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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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polar bears are in season... wait i guess i am

Last updated on December 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is a simple guide to using Volibear as a fighter tank who can solo almost any champion because of high burst and sustain. This is my first build but I'm fairly confident in how it works.

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I have the flat defense seals as well as mr glyph to help with getting first blood and not getting killed in early game laning as you can solo lane very easily. The flat att speed mark helps get your frenzy up faster so you can swat your enemy with your w which is your main source of damage. the quints atm I'm poor so I jsut have the move speed ones which give you about 400 move speed with boots which is a beastly since you have a charge and slow you can catch about anyone save a PD stacking Carry like Master Yi. The other ones are ones i would like to experiment with.

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The order is made so that you can get a lot of kills early game through having a lot of damage from the w ability (18% of bonus health is a lot when you have + 1400 and your opponets just have over 1200 hp on average) and it makes it so that you can take hits and set your gank/ lane partner up for a kill or assist as you can very well land the last hit (if timed right you will a lot). I put the frozen heart in here for two reasons 1 amazing crd. you can spam abilities a lot faster. Also you have like 600 mana at lv 18 so you need the mana boost so that you can ensure you get kills. When you get the glacial shroud that mana problem goes away in genereal because of low mana cost of abilities. The rest just give you a lot damage and or sustain so that you don't die.

Note you actually have about 4600 hp when this build is all said and done... idk y it shows otherwise on here.

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Summoner Spells

Easy to explain you hit ppl with ignite to ensure a kill (aka you ks in tfs) and flash is your last hope escape

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Skill Sequence

Most ppl have their w up first I say no. Here's y you get it second. if you are getting targeted at lv 1 you need a escape plan tha'ts y you hit e. You hit it then run for your life much faster than your opponents. Then you get q at lv 3 and not 4 so that you can get ppl in range of a turret or keep them near it. That is very useful at lv 3 the rest are pretty standard but this is the order I prefer because it allows for early game harass much more to your benefit compared to other builds.

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do what ever is best for the team. if you lane with a carry let them last hit, if you lane with a fighter fight for it, if you lane with a mage claim all that you can as long as they done get annoyed. just remember e is your best friend when farming minions because it fears and damages them.

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All i know is they work for me but you can play around and make them work for you. Just note that as a tank mercenary is your best friend because it gives you the same gold as killing a minion for just a assist in bonus gold so grab it if you can.

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This is a effective build that got me a 23/3 round against bots for the first time (as bots really do suck) and a 12/15 round for my first pvp (we lost and i had 2 team mates who had 0/more than 8 records) so its not to bad of a build for beginners to tanks. And when your team wins you generally have more kills assist (and in my case deaths) than everyone else. just remember don't over extend you are a boss but your not going to get a kill 100% of the time so don't push your luck (my last game i play i went 19/9 and 4 of those deaths were chasing one person and running into two or 3 more one of these ppl being Ashe with frost arrow so i couldn't get away at all) so It does work as a build very well. Hes a beast at KSing as well as 1v1, and some times 2v1 (if a turret is involved) Have fun and remember polar bears are in season, but make your enemies realize that they are too =).