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poke/kite/split push/control/snowball madness!!!! (eu meta)

Last updated on September 7, 2011
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Nidalee Build

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first, these are all good lvl 1 champs. easy to steal blue, but have to zone enemy out of brush with poke, not facecheck it. if they have good lvl 1 udyr can go cloth, morg ring.

team has AMAZING poke, anti-poke, kite, anti-kite, initiation, anti-initiation cc:
ashe ult and aoe slow, nid spear and heal, janna ult and knock-up, morg ult and snare
the initiation/cc lets udyr get close, who brings:
bear movespeed/stun, phage and red buff slow, bear+tiger burst babysitting, tank with turtle.
nid heal, janna ult, janna shield, morg shield, and all the cc mentioned make amazing babysitting/kiting. nid pounce kites/babysits similar to udyr.

you don't need a full tank because everyone can kite so hard. if team does get initiated on, it falls apart. relies heavily on patience, poke, good initiation, discipline, ward coverage. don't fight near brush, spread to avoid amumu/galio, pick and choose fights etc.

in NA meta nid always goes top because her tower pushing, but i dont think thats good enough reason. morg and nid lanes are interchangeable. riot removed nid's dodge so she's not anti-phy champ anyore. nid should take blue so thats a good reason for her to mid. so is morgs snare and shield since ussually ap take mid. if top is 1v2, ofcourse morg 1v2.

udyr and morg don't rely on blue, ashe doesnt rely on red, thats another good thing.

the only possible weakness of this comp is that its heavily magic. if ashe dies its bad, although nid and udyr are hybrid. if vs assassin heavy comp, nid can be replaced with gp. udyr and gp are interchangeable in jungle/solo top. idk if lane udyr is t1 since turtle nerf but still banned in eu who don't know about jungle udyr (unknown t1/2 with my build!). ashe can be replaced with cait or vayn. idk about kog hes hybrid (maybe kog+gp).

udyr clears jungle fastest/most sustain including mp, so he can roam easily without losing farm. he pushes lanes incredibly fast, esp mid game. his control, farming, roaming, split-pushing makes him very strong early/midgame indirectly because he force passive/snowball style play, that hes best at. his ganks are gimped by wards, so oracle is important (udyr and janna) and requires patience and discipline from team.

if team does better in lane control is somewhat automatic and oracle isnt important (but can help) because team can snowball harder by playing aggressive-split push/counter-jungle. morg is good roam, nid is good counter jungle. if team has bad early game oracle wont help control really.

most important is taking advantage of poke/kite nature of team, not going in all rambo or pushing mid earlygame like NA meta. everyone help babysit each other in fights (not chase!). just split-push farm and snowball early/midgame with good ward coverage roaming and counter-jungling when u have information that says its safe (ie enemy jungler goes bot, top lane pushed to enemy side, top go ward red! etc). crucial is being at dragon/baron before enemy team. if we cant just take dragon, still good opportunity to force teamfight in open where we can poke them then initiate or take. same with baron. team has to be united on whether to chase team or let them get away and take camp. very important. that and kiting/support each other/not letting enemy engage clean in general.

team has great scaling (morg, nid, janna, ashe). udyr scales well but with trinity+utility not pure tank, which isnt bad cuz of all the utility/support on this team. but because its heavily magic based and potentially squishy, the game can't drag on longer than necessary. as long as team works together to push when they can instead of afk farm 30-35 mins into game its fine tho. and this team does scale amazingly.

this is a very strong comp that requires discipline, judgement and teamwork to implement properly. its not just mindless teamfighting. very good to improve! if we can learn a more teamfight/roam aggressive midgame comp too, we'll be very well rounded and have a good idea of when to push, when to fight, when to be passive etc at all times in general. then we just diversify for ranked :)

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morgana core: boots (dorans ring vs strong lvl 1 but still want to inavde), catalyst, mercs rod of ages, deathcap
nidalee core: dorans ring, ionian boots, sheen, deathcap, lichbane
udyr: philo (skip and go cloth if vs strong lvl 1 but still want to invade), boots, wriggles, spirit visage, trinity or fm/atmas
ashe: dorans blade... wriggles?, greaves, infinity/bloodthirster, phantom dancer

eu has been experimenting with wriggles on carrys for sustainability since support nerf.

nidalee can have exhaust or ignite. ignite more burst for anti-carrying. exhaust safer laning vs gank/prob. more useful overall.

janna: after charm boots before philo if u dont have sustainability probs. oracle is good, heart of gold, ionian, kage's, aegis, shurelyas, rylais. but varies... sometimes oracle, sometimes leave boots lvl 1, skip kages if winning to push nexus


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