.

You are the Jungle Queen, Warwick & Udyr are your kings, If you team with them, hunt together.

Ryze makes a good lane partner. Katrina is also a good comrade on occasion. Nasus is great for a distraction though the Egyptian Dog and Cat... some oppososties dont attract. Master Yi, Twitch, Teemo, & Karthus will steal your kills, avoid them whenever possible. Taric will make you unstoppable. Ashe will relieve your human side. Rammus will keep them very busy, as will Gargus, Mordekiser, Kayle & Annie & her beast. Poppy will feed them to you. Veigar will trap them for you, Alistar will pop them up and you can play with them like a kitten. Tryndamere is godlike, as is Nasus, Zilean & Janna... good if you need anything like a blue,red,tower,support, push, ecetera ecetera ecetera. Anivia, the bird... amazing this one...glad she's on my side, oh and those walls make it so easy to chase them down! Pantheon owns too many cat pelts, avoid him too. Shaco, well.... is Shaco, always a surprise with that one. Jax is Jax, you cant climb that lamp post of his so why bother with him? Sion... mmm.. fun to watch his victims, play with them if he lets ya. Fiddlesticks is always one to play with his fear&silence will let you play with you food on a continual basis, he plays a good mind game on an opposing team, Morgana the witch, always pounce in on her puddle if a champ is there, traps in that puddle help too.... as well as Singed's puddle too, funny... if its not water its ok! Ezreal the sperm shooter, you could stay cougar with him but he's too perverted. Dr Mundo, much like his brother Sion and you can play with his victims too. Sivir will pisss you off on how many kills she steals from you let her solo, that's her thing. Kassadin is also a good hunter, ask him to join you whenever possible if he's up for it. Soraka will relieve the cougar in you and let you lay traps everywhere. Evelynn is much like her brother Shaco... always a surprise. Tristana will also feed you like her sister Poppy. Gangplank will scratch you between the eyes and point you in the right direction. Heimerdinger will draw the line in the sand and you can cross the river easier. Nunu will make it so much funner to chase them. Blitzcrank is also a good hunter if you can pull his metal *** into the jungle. Cho'Gath doesn't share his food so be at the other end of the map. Corki you'd like get a swipe at one of these days, he's like a bird, though he's unpredictable, crazy coot. Amumu... cats, Egyptians, what's not to love? Malphite and your traps is greeat to watch the enemy pull there hair (if they have it) out.

Twisted fate is a sweetheart and he mirrors your human side so well, always down towers and people with this one, his all seeing eye is Egyptian too... I wonder where he picked that up from.

As to our kings:

Warwick will be a great asset in sharing the jungle. Most forget the battlefield is 50% jungle and if you can get him to use his ult to stun them, you can spring a trap right on top of there head and pounce in to not let anyone go. But you and he both love playing with food so mix things up, keep the enemy away from your territory and the'll be stuck in game trails(lanes) all day.

Udyr, if we had to say so, is a spitting image of your father and males in your Pard (Cats version of Wolves Pack). He'll always be a compliment to any thing your doing. Marry him when you get the chance! His tiger form is just..... yummy.

Written by: Morair
King of Cosaints