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Poppy - Bunny Style

Last updated on October 18, 2011
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Poppy can be one of the best carries in the game, when playing her right. When you play Poppy you gotta have a good rating ability 'cause if you fail your team m8 are going to die. That takes time and even though you are a skilled Poppy player, you will still make some mistakes from time to time.
Poppy is in many ways a very useful champion, which many persons often choose to underestimate. She perfect for tower diving, she can stun and then she's also perfect for opening (and winning) team fights with her ulti. In short: The perfect alround player. Good for soloing (td), laning (stun) and team fights (engaging with ulti and then quickly take the other carry out).
Her passive is one of the beste in the game, which does that she's tanky without having any tank items.
Now I have praised Poppy to the skyes, I maybe should mention the farming problem. Poppy is a very difficult farm champ, 'cause her attack is slow and she don't have so much mana at start. Therefore i prefer to buyin early game, because you can then take blue (red and jungle creeps) buff which will help you farming a lot easier (by using spells there make the sheen pop).
If you don't get any kills or farming in early-mid game, you will most likely end up failing.

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Poppy have the passivewhich i like to take further advantage of. I therefore prefer having armor and magic resist in my seals and glyph runes.

Poppy will of course also need some damage and therefore i would suggest armor penetration in your Quintessence and Marks.

Alternatives can be:

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As you can see I, again, have the armor and magic resist as second priority. Most people would prefer to set the last points 6-8 points in "Good Hands" and "Awareness", but as said before: i like Poppy a little bit more tanky.

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Skill Sequence

    Early Game (lvl 1-5): You use the combination W-E-Q. When low on mana (or if it just not necessary) avoid using W to save mana.
    Mid and Late Game (Lvl 6-18): When playing Poppy you have to count on your ulti. When using it, you nearly always have to take 1 person out or you will most likely fail. The worst thing that could happen for a Poppy is silence, 'cause he can't do anything without spells until late late game.
    The Combo: W-E-Q-Q-E-Q-Q. When ulti: W-R-D(ignite)-Q-Q-E-Q-Q.

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Summoner Spells

I always chose Igniteand Flash . Flash... because it's awesome for escaping and chasing. Ignite, because it dammage 30% more on target when ulti is popped.
A smart thing is too pop ulti when tower diving and then use the ignite before the target dies. Then you can run out of tower range before the target is dead (and thereby before the ulti expires) and avoid getting any tower damage or damage from other enemies.